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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scienceoct ~ SOCT Dictionary

Scienceoct ~ SOCT Dictionary

We hope that this dictionary of words, terms and phrases regarding the understanding of the Science of Christian Thought will help you to better understand subjects in your personal studies. Words, terms and phrases are added as needed. Non-Christians may study SOCT and use some principles to improve and gain an optimum positive reactive personality but they will never experience true conversion. This dictionary written and compiled by Mr. E.W.King, founder of COGSR & SOCT on October 7th 2011.-

Additional Factor Traits [AFT’s]: Another area of SOCT that gets really detailed and intricate is the additional study of what we term AFT’s [Additional Factor Traits]. These are specific traits that are outside the “five –fold ministry” [FFM] traits.-

Additional Faculty: So we as Christians do not see the fact of the spiritual mind to be purely “subjective” or made up. There is scientific fact that man seems to have a need for the “religious” realm in his or her thinking. What is lacking in regards to understanding the spiritual realm is an additional faculty to see this reality more clearly. People today may use infrared binoculars at night to see in the dark. This gives man an additional faculty that he does not have by himself. In the same way the Bible teaches that in order for man to see the spiritual realm clearly he needs the Holy Spirit. Man has been given what are known as the “five objective faculties”. This is sighttouchtastesmell, and sound. What we take in through these five senses we then begin to process through our subjective conscious. When it comes to understanding true spirituality we need an additional faculty, that of Holy Spirit.-

Administrative Positions: There are numerous positions to be held in the Christian Church outside of the “major positions” [FFM]. There are numerous administrative positions in God's Church depending on the need for such offices to exist. All Christians no matter what their calling are “disciples” [students] of Jesus Christ. Many disciples have numerous positions in the Church based on personal gifts and callings.-

Anti-social: A character trait which prevents the person from socializing with others. This is a distortion which is created by sinful-experiences and mind-blocks [MB’s]. This trait is not to be confused with those who like to be alone more than being social. Anti-social people are frightened at social gatherings and uncomfortable around busy crowds. They avoid social gatherings of all sorts out of wrongful fear.-

Anxiety: Caused by repression and suppression. Usually manifests in anger and distorts thinking processes. A nervous condition. People have anxiety because they do not have the proper knowledge of God nor do they know how to apply it. True moral perception is experienced in the person who has the Holy Spirit operative in the mind.-

Apostolic Traits: Has the ability to manifest self-discipline and leadership skills. Has an aim for achievement. Has a good management of impulses and has a more planed outlook rather than spontaneous behavior.-

Attention: We could say that attention involves the focus of consciousness and receptivity on a point of interest. The Christian always has a moral foundation, a starting point from which all attention launches. Focus is what pinpoints the object we wish to concentrate on. It involved distance and clarity. As true Christians we need to understand how to use our attention process.-

Boundaries: Christians set boundaries in communication. Sometimes these boundaries can be set by subtle gestures. Other times we have to just speak up and lay it all out. COGSR has techniques which we teach built on Scriptural understanding which can help.-

Character Traits: Innate and developed qualities. Many of our daily practiced traits are mimicked traits by those who surround us. Christians who study SOCT become aware [conscious] of character development and are able to consciously build and develop MOCA.-

Character: SOCT separates character from personality. These are integrated no doubt but personality is what you are born with. 50% of you is preprogrammed by God Himself. Character development is learning how to develop Christ attributes which enhance your personality. Character development involves an aggregate of character traits being acted out from an individual level for the good or bad.-

Choice: To select direction in thought. We all have to make decisions in life. We do it every day. As true Christian’s decision making is not something we take lightly. As you learn more about how God created you and what type of personality you have you can begin to practice SOCT in your everyday life which will begin to create the healthy personality God wishes you to have. There are good choices and bad choices.-

Christian Clarity: Measurable degree of Christian maturity developed seen in choice making and character development. To see and understand proper doctrine [pure doctrine] and to know how to apply proper Christian teachings.-

Christian Identity Realizations: A phrase describing what the person going through true conversion experiences. The experience of true identity in Jesus Christ. The Christian experience. ‘Up steps’ in Christian realization and understandings which is an on going process. The process of discovering your true identity, wholeness of personality in Jesus Christ.-

Christian Identity: Recognition of purpose for the glory of God in your person. Recognition of the human condition and what you have been “saved” from through Jesus Christ. The experience of true Christian Reality. Knowing your Christian purpose through MOCA.-

Christian Reality: Discernment of the fallen matrix of man and the realization of standing “outside” the distortions of fallen reality. The Christian is truly experiencing two worlds. We are strangers in a strange land of physical and spiritual distortion. The ability to see Jesus Christ in every act and deed of your personality.-

Christian Thinking Skills [CTS]: Exercises offered by COGSR & SOCT to help one learn to train the mind to think properly and to be in conscious “triple ‘A’”.-

Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant [COGSR]:  Title for the original “Worldwide Church of God” apostled by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. The Church of God took on this new title officially on October 7th 2011 at the beginning of the 7th Church Era, that of typical Laodicea. It is COGSR which teaches the Science of Christian Thought.-

Close Minded: In a negative sense it means that one is not open to hearing the ideas of others or integrating new thought processes when needed. In a positive sense it means one who has “boundaries” when it comes to sin.-

Coercive Persuasion: A cult tactic, a form of mind control. This practice is used by government and businesses. The practice of restraining to denominate a person done through the nullifying of the persons will. Can start with verbal and emotional abuse. It usually manifests with the use of threats.-

Confess – confession: Confession to God is what is most important. Admitting our faults and short-comings to God helps heal and gives strength to change for the better. Confessing our faults to those we have hurt is extremely helpful to both parties and creates an environment for healing. Confession and apology towards others who we may have hurt is not always advisable due to specific circumstances. It may create more harm than healing. Spiritual discernment must be used.-

Conscious Mind: The “awake” mind. What we are experiencing at the moment. Displaying a degree of controlled thought. Perceiving, apprehending, feeling with controlled observation. Our conscious mind can reflect the true mental state or try and cover it. The conscious mind deals with CI (control issues).-

Control Issues [CI]: The recognition of inner and outer control issues with the personality. The individual uses specific character traits to deal with control issues. [also see: inner control & outer control]-

Conversion: True conversion is an act but it is also an ongoing process. There is positional sanctification and the process of ongoing sanctification. All parts of our lives must face the reality of conversion at some point.-

