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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SOCT Looks at the Unconscious Mind

SOCT Paper 34

SOCT Looks at the Unconscious Mind

In this article SOCT students are introduced to a more thorough explanation of the unconscious mind, or what we may call “the Holy Place”. Mr. E.W. King keeps it somewhat simple for us to understand. Please take some time out to contemplate.

SOCT research is discovering many new things about how God created our human minds. In previous studies we have talked about how the human body is likened to the “temple of God”. We have our “outer court” (outer consciousness), our “Holy Place” (personal unconscious) and our “Most Holy Place” (our one of a kind self). So let us look at the so called “unconscious mind” (Holy Place).  [The Science of Christian Thought & the Human Temple]

First we must understand just what the unconscious mind is. It is that part of our mind which is thinking “behind the scenes”. In this part of ourselves is stored all that we have experienced. How we have interpreted our experiences and all objective records are stored here. But it is also more than this. We place memories here that we wish to forget also. Much of the “stuff” in the unconscious mind is cluttered together and not really all that clear to the conscious mind. Repressed issues are thrown into the unconscious mind. Repressed issues are due to distortions we have from sin. Unconfessed sin and improperly dealt with sin can really keep the holy place messy. Many of our distorted memories and experiences are forgotten, but not really because they are recorded here in the holy place. ~

The unconscious mind is constantly affecting our conscious thoughts whether we realize it or not. Undelt with emotions regarding hatred towards others or their actions is recorded here and pushes us to make decisions in our outer world, our outer thoughts. The stronger the unconscious influence is the harder it is to change the behavior, especially if negative or sinful. Our five physical faculties are constantly sending data to the brain. This data sifts through the unconscious mind very rapidly before we make an outer decision about anything. This is why it is important to keep this part of our minds clean so that we can make rational and moral decisions. The Science of Christian Thought can help you better understand this process. ~

When someone says that they have a “gut feeling” about something it is mostly due to a signal coming from the unconscious mind. We may find ourselves manifesting reflexive responses to situations which go against our belief systems. These reactions are the fruit of the unconscious mind. In the past it was thought that the unconscious mind had nothing really to do with our awake state of being but now modern science is proving different. We are constantly making decisions which are directed by the unconscious mind. This is most fascinating, is it not? ~

SOCT understands that man comes into this world “tuned into” the fallen mind channels of Satan. We are born into a “fallen matrix”. Because of this fact our perception is distorted thus our interpretation of Pure Reality is corrupted. Our unconscious thoughts and feelings constantly influence how we see ourselves, others and everything around us. We have a hard time trying to properly compartmentalize our thoughts because of this. Because of this we develop what are known as “control issues”. We also learn to set up “boundaries”. Let us look at the SOCT definition of these terms: ~

Control Issues [CI]: The recognition of inner and outer control issues with the personality. The individual uses specific character traits to deal with control issues. [also see: inner control & outer control]”~

Boundaries: Christians set boundaries in communication. Sometimes these boundaries can be set by subtle gestures. Other times we have to just speak up and lay it all out. COGSR has techniques which we teach built on Scriptural understanding which can help.”~

Actually, even non-Christians set up boundaries. As true Christians we need to learn how to set up healthy boundaries. We may not realize it but all of us have the tendency to mimic and imitate the behavior of those around us. As SOCT students we need to be aware of this, bring it into the conscious mind. This can be a good thing if we learn to imitate those around us who exhibit Christian behaviors but it can be a bad thing if we begin to mimic bad behavior. So here again we begin to realize the power of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind may begin to make us conform to those around us, or our environment. As true Christians we have a static behavior that we must carry with us in all situations and environments. We have a sacred moral standard. As Christians we become much more aware of the inner struggle with the unconscious mind than others do. We need to find our true identity in Jesus Christ.~

Let us look at two more SOCT terms and