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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dealing with Loneliness

Dealing with Loneliness

In today’s fallen world we all deal to some extent with loneliness. For some of us we have learned to deal with loneliness through some addiction. God still loves you if you struggle with addiction. This fallen world is ruthless. It belongs to Satan and he could really careless about you, your friends or your family. So, as a truly converted Christian you must not give up. You must understand that you are in a spiritual war.

Depression afflicts thousands, millions, in varying degrees. Some depression is so severe that it requires medical help. Depression brings the feeling of hopelessness. One can begin to feel that he/she has tried everything. “I have tried out every religion. Nothing worked. So I turned to psychology. There I found another complete world of confusion.” Are these people happy? No! Jesus stated that many continue to seek but they never find. Apostle Paul stated that many are “blown here and there by every wind of doctrine.” [Ephesians 4:14] So, God is familiar with your struggles even if you don’t think so.

Much of our worldy understandings are based on human experience. The Bible teaches that there is another level of knowledge which is not just based on experience. This knowledge comes as “Divine Revelation”. Many people have asked me; “What in the world is divine revelation?” Well, it is an inner knowing that cannot be explained. It is when you know something to be true without ever having to learn it. That’s all.

This is how simple yet paradoxical God’s word truly is. Simple yet unexplainable with human reason and logic. You are not alone in your feelings. You have a “human spirit”. This spirit must unite with God’s Spirit! This will make you a “begotten child of God”. This is the beginning of true spiritual relationship with the only true God! God does not forsake us in discouragement [Psalm 16:8; 139:7-17]. Now we must understand that living a true Christian life will not be without trials, hardships, pain, sorrow, etc. The Bible [God’s Word] teaches us that trials and afflictions draw us closer to Him. In these times we must pray, talk to Him. God wants you to learn how to go to Him and talk to Him. Also, you must learn to LISTEN to Him. Read His word!

He wrote it for YOU!

As a true Christian you must come to the understanding that He is in complete control of you [Psalm 118:6, 8, 14, 17]. Seek Him in depression. Seek Him in joy. Seek Him in all circumstances and He will direct thy paths! [Proverbs 3:5-6] Unconfessed sin leads to guilt which leads to depression. Do not hold anything back from God. He can forgive you from the greatest of sins. Do not let anything come between you and God!

If you want to be a part of God’s true Church, “The Worldwide Church of God” [COGSR] you must realize that honesty in Christ Jesus is your best weapon! You must begin to understand that God is sovereign. Learn to rejoice in trial [Philippians 4:4] God is “big enough” to forgive you and love you and to even heal those whom you have hurt!


True survival is gained through the person of Jesus Christ

Prime instinct to survive

When SOCT talks about the “Prime Instinct” we mean the core urge or driving force within each Human being. We are here talking about that which motivates - and the idea or thought process which motivates the Human in almost all things. We are talking primarily about survival. The innate urge, need, process to survive…to live. ~

True survival is offered through Divine Intelligence [Heavenly Father] in His plan of salvation. Without this plan you will not survive, plain and simple. God created our spirits with identity seeds. We are created in the image of God and God is eternal. Thus we strive for eternal existence, we can’t help it. Many religions offer made up plans and philosophies to get people to believe in their false teachings regarding this issue. Many will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars doing this. They pay cults and New Age movements to tell them just how to survive. ~

Every person on planet earth has the central thrust to survive through existence. People use different methods to try and achieve this. All Human goals stem from the single goal to live…survive. Jesus Christ came to help us all with this issue. Jesus Christ offers us eternal life. Those that study here at Science Of Christian Thought will come to the proper understanding of this very issue and then will become acquainted with the ultimate Plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ to truly achieve everlasting life under the best circumstances imaginable. ~

Please continue your studies here at SOCT.

~May you gain peace profound.

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