Creator: Title of God. Sometimes referring directly to the Father and other times to Jesus Christ. God creates out of fiat. Humanity cannot create out of fiat.-

Denial: Refusal to admit the truth. This usually is occurring at a subconscious level due to sinful-experiences and MB’s. Refusal to acknowledge Christian Reality. Opposing the opposite of what is True.-

Disciple [s]: A disciple is a “student of Jesus Christ”. All true Christians are disciples.-

Distorted Identity: The personality who has not found Jesus Christ is living with a distorted identity. A person living in sin and experiencing perverted relationships. One who is living purely in fallen nature. The unconverted soul.-

Divine Revelation: There are three types of revelation that God gives. The unbeliever is constantly receiving natural revelation. God can be seen in the things of creation. His laws and beauty and diversity can be experienced. In this realm common grace is experienced. Then there is special revelation. This is the experience one has in partial realization that God is a personality. This happens when one is touched by Holy Spirit. This experience happens in what SOCT calls the “third reality”, that of the Human Spiritual Mind. Finally there is an exact word [verbal communication] revelation from God. This type is usually manifested in the Prophets.-

Doctrine: SOCT doctrine is what the whole Bible teaches us about particular topics. True doctrine expresses a systematic theology somewhat discernible by human reason and logic but truly and only realizedunderstood, and confirmed by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.-

Dualism: The recognition of two forces coming together to create an effect. The belief that there are always only two choices which is an extreme mental state regarding basic decision making.-

Duality: When we use the phrase “duality” we can mean it to apply to the biological world, the idea of humans having “two brains”, right and left hemispheres. We can use duality to mean specific perceptions of right and wrong. We can use duality to mean electrical charge, etc. Context (as always) controls the meaning.-

Dulled Conscience: Moral insensitivity. This is a most dangerous state. The dulled conscience is the result of repeated willful, conscience wrongdoing. “Moral insensitivity is the terrible consequence of deliberate refusal over a long period of time to heed the voice of right conduct.”-

Electrochemical Mind: The first of the “three realities”. This would include all living souls, both human and animal. It would also include all life at the cellular level.-

Emotion: Literally, “to move away”. Is emotion a push or a pull? SOCT students have deep studies regarding the use of emotion especially in regard to relationship. You cannot have personal relationship without emotion. The sinful nature exhibits uncontrolled emotion. Emotion is feeling, a psychic and physical reaction.-

Emotional Charges: Caused by: environment, material objects (including food), living objects, sounds (including music), key words or topics, gender, specific individuals, etc. When these charges happen it may indicate a mental block [MB] and expose some sinful experience. These can be fixed through CTS.-

Emotional Conflict: Two opposing choices clash resulting in confused or frantic emotions. Self inflicted due to “wrong turns”. Caused by distorted moral understandings.-

Equilibrium: Learning how to function in a world of extremes by staying on the “straight and narrow path” revealed by Jesus Christ. Learning how to maintain Christian maturity.-

Evangelistic Traits: Those who manifest this trait have the sense of adventure and curiosity. We could label it as an “openness”. They have an intellectual curiosity. The desire to explore different cultures and explore different territory. This trait also manifests a desire to teach and learn.-

Express – expression: Facial aspect or vocal intonation as indicative of feeling. SOCT teaches the use of this skill in setting personal boundaries. Also the Christian learns to take “Q’s” from others who are manifesting such behavior.-

Extroversion: The act of obtaining gratification from others. Outward attention. Outgoing personality. Does not mean that the person has no hang-ups. May seek social gatherings to express himself.-

Fallen Matrix: The defects found throughout all of creation caused by sin. Sin is the disease which has caused defects in the whole matrix of creation. This current “program” [matrix] will be restored to perfection at the “Last Great Day” by Jesus Christ.-

Fallen Nature: Human propensity to consciously and unconsciously disobey God’s moral standard. Human nature manifests itself in all human traits. The manifestation of distorted will. The sinful-nature.-

False Guilt: The act of feeling guilty over a right action. A superimposed guilt by others upon the Christian for actions in doing right.-

Feeling: This can mean human emotion, intuitive premonitions, physical touch, physical, spiritual, and emotional pain or pleasure.-

Five Physical (objective) Faculties: These are the human antennas and feelers of sighttouch, smelltaste, and sound. What these experience is then brought to the attention of the subjective mind where it is processed. These five faculties are not always properly activated in the individual and some lack some of these faculties due lose of sense or physical birth defect. Human reason and intellect without recognition of the spiritual mind is limited in the interpretation of reality by only recognizing the five physical faculties.-

Five-Fold Ministry [FFM]: The Bible teaches that each individual has a combination of at least five personality traits. These traits can be tested and scored through a process taught and practiced in SOCT. Please understand that the teachings found in SOCT are directly from the Christian Bible. These teachings are applicable, this means that they can produce clarityunderstanding and experimental results in regards to Christian Character Development. This ministry is found outlined in Ephesians 4:11. We read; “And He [God] gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.” So please understand: God the Father comes first in rule. Then Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Under God then comes first-apostles, second-prophets, third-evangelists, fourth-pastors and fifth-teachers. [Ephesians 4:11]-

Forced Conversion: Cult tactic used by religious groups, governments and businesses. The act of mental threats or physically forcing one to conform to another’s values or views or desires. Sometimes drugs are used. All forms of abuse conceivable could be used in this horrendous process.-

Forgiveness: To cease to feel resentment against another. To grant relief of payment. We must receive forgiveness from God everyday. God clears our mind of guilt and fear because of His loving relationship with us which manifests undeserved kindness and grace. God is LOVE. As Christians we learn to properly forgive others and change old behaviors into Christian behaviors [MOCA]. The teaching of forgiveness is critical in the Christian life.-

God Family: At present the God Family is comprised of the Father [Aba] and the Son [Jesus Christ]. The personalities which make God. The word God is interchangeable with the word “family”. God is a family. Through Jesus Christ we are invited into the God Family. We can become literal sons and daughters of God and live in His Kingdom. God gives us the choice to choose Him and to become “begotten children” while still on earth.-

God’s Law: The Ten Commandments. Also includes righteous motivating factors in all that one does. Includes proper emotional response and manifests through MOCA. Jesus Christ is the prime example of God’s Law in action.-

Goodness: Christian “goodness” is helping others by MOCA. True goodness is the “Christian righteousness” that disciples are to develop.-

