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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Closer Look at what people call; “Human Nature”

A Closer Look at what people call; “Human Nature

Human conscience is inherited. Conscience may be influenced by environment, education, habit, or training but it is NOT the result of any of these factors. Healthy conscience urges one to do what is ‘right’. It may act as the ‘standard’ of conduct. Even though human conscience is not perfect it does express itself in human personality. Man has a basic sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

Because fallen human conscience is distorted it is thus perverted. What most psychologists call “human nature” the Bible calls “sinful nature” or “fallen nature”. Man tries to excuse what the Bible calls “sin” with the phrase: “Oh’ it’s just basic human nature.” This is why the Church of God has warned about the false doctrines and dangerous issues of “human psychology”.  As Christians we believe in the revealed Word of God and that God has provided the perfect and unfailing answers to the human condition. Fallen human nature is something that Christians are trying to overcome.

We must understand that when God says that “He” created us in His own image it does not state that we were complete. God wanted Adam and Eve to grow…to grow to the point of RECEIVING A SPIRITUAL BODY. Today, fallen Christian denominations and false religions are teaching that mankind was created with a “spiritual body”. The Bible does not teach this! The Bible teaches that mankind was created with the “divine potential” to receive a spiritual [born again] body. Originally, mankind was created in the “image of God” in that he had [has] the potential to become a true member of the God Family [son or daughter of God]. Adam and Eve were created to grow in the proper knowledge of God and to eventually partake of the Tree of Life [the Holy Spirit]. This would have given them the “gift of eternal Life” and made them true members of the God Family.

Factually, nobody can overcome the state of fallen man without the reality and help and calling of God through Jesus Christ! Adam and Eve were to GROW in their relationship with God. True relationship involves growth, learning, sacrifice, etc.

Listen to what Mr. H.W.Armstrong states regarding these issues:

“The common idea in the CHRISTIAN-PROFESSING world is that God originally created Adam, the FIRST MAN, an Immortal, PERFECT, spiritual character. The Bible expression: "God created man In His own image" has been interpreted to mean that God made man immortal and spiritually PERFECT-and created of the SAME COMPOSITION AS God-that is, out of SPIRIT. The BODY is interpreted to be merely the material GARMENT the spiritual man wears-or the physical HOUSE which an immortal soul inhabits.”

 “And thus, it is commonly believed, God has COMPLETED HIS CREATION. The man was perfected, completed, immortal, PERFECT in character!”

 “And then, this theory continues, along came Satan. The Devil succeeded in WRECKING this perfect creation-this man that God had perfected, causing him deliberately to SIN! And this SIN of Adam is supposed to have somehow affected a CHANGE in the man's NATURE. He was now a FALLEN man-he now had a DIFFERENT and a FALLEN NATURE than he had had previously. He and all his descendents were now automatically consigned, upon the experience that we call DEATH, to be plunged into the eternal torment of HELL FIRE.”

 “Here had stood, in the man ADAM, the SUPREME MASTERPIECE of all God's creation. But Satan succeeded in WRECKING what God had created-THWARTING God's purpose-UPSETTING God's Plan!”

 “And so, as this prevailing idea pictures it, God had to start all over again, and think out some NEW Plan for REPAIRING THE DAMAGE!”

 “It is looked upon something like an automobile manufacturer who had manufactured one very far-advanced, perfectly precisioned automobile - His SUPREME MASTERPIECE-only to find that, on its first drive out of the factory, an enemy had come along and WRECKED that car. The idea is that the manufacturer would have it towed back in, and would set out to REPAIR THE DAMAGE.”
“Is Salvation Merely to Repair the Damage?”

“And so the commonly accepted idea of CHRISTIANITY seems to be that Christian REDEMPTION is an effort on the part of God to repair the damage which Satan inflicted in that original SIN, that is, to make us as GOOD AS Adam was, before the so-called "fall."

“But is a badly-wrecked automobile really as good, after it is repaired, as it was before the wreck? Of course not!”

“This common idea of a professing Christianity IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! It is NOT the teaching of the HOLY BIBLE. It is NOT the Christianity of CHRIST, nor the twelve APOSTLES, nor of the apostle PAUL!”

“The general false conception is that ever since the so-called FALL OF ADAM, God has been doing His very BEST to get the WHOLE world SAVE~that is, to restore men to a condition AS GOOD AS Adam was before the so-called FALL. And, further, that there is a great COMPETITION going on between God and Satan. Satan is very cunningly RESISTING God, RESTRAINING and OUT-SMARTING HIM so that only a small fraction of the WHOLE world's population is actually being saved. Now this entire erroneous teaching pictures Satan as more powerful than God-he's getting the best of the competition. It represents Satan as being able to thwart God's purpose, to step in to upset God's plan and then to use his cunning and his deception and his wiles to out-wit God and to prevent God from repairing the damage in the case of more than a very small fraction of the human race.” [From: “Are People Lost BECAUSE OF ADAM'S SIN?” ~ By Mr. H.W.Armstrong]

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