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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

COGSR & SOCT staying…on THE PATH

COGSR & SOCT staying… 
             on THE PATH

COGSR & SOCT students are entering their fourth year of existence. We survive because we are TEACHABLE. We have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord-God-Saviour and we have a strong foundation in STATIC TRUTH. We are allowing true SCIENCE to have its voice in our Christian Reality. All true Science is the simple yet astounding discovery of Divine Intelligence.-

I personally thank all those who have continued to study using this website. It is amazing how much one can learn in three years! As COGSR/SOCT students continue on the PATH they grow in WISDOM and HUMILITY. I am entering a new stage in my development as we approach the end of this year ~ 2014. This ministry-school will move into new scientific knowledge and its correlation with true Christianity like never seen before in 2015.-

As many of you who study here know, July 5th 2014 was my one year mark of abstaining from certain foods and drinks, including all alcohol. I believe more and more that “all things are possible through Jesus Christ our Lord.” I continue to encourage others to believe that bad habits can and will change in your life if you truly begin to TRUST in Divine Intelligence.-

One thing I would like to say here…a most important discovery that has unfolded to me over the past three years in this ministry. I have learned that sometimes we need to cut-ties with certain people in order to continue HEALTHY GROWTH. When I made the decision just about three years ago to be more specific in who I associate with I found that I became more creative in my personal life. I gained much wisdom and understanding. Believe it or not some people hold us back from doing what we really want to do…they may not be conscious of it but somehow we are letting them. To move away from such people can free us up to experience a more joyful life.-

I invite you to study with us here and take what speaks to you. Many have found new ways of understanding life and their own personal self by studying here. Thank you all for your time to visit, read & learn.-

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