Great Potential: Term originally used by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to express the Science of Christian Thought. Also, the title expressing the teachings of mans destiny as a true Christian. The Christians ultimate inheritance which is humanly inconceivable.-

Great Tribulation: The most devastating time in all of earth’s history for the entire human race. This event will happen and will be caused by the collective work of the fallen human race. It will be a time of the Anti-Christ (the Man of Sin), the Ruler of Darkness which will appear during this time to persecute the Christians. This event is described in the 5th Seal found in the book of Revelation.-

Guilt Factor: A feeling caused by a violation of ones moral perception. Guilt deals in two specific areas; moral condition and or personality disturbance. Do you realize that guilt is the core of all misunderstandings? The Bible proclaims what the true cause of guilt is. The Bible states that both thoughts and actions can create guilt. This means that if we do not understand proper thinking we will have numerous issues with guilt and if we do not understand true moral action we will struggle with wrong actions constantly. There is proper guilt and “false guilt”.-

Holy Place (inner court): In the physical temple [tabernacle] it represents a sacred place where the high priest officiated.  In the human temple it represents the Personal Unconscious part of the individual. A place where we store all of our experiences.-

Holy Spirit: The power and presence of God which operates His will. Sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks as God the Father and sometimes as God the Son…and sometimes as both.-

Human Brain: The physical organ of the human which constitutes thought and neural coordination. It includes all nervous centers & systems. The mind of man, from a physical standpoint, is limited and fully functioning on physical chemicals. It is not the size of mans brain that makes him a better thinker. Some animals have much bigger brains than humans. SOCT teaches the humans brains electrical functions by the study of hertz. The different hemispheres and their functions are studied in SOCT.-

Human Mind: The second of the “three realities”. This includes the fact that man has a ‘special element’ of mind called the Human Spirit. This is a gift of ‘deeper thought’, logic, human reason, and intellectualism. Involves a basic moral understanding.-

Human Nature: Term used in modern psychology which is interchangeable with “sinful nature”. Human nature is “fallen nature”, something the true Christian is here to overcome.-

Human Spirit: In the book of Genesis we discover that God created all creatures according to their “kinds”. [Genesis 1:20-25] This simply means that plants produce plants, cattle produce cattle, and birds produce birds and humans produce humans. But humans were created after God’s own image! Mankind has intellectual mind capabilities that differ from animals in many ways. Mans physical body was created out of the “dust of the earth”. The mind of man, from a physical standpoint, is limited and fully functioning on physical chemicals. It is not the size of mans brain that makes him a better thinker. Some animals have much bigger brains than humans. The Bible defines man as a “living soul”. Souls are not immortal. [Ezekiel 18:20] Animals are called “living souls”. The soul can die according to the Scriptures. The word “soul” simply means “living creature”. Immortal life is a gift to God’s children but the “wages of sin” are death. [Please use COGSR Search Box to read further about these subjects or visit the online COGSR Library]-

So what makes man different? The Bible states that there is a MORTAL spirit in man. This spirit is not immortal. It can be looked at as a special quality in man. Mans spirit is not “Holy Spirit”; it is distinguished from the Holy Spirit of God. [1 Corinthians 2:9-14] Also, this “spirit” is not the man. It is spirit-essence from God IN man. The essence joined with the physical brain of man makes mankind different from the animal kingdom. Please understand; this special spirit quality in man is not conscious in and by itself. It simply joins with the physical consciousness in man and gives it [human mind] a special quality. The Bible often uses the word “spirit” in reference to mans mind. When a person dies this spirit in man returns to God. [Ecclesiastes 12:7] Not only does this special gift help impart knowledge of God’s static truth to man but it acts as a recorder. [Psalm 40:7Revelation 13:8] Like a “thumb drive” it can record and save things to be transferred into a new body. [1 Corinthians 15:42] It records the life experiences of the individual and his or her unique identity and personality. [Psalm 87:6]-
This spirit in man has the potential to become impregnated with Holy Spirit. When this happens the person becomes a true Christian. Now, as an embryo, the new Christian life begins to grow until it can be “born again” and receive the gift of eternal life in God’s kingdom in a new body. [John 3:5-81 Corinthians 15:44] True comprehension of God therefore can only begin when the human spirit is impregnated with the Holy Spirit. [1 Corinthians 2:14Proverbs 3:5-6] [Use COGSR Topic Search Box to find more answers regarding this issue of “born again”]-

Human Spiritual Mind: The highest of the “three realities”. This involves the fact that man has ‘spiritual dimension’. Humans have spiritual awareness and warfare.  At this level communication with non-physical entities is realized. The person begins his struggle for understanding of the spiritual realm. [As seen in religious behavior & superstitious activity]Christians have the “Mind of Christ” in this realm and thus have spiritual clarity.-

Identity Transformation (false): Each person experiences a plethora of character identifications in life. These shifts have a lot to do with age and experience. Most all are caught in this cycle looking for the true Self [Personality] but without Jesus Christ they cannot find it. A ‘mid-life-crises’ is a prime example of an “identity transformation”. Personal trauma and crisis can cause these events.-

Identity: Identity is that which each personality seeks through a display of character traits. Some of these traits are innate, gifted to the personality by God. Each identity has its own particular predispositions. Other traits are developed. The true identity of the individual is buried in sinful distortion. Identity needs purpose. Identity achieves its goal when it connects to Jesus Christ and manifests MOCA. True identity is to be found “in Jesus Christ”.-

Image of God: Humans are created in the image of God in many ways. Man has “a spirit”. Man has the capability to reason and use logic. Man has the capability of feeling and emotion. Man is created to be conscious of relationships. Man can understand, even at an elementary level, the difference between wrong and right (though from a distorted perspective). Man is created in the very shape of God. Man has a body and an individual personality. Man has a thought process similar to God’s. On this earth man is not finished. His goal should be to develop his God qualities and reach his full Human Potential as a member of the God Family.-

Imagination: The act and power of forming a mental image. Exhibiting a creative ability. What one might call “resourcefulness”. The Christian learns how to control emotion and use all emotion in pure reality for the Love of God and of man.-

Impermanent: Not constant or static. Constantly changing. The physical world is constantly changing. Because man is gifted with an unchanging personality [an original identity] he or she is able to witness some stability in this life. Man seeks stability in diversity which can only be achieved through the Mind of Christ.-

