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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Healing Hurts!

Healing Hurts!

Many true Christians have a hard time forgiving others. We all deal with this issue off and on throughout our daily lives. But God challenges us to forgive. Without the Help of the true Holy Spirit it is mostly impossible. Many of us find a struggle of harboring bitterness against those who have wronged us. The simple and profound answer is, you can give this struggle to God. He is big enough to take care of the problem.

Really, it is childish to harbor such thoughts. The Bible counsels us to put away childish things or even hurts from childhood [1 Corinthians 13:11]. Apostle Paul counseled to “put away” those things which are behind [Philippians 3:13]. We need to learn to give our burdens to Christ. He can carry what we cannot. It is okay to talk about our struggles and conflicts but we need not carry the heavy load that these troubles wish to put on us. We can only learn to do this if we are honest with ourselves and God [Ephesians 4:25].

God knows about you more than you ever will. He knew us before we were born. God has a plan for everybody. God has a purpose for all that you have ever experienced or will yet experience. As Christians we must truly understand this. A true Christian is concerned about God’s word. A true Christian is concerned about proper doctrine. A true Christian is concerned about his or her relationship with God based on the Revealed Word of God. A true Christian does not focus on his failings.

Healing our hurts involves understanding the Truth. Being honest with God first! Understanding what God asks of us and what He is trying to teach us. You must truly have the Holy Spirit and understand God’s word if you are to heal the hurts of the past. Jesus Christ must become your Lord, your God and your Savior. Nothing else!

God commands us to extend true God Love towards those who have hurt us. He never asks us to wait to see if they forgive us or try and understand us. We are to forgive just as Jesus Christ forgives. Our job is not to try and figure out what everybody else is thinking. We are simply to live God’s will as He reveals it to us through His word and with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Those who we have hurt, we must remember them in our prayers. Ask God to heal them. Ask God to be glorified through our failings. Jesus told many that God had forgiven them, but he also advised: “Sin no more” – do not do it again. We should not dwell on our past failures. Your past is not who you are today in Christ.

The spirit of revenge is simply self-destruction. As we overcome evil with good, we ourselves are healed [Romans 12:19-21]. Even though others wish evil upon us God will accomplish His goodness to His glory [Genesis 50:20]. God is indeed TRUE LOVE!

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True survival is gained through the person of Jesus Christ

Prime instinct to survive

When SOCT talks about the “Prime Instinct” we mean the core urge or driving force within each Human being. We are here talking about that which motivates - and the idea or thought process which motivates the Human in almost all things. We are talking primarily about survival. The innate urge, need, process to survive…to live. ~

True survival is offered through Divine Intelligence [Heavenly Father] in His plan of salvation. Without this plan you will not survive, plain and simple. God created our spirits with identity seeds. We are created in the image of God and God is eternal. Thus we strive for eternal existence, we can’t help it. Many religions offer made up plans and philosophies to get people to believe in their false teachings regarding this issue. Many will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars doing this. They pay cults and New Age movements to tell them just how to survive. ~

Every person on planet earth has the central thrust to survive through existence. People use different methods to try and achieve this. All Human goals stem from the single goal to live…survive. Jesus Christ came to help us all with this issue. Jesus Christ offers us eternal life. Those that study here at Science Of Christian Thought will come to the proper understanding of this very issue and then will become acquainted with the ultimate Plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ to truly achieve everlasting life under the best circumstances imaginable. ~

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~May you gain peace profound.

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