Inner Control: Only those who have the Holy Spirit can exercise true control. A Christian has a greater hope than a non-Christian. The Christian perspective is not all centered on this life. The Christian views his or her present experience as a relatively short period of time to be spent in contrast to his or her eternal reward. [Matthew 6:33] Knowing that we have work to do here in regards to character building and the fact that we will enter eternity and live in Christ’s kingdom is an unavailable dimension for the non-Christian. Christians are actually thankful that they can experience irritation sometimes because they realize that God is at work. This understanding frees the Christian from ultimate personal anxiety. [Romans 8:28] Through the understandings that Jesus Christ gives to us we develop what might be called Cognitive Behavior [clear thinking]. [Proverbs 4:18] True inner control means recognizing our emotions, not trying to hide them. True control also involves a clear understanding of who you are in Jesus Christ.-

Interact: To act upon one another. Emotions can interact, people can interact, thoughts can interact, etc. Interaction manifests a third point, a conclusion [good, bad, or indifferent]. Interaction is operative in the law of triple conjunction.-

Introversion: To turn inward. To concentrate or direct thoughts on ones self. A person who is not really interested in others. The introvert orients consciousness toward the inner subjective world. Much of this can become unhealthy. SOCT has discovered that MB’s caused by sinful-experiences have much to do with this type of behavior. CTS can help heal in this area.-

Irritations: There are outer and inner irritations. There are physical, mental, spiritual and emotional irritations. Irritations can excite emotions such as anger or displeasure. Annoying behavior of others can cause irritations. SOCT gives skills which help Christians deal with all kinds of irritations. The irritator must also understand the irritated.-

Kingdom of God: The Kingdom of God is the ultimate dwelling place of the resurrected Christians. We will live in paradise with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. There will be no more sin, death, or evil. Fallen human nature will be completely eliminated. The Christians has the mind set of this hope at all times. This hope helps direct all of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. The Kingdom Hope helps manifest MOCA.-

Law of Triple Conjunction: A law that helps one find a proper solution or answer to his dilemma. It involves looking at two conditions and using them to create a third desired outcome. This law is not fully explained here but is given to SOCT members who are members of COGSR.-

Learning Styles: SOCT recognizes three main learning styles found outlined in the written gospel styles of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These are outlined as:-

First Learning Style: Known as Matthew. The Matthew learning style has to do with order. Is interested in connecting links. Processing information. This type likes to form categories and organize them. This is much how the apostle Matthew organized his gospel. A synthesis analysis.-

Second Learning Style: Known as Mark.  The Mark learning style is one of action. This type of learning focuses on the actual result instead of the logic behind something. This is much how the apostle Mark organized his gospel. Fact retention.-

Third Learning Style: Known as Luke. More intellectual approach and comprehensive. Methodical behavior. Much like disciple Luke organized his gospel. Methodical study.-

Fourth Learning Style: Known as John. More elaborative and deep thinking involved. The connecting and applying of new ideas to existing knowledge. Much like the apostle John organized his gospel. Elaborative processing.-

Legitimate Fear [LF]: Proper fear is the fright of consequences. If one disobeys God’s moral standard he should fear the consequences which are ultimately self induced. One should also understand that proper fear can protect one from a bad situation. It can help to make safer decisions. The Holy Spirit makes the Christian much more sensitive to legitimate fear.-

Logic: Logical thinking in and of itself is only based on mans five physical faculties. With only these limited tools man can come up with numerous if not infinitesimal amounts of conclusions to even simple questions.-

Martyr Syndrome: A feeling of surrender to that which goes against principle. A giving up of seeking purpose. An extreme identity crises. These states are caused by MB’s and sinful-experiences. Can be cured by CTS.-

Matrix of Human Thought: This fallen world is in a confused matrix or ‘web’ of “thinking” and “doing”. This is all caused by fallen mind channels. Distortion at every level. To escape the fallen matrix is to receive the Mind of Christ.-

Mental Blocks [MB’s] or Mental Blind Spots: Clogs in human thinking which do not allow for proper thinking to occur. These mental blocks are made up of picture and emotional patterns containing experiences which have been wrongly interpreted and distorted. They affect proper TA {Thought Ascent}. SOCT recognizes three types of mental blocks: flash-block, word-block, subject blocks. (click here to read more) They can be identified and cured through CTS. -
Mental Condition: Term used to describe the mental, emotional and spiritual condition of an individual. One can have a “good” or “bad” mental condition depending on level of distortion.-

Mind Channels: Thought patterns which have developed in the individual regarding certain subjects, places, persons and things. These channels can be changed consciously for the better through the practices found in SOCT.-

Mind of Christ Action [MOCA]: This is the point where man begins to truly think and act clearly. Only the true Christian can begin this process. It involves the development of the mind under the influence of Holy Spirit. [Romans 12:2 1 Corinthians 2:14] To have the Mind of Christ means that the individual has gone through true conversion. To receive the mind of Christ one must come into contact with Jesus Christ and His True Church. This is rare. MOCA is the ability to see things through the eyes of God. To understand the mental condition of this fallen world and to respond with the Love of God. MOCA is a mind possessed with Holy Spirit.-

The Christian maintains his or her individuality but is constantly guided by pure perception and is walking in Ultimate Reality. Though this is not a constant state for the Christian it is truly one to be desired.-

Mind Pictures or Mental Picture [s]: Sometimes caused by the attunement to evil spirits. One must become aware of just how Satan is trying to change the mind set of people for the worst. Mind pictures can be given directly from God through revelation for a special purpose. In this arena the person must be well trained in Christian principles to understand and to discern the right and wrong aspects of this phenomenon.-

 Mind’s Eye: Phrase used to describe the singularity of a persons thoughts. The “focus”. Point of mental concentration.-

Moral Condition: The moral condition of each individual can be affected by many factors. It can include mental illnesses, genetic defects, ignorance, and extreme spiritual warfare. Through SOCT analyzation and CTS’s many problems in moral condition can be addressed and fixed.-

Most Holy: The room in the physical tabernacle or temple where the presence of the Lord dwelt as the Shekinah [spiritual manifestation of light]. This room contained the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments [static moral law]. Regarding the human temple the Most Holy represents the mental place where the true individual dwells, the true person [personality]. It is in this sacred place of the mind that one must invite the Holy Spirit in and begin the process of true conversion. Most people have pride sitting on the thrown of the Most Holy.-

Natural Revelation: The ability of the person to recognize the beauty of natural creation and to recognize the Divine Order and Divine Laws operative in creation.-

New Age: Modern pagan belief systems. False religion involving metaphysical understandings and or occult teachings. A “science falsely so called”.-

New Pattern – of thinking: Process of learning how to redirect thoughts and create new mind channels. Constructively building the “Mind of Christ”.-

New Thought: Term used to describe radical ideas of modern thinking which go against Christian Thought and Christian Reality. The “New Thought Movement”.-

Optimistic: A state of mind in which the person looks for the best under all circumstances. One who looks for the optimum and healthy outcome for all involved.-

Optimum Function of Personality: Your true identity functions with optimum quality while under the influence of Holy Spirit. Individuality is maintained while manifesting MOCA.-

Outer Court: In the physical temple [tabernacle] a place where offerings were presented to the Lord. In the human temple it represents the physical body and outer awareness. A place where relationships may start.-

Outer Force: Term used to explain that man in and of him self cannot cure himself of sin. Man needs an outer force to interact with him. Man must invite God into his life. Man does not have an “inner god” or “inner power” that can save. Man must develop a relationship with God. The Holy Spirit is an “outer force” until the individual invites it in.-

Paganism: A religion that worships nature or a part of nature. This includes the eastern idea that “we are one with creation” [physical reality]. Atheists follow a form of ‘paganism’ in that they believe that the physical world is all that exists. All false religion that gives credit to physical man above God is pagan. Modern New Age movements such as WICA and all occult practices contain elements of paganism. All followers of polytheistic type religions are pagan. One who enjoys sensual pleasures is pagan. Smoking, indulging in alcohol, and using drugs are pagan practices. Homosexuality is a pagan practice. Adultery and fornication are pagan practices.  “Pagan” is a blanket term to describe all false religion including atheism.-

Pastoral Traits: Has a bit of knowledge about many subjects, able to perform a breadth of activities. Very involved in the external world. Enjoys interacting with people and usually has a good energy level. Psychologists would call them “extraverts”.  They like groups and love to talk.-

Perception: That which is perceived. Your interpretation of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of your being. How you define reality. What you choose to see or choose not to see. There is a true perception [Christian Perception] and a fallen perception full of distortion and perversion.-

Personality Disturbance: A feeling of uneasiness having no point of reference. Usually caused by an immoral situation or act. Can be brought on by a new moral area of awareness that had no previous reference. These can become chronic and cause mental illness. This can be fixed by CTS.-

Personality Interests: SOCT likes to break down Personality Interests by a three fold scale. When we look at a persons interests we classify each as such:-

B-Partially Social-

The interests of a person can be further understood by developing another scale as such:-

A-Does the interest involve caring for a life (plants, animals, human)?-
B-Does the interest involve building (creating)?-
C-Does the interest involve collecting (storing) something?-

And finally we study whether the interests have been long term or short term. Long term interests appear to be part of the “unchanging” personality while short term interests appear to be developed enhancements of the personality. Does the person have ‘sentimental attachments’ (hold on, staying)? Or is the person willing to easily give up belongings (letting go, move on)? Another interesting factor [we could list many] concerns how the person has lived. Have they lived mostly at home? Have they worked? What kind of job have they been successful or not successful at? Understanding all of these factors helps to understand the personality classification better and determine help in areas of distortion.-

Perspective: How one understands his or her experience [reality].-

Pessimistic: One who looks at the negative outcome of events. One who looks at the danger of a condition rather than the practicality of an issue. One who points out what is wrong instead of what is right. This is a mental condition which turns on and off in an individual depending on mood. It can become a chronic state.-

Physical Temple: The human body. Mind, body and soul.-

Positive Attitude: Looking for the good in experience. Mostly amounts to what SOCT refers to as positive reaction.-

Positive Reaction: Positive reaction could be seen as fallen man trying to do his best with what he has. Not all ‘positive’ reactions are truly correct because they contain some sort of distortion. [Proverbs 16:25 Proverbs 16:2] Man can do “good” but this does not make man perfect or without sin. Both Sinful & Positive reactions can be effected or enhanced through culture, environment and or upbringing. What are called “good works” [positive reaction] of man cannot get you into the Kingdom of God. [Ephesians 2:8] The ‘good actions’ of fallen men are sinful from defect. They lack the principle which can make them right in the sight of God. If the person does not have the Holy Spirit even a seemingly “good act” cannot be truly correct in the sight of God. “They that are in the flesh cannot please God.” [Romans 8:8No good act can get you into the Kingdom of God. Even the virtues of a person who has not the Holy Spirit are corrupt. The Bible does not teach that mankind does not have morality. Man basically has some idea of true morality. Most all humans practice a basic understanding of morality. Through God’s common grace man can love his family and care for them. Man can take care of his animals, his job and material goods but this does not make him truly righteous in the eyes of God. Without God in the picture all mans righteousness is “self righteousness”. Man without God works on the principle of pride instead of humility and true thanksgiving. Man without God is living in false relationships. Basically fallen man is living in a false sense of security and in a false reality. Man can display happiness in his fallen condition. Mans condition is full of subtle deception. By mans knowledge alone he sees himself as really not that bad. Standards of mental health or what one might call “normal behavior” vary due to culture, parental upbringing, time, and expectations of his or her social group. Man really has no concept, without Jesus Christ, of a static reality. Reality is constantly being shifted and changed before the eyes of the lost child. Psychology and Psychiatry will argue that there is no complete system which exists to explain the exact “science” of mental health or illness. Thus, to fallen man there is no static “mental health”. Who defines ultimate values? As I stated before I will state again; there is no higher authority than God.-

Positive Reactive Personality: The atheist or unconverted person mostly tries to develop this type of personality. Unfortunately it is full of pride and self-righteousness. This is a self-justifying state of being.-

Pray – Prayer: Communication with God. Usually verbally in privacy. Sometimes prayer is conducted amongst Christians in the social setting of the church. Prayer is not only sharing with God and asking for things, it is about true forgiveness and learning to LISTEN TO GOD. It is a two way relationship.-

Private Self (most holy): This represents your true personality that only you and God truly know. Today’s psychology teaches that you have “many selves”. By doing this they create the idea that there is no “specific you”. You can choose to be multiple self’s. Some will say you have a “conscious self”, “an ego self”, and some sort of “higher self”. All of this is false. This string of thinking has permeated all psychology and New Age teachings. You do have a private self, your deep relationship with God. This must be protected. It is sacred.-

Prophetic Traits: One who has a tendency to see the danger of a situation. Is not afraid to display anger. Shows long term concern for others. Psychologists might call this type a “pessimist”. Warns others about their immoral actions. From a theological perspective they are very eschatological in their everyday thinking. Some might even understand them to be somewhat “neurotic”. Highly misunderstood by others. Have the gift of intuitivism to one degree or another.-

Psychosomatic: Physical effects caused by the thoughts of the individual. Such as illnesses caused by depression, anger, etc. Proves that our emotions can affect the physical body.-

Psycho-theory: Psychological theories regarding the science of mind and behavior.  A reference to Psychology with all its schools of thought. While psychology and psychiatry is concerned with the many parts of the human mind and how it works the Bible teaches a very simple principle – think correctly and be well – think incorrectly and suffer. It all comes down to how a person thinks. How one thinks is what makes him WHO he is.-

Pure Doctrine: Uncorrupted teachings of the Bible. No error. Perfect understanding of COGSR systematic theological issues. God will give the student pure sight through special revelation.-

Qualities: Used to describe character traits both good and bad. Each of us is born with innate qualities which can be enhanced through gaining additional qualities. Qualities can manifest as characters such as when a person takes on his Fallen Father in response to anger or takes on the Fallen Mother in response to anger. The Christian must become consciously aware of his or her qualities to develop MOCA.-

Quality Traits: More specific in describing character. Each person has developed multiple character responses to specific issues and circumstances. We develop character traits of others who have helped shape our personalities. We may mimic personality traits of our parents, friends, TV characters, etc. Remember, the personality is seeking identity and with it purpose. Some of these quality traits can be good but most of the time they are bad.-

Reactive Mind: This is the portion which manifests both sinful reactions and positive reactions. Both are distortions in the understanding of SOCT. Much of the reactive mind is guided by the mismanagement of the Personal Unconscious. From this portion of the mind comes stimulus response which has not yet come under the Christian volitional response of Holy Spirit.-

Reality Circuits: Term used to describe ones current thinking process. Their focus and thought manifestations. There are multiple ‘realities’ [all false] that fallen humans manifest. This also can refer to what could be called “Thought Patterns”.-

Reality Shift: Phrase used to describe what a person experiences while going through the true conversion process. The Christian Identity Realization process.-

Reality: In general reality is how one interprets his or her perception of being. It also involves the individual interpretation of experience. There are many false realities but only one ultimate and true reality. Ultimate reality is Christian Reality; eternalstatic and personal. SOCT describes “three levels” of reality platforms: electrochemical mind, human mind, and human spiritual mind.-

REC: Acronym describing the “Three Mental Options” [T-MO] which are: Repress, Express, Confess.-

Religion: Can literally mean, binding or tying together. Psychology will not doubt the reality of religion. Those who believe in the theory of evolution say that religion is just another evolutionary accident.  We all have something that we believe in. When man fell into sin religion produced primitive fear and slavery to superstition. Religion involves morals but it is not merely a moral movement. Religion has always affected the ethical condition of society. Religion has tried to answer the absolute questions. Man has a need for purpose and answers. Religion is studied by psychology but it is not psychology. Nor is it a material science. It involves revelation and faith.-

Renew Your Mind [RYM]: The Christian learns to keep his or her mind clear of anxiety, wrongful fear and guilt by constant renewal of MOCA. Through daily Scripture reading and prayer the mind stays fresh, healthy and attuned to natural & special revelation.-

Repression: Improperly dealt with experience that tries to be ignored. These are filed as “repressed emotions” and “repressed memories” in the Personal Unconscious. The SOCT teaching of T-MO can help one begin to alleviate repression. Subconsciously these repressions effect personal choices and create MB’s.-

Right: Used mostly to describe clarity of Christian Thought. Such as “a RIGHT action” or “that’s right”.-

Righteousness: How God’s word defines good action. Following God’s moral standard is to practice true righteousness [goodness]. To follow mans distorted understanding of morality is “self righteousness” and a manifestation of pride which is a root cause of all sin.-

Sacrifice: The need to repay or offer something for your faults, especially regarding personal relationship with others and God. Sacrifice shows the seriousness of sin. Sin has consequences. The ‘wages’ of sin are death but the gift of God is everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Today we offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord and we ‘give up’ things for others. We sacrifice our time and our belongings for the welfare of others.-

Satan: A created being of God from the angel class. He was the highest angel in authority until he rebelled against God and deceived one third of the angelic beings. God has used this being in His plan of redemption and the “restitution of all things”. We are warned that Satan is the fallen god of this world. The ignorant population has fallen into his trap. Christians have become aware, awake, and alert. We have rejected Satan and his hosts. We have become begotten children of God. We now live for Jesus Christ.-

Scienceoct: Short word for “Science of Christian Thought”.-

Scripture: Word used to reference the Holy Bible. All of God’s word is considered “scripture”.-

Self Righteousness: Prideful action displayed in sinful and positive reactions. Caused by a distorted understanding of true morality. A false “goodness”.-

Self: The true you. The God gifted and individual personality. As far as what man is in regards to the “self” we will find that man is a PERSON with a PERSONALITY. This is so very important to understand. God created us with an individual personality. No two personalities are alike. We are all special and a “one of a kind”. SOCT {Science of Christian Thought} does NOT teach that we are an “ego” or that we have a so called ‘ego’. SOCT does not define the self as a “higher self” as New Age teachings do. There is only one you…the Self. What you do with yourself is a choice that you must make.-

Seven Seals: The Seven Seals describe a vision given to the apostle John. This was an apocalyptic vision involving the opening of a scroll that was sealed with seven seals. It represents the title deed of this earth and on a deeper level it represents the inner spiritual battle of mankind.-

Shew Bread: Phrase which symbolically represents what we allow to enter our minds, our thoughts. What we “feed” our minds. To the Christian the shew bread represents Jesus Christ.-

Sin: All actions [reactions] opposite to the will of God. All actions that oppose or act against the Ten Commandments and moral standards of God. These reactions happen consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously due to mans fallen nature. Man cannot cure himself of sin, true healing involves Outer Force.-

Sinful Experiences: An experience of extreme distortion containing pain [physical or emotional]. These experiences are usually repressed and tucked away in our personal unconscious mind [the holy place]. Because we are born with the sinful nature we have no way of properly interpreting these experiences and it is these very experiences that effect our distortion in choice making and decision making. They can cause psychosomatic ills. They become stumps or mental blocks [MB’s]. These can be fixed [cleared] through CTS.-

Sinful Nature: Mans fallen propensity to disobey God. Not a developed attribute but an infection from birth.-

Sinful Reaction: All humans have a basic reaction to all that affects them. Because of the sinful nature mans comprehension of ultimate reality is distorted. Even with fallen mans concept of basic “right” and “wrong” he has distortions. He reacts wrongly. [Proverbs 18:13 Romans 8:7] Sometimes sinful reaction is even more personified because of physical distortions. All physical distortions are a result of sin; both directly and indirectly [inherent].-

SOCT Analyzation: Through a special process offered by SOCT one can get mentally analyzed for physical issues and mental issues which may or may not be causing moral distortions.-

Soul: Literally means “living creature”. The soul is the combination between physical matter and the “breath of life” which God gives to it. When the spirit of man [his intellectual life force] leaves at death the physical body returns to dust and the soul dies. All living creatures are souls.-

Sound Doctrine: Uncontaminated doctrine. No human reason involved but purely accepted through proper Spiritual Discernment. Found in Scripture and backed by Scripture.-

Special Revelation: When the Holy Spirit “touches” the human intellect [human spirit] and gives an introduction to the personality of God. Sometimes these experiences contain personal and special information for the person receiving it. This kind of revelation confirms that Christianity is the only true religion and that Jesus Christ is the only true savior.-

Spirit of God: God is Spirit and those who worship Him worship in Spirit and Truth. Sometimes “the Spirit of God” refers to Jesus Christ and sometimes to God the Father and sometimes to both. The Spirit of God is the Holy Spirit. It is the presence and power of God. The Spirit of God is also a reference to His will, His active force.-

Spirit: A spirit can refer to an angelic being. There are good angels and bad. The word “spirit” can also refer to the mood of a being such as “do it in the spirit of love” or “the spirit of joy”. One might proclaim: “He was in the wrong spirit.” In this sense it is used as a figure of speech to describe mood.-

Spiritual clarity: Term used to describe the persons awareness to Spiritual Reality. One who is being guided by the Holy Spirit is in the process of developing “spiritual clarity”. One who lacks spiritual clarity would be one who is being deceived by fallen angels [spirit beings].-

Spiritual Discernment: Those who have gone though [and are experiencing] true conversion have received the Holy Spirit. Those who have the Holy Spirit to help direct them can make accurate decisions and create right and proper thoughts through guidance of Holy Spirit. One must have proper attunement with God through prayer to receive spiritual discernment. In some this is more constant and is considered a spiritual gift.-

Spiritual War: Mental struggle between the reactive mind and the Mind of Christ. Also, a literal spiritual war between yourself and the influence of fallen angels.-

Subjective: Many come to this idea that all religion is subjective. We could define “subjective” as meaning only having to do with the thoughts [thinking process] of ones mind and not really having anything to do with material reality. All religion could be labeled a “subjective thought process”. True Christianity is not subjective due to Holy Spirit reality.-

Subconscious Mind: The mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness.-

Suppression: A condition which reduces the person’s chance of wanting to be social. A survival reduction trait. These can be identified through CTS.-

Supreme Intelligence: A reference to God. It is sometimes a reference to the Mind of Christ in the Christian. Such as; “She is using Supreme Intelligence”.-

Surface Control: This type of behavior may appear positive [positive action] but really it is a form of repression. Both sinful & positive reactions can and most often do result in some form of repression. This type of false control can result in destructive processes [counter creative] leading to physical ailments. Habitual repression can cause a person to be angry with life which creates an attitude of hostility and frustration with the world. This is certainly not a pleasant way to live. Hidden anger will eventually manifest somehow.-

Teacher Traits: Is compassionate and cooperative. Has a concern for social harmony and is agreeable with others who express their ideas. For the most part gets along with everybody. Has teaching skills in almost all activities. Helpful whenever they can be and have team work skills. Like to show what they know or explain what they know and are usually very articulate.-

TFA: Let us look at TFA. This doctrine will give you special insight to how your human mind works. TFA stands for, “thoughts”, “feelings”, and “actions”.-

Thoughts: Lead to attraction and or repulsion which goes to feeling.-

Feelings: Strong or weak feelings over the thoughts leads to doing.-

Actions: Our actions are the results of our thoughts and feelings.-

Understanding TFA the Christian begins to understand the importance of “thought” and the entire “thought process”. This process helps us further understand what SCOT refers to as Thought Ascent.-

The Remnant: A phrase which points to all true Christians which are left on this planet. A very small number compared to the rest of the fallen world. The remnant will continue to get smaller as we approach the Great Tribulation.-

The Three Realities: SOCT teaches “one ultimate Reality” but also points out that numerous realities [perceptions] are experienced by all life which is caught in the fallen matrix. SOCT states that all conscious perceptions occur on three reality stages. These three are: The Electrochemical Mind, The Human Mind, The Human Spiritual Mind.-

The Worldwide Church of God [WCG]: The true church of God under the sixth and seventh church era. After the Church of God came through the Sardis era it entered the Philadelphian era through Mr. Hebert W. Armstrong. Since October 7th 2011 the Worldwide Church of God has entered the typical Laodicean era. The WCG teaches the Science of Christian Thought.

Thought Ascent [TA]: How our thoughts work their way out of our minds and into the physical world. Proper thought ascents are thoughts guided by the Holy Spirit and into our physical world. Improper thought ascent comes from pride and irrational thinking, the fallen mind. Production of our thoughts follows a flow or channel which we could call “Thought Ascent” [TA].  Proper TA emanates from the human mind which has the indwelling Holy Spirit. We must understand that we as humans have been given a special mind gift of human reason and intellect (the “spirit of man”). We are created in the very “image of God”. We have a pattern in our being that is similar to God’s.-

Thought Channels: Thought channels have to do with our current focus. We can learn to change our thought channels when needed. Not all thought channels are bad. When the channels are “cleared” through the SOCT process of REC one senses an expansion, a freedom of right thought. Less corruption and distortion as old thought patterns are renewed [RYM].-

Thought Process: A basic conceptualization of the human thought process. Understand the speed at which this process works is usually very fast and thus not all portions of the process become conscious mechanisms but are instead subconscious reactions:-

First: We may get a conscious thought. We then determine how important it is. Is it an abstract thought? Or what we might call a “concrete” or solid thought?-

Second: The thought goes through the interest and disinterest processes. Our personality has much to do with all of this. Our predispositions and character traits will help determine.-

Third: The thought rushes through our moral and emotional comprehensions. Here it starts to create itself in some shape.-

Fourth: The thought takes on some physical manifestation ~ it is made.-

Again, this is an extremely basic outline that gives an idea of the thought process - without a lot of details. But it helps you get an idea of the fact that we have been created with wonderful minds and many gifts that we take advantage of every day.-

Three Christian Characteristics for Growth: These are: A-Discipline, B-Determination, C-Curiosity.-

Three Interactive Actions [Options] [TIA]: Let us look at the process known as TIA. This is something that is first practiced consciously and after time it becomes a natural ACTION as the character begins to become more CHRIST LIKE in its behavior.-

Because of sin fallen mans basic thought patterns can be structured as being a part of three separate yet interactive “actions” as such:-

    Sinful Reaction: All humans have a basic reaction to all that affects them. Because of the sinful nature mans comprehension of ultimate reality is distorted. Even with fallen mans concept of basic “right” and “wrong” he has distortions. He reacts wrongly. [
Proverbs 18:13 Romans 8:7] Sometimes sinful reaction is even more personified because of physical distortions. All physical distortions are a result of sin; both directly and indirectly [inherent].-

    Positive Reaction: Positive reaction could be seen as fallen man trying to do his best with what he has. Not all ‘positive’ reactions are truly correct because they contain some sort of distortion. [
Proverbs 16:25 Proverbs 16:2] Man can do “good” but this does not make man perfect or without sin. Both Sinful & Positive reactions can be effected or enhanced through culture, environment and or upbringing. What are called “good works” [positive reaction] of man cannot get you into the Kingdom of God. [Ephesians 2:8-10]-

Mind Of Christ Action [MOCA]: This is the point where man begins to truly think and act clearly. Only the true Christian can begin this process. It involves the development of the mind under the influence of Holy Spirit. [
Romans 12:2 1 Corinthians 2:14] To have the Mind of Christ means that the individual has gone through true conversion. To receive the mind of Christ one must come into contact with Jesus Christ and His True Church. This is rare.-

T-MO: The “three mental options”. The three mental options are: repress, express, and confess.-

Traits: An inherited characteristic. Some traits can also be developed as qualities. These can either be for good or bad. Personality traits are gifts from God which should be used and developed for His Glory.-

Triple ‘A’ - (AAA): SOCT has developed what we call “the three A’s” or simply “triple A”. What do the three A’s stand for? “Awake, Aware, Alert”. All Christians learn to become awakeaware, and alert! Right action is what we call MOCA [Mind of Christ Action]. Here is how this can simply be determined: (click here for more information regarding AAA)-

1, Awake:  Conscious of your surroundings (location).-

2, Aware: Conscious of those objects moving around your space (movement).-

3, Alert: Conscious of your actions (your movement or reactions you make).-

Truth Realizations: An awareness which is sometimes brought on suddenly of ultimate reality. Sometimes one can confuse false understandings as “truth realizations”. Undistorted truth realizations are given by the Holy Spirit.-

Truth: SOCT recognizes ONE ULTIMATE TRUTH (ONE REALITY). In this sense we use a capitol ‘T’ for Truth. Truth can also be progressive such as a “current truth” [more accurately: “a current understanding”]. Because ultimate Truth is revelatory we believe in “present truth” and that our comprehension of Truth will continue to grow throughout eternity (as Christians).-

Type Five Personalities: Most Type 5’s focus more on their “spiritual condition” than on their outer world. Because of what is called ‘reduced cognitive filtering’ they have the tendency to be highly creative. What this depletes them of is a healthy Christian social life. All of these issues can be learned about and people can begin to understand themselves and others better through the SOCT teachings and the blessed spiritual experience of COGSR.-

Unconscious Mind: Portion of our minds that stores memory. It also is responsible for stimulus-response, automatic reactions not necessarily under the person’s volitional control. It includes the autonomic system. Effects people choices by relating memories to experiences. This portion also includes sinful experiences and mental blocks. Referred to symbolically as “the holy place”. In the individual it is the Personal Unconscious Mind.-

Unification of Personality: In SOCT this means that the person has properly developed the individual personality with MOCA. The person has unification with Jesus Christ and is experiencing Optimum Function of Personality.-

Volitional Mind: The choice making mind. Exposes the will of the person. The freedom of choice in your thoughts.-

Worship: Honor and reverence given to God. Singing praises and praying to the Lord. Living in MOCA is worship. Worship is practiced with other Christians [socially] every Sabbath Day. Also during the Holy Feast Days is worship practiced. False worship is the worship of man, creation or some philosophy above what the Scriptures teach and reveal. Atheism is the worship of self. When a Christian is truly living the Christian life they are in constant worship.-

Wrong Turn: The act of being wrongfully influenced by family or friend. Making a bad decision.-

Wrongful Fear: Fear brought on due to lack of trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Paranoia caused by the sinful nature which can create psychosomatic effects.-

Zadok: Current title for those Christians who have come to the proper understanding of responsibility with their personal “temple” (body), the people around them, and their position and calling in the Church of God.-

True survival is gained through the person of Jesus Christ

Prime instinct to survive

When SOCT talks about the “Prime Instinct” we mean the core urge or driving force within each Human being. We are here talking about that which motivates - and the idea or thought process which motivates the Human in almost all things. We are talking primarily about survival. The innate urge, need, process to survive…to live. ~

True survival is offered through Divine Intelligence [Heavenly Father] in His plan of salvation. Without this plan you will not survive, plain and simple. God created our spirits with identity seeds. We are created in the image of God and God is eternal. Thus we strive for eternal existence, we can’t help it. Many religions offer made up plans and philosophies to get people to believe in their false teachings regarding this issue. Many will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars doing this. They pay cults and New Age movements to tell them just how to survive. ~

Every person on planet earth has the central thrust to survive through existence. People use different methods to try and achieve this. All Human goals stem from the single goal to live…survive. Jesus Christ came to help us all with this issue. Jesus Christ offers us eternal life. Those that study here at Science Of Christian Thought will come to the proper understanding of this very issue and then will become acquainted with the ultimate Plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ to truly achieve everlasting life under the best circumstances imaginable. ~

Please continue your studies here at SOCT.

~May you gain peace profound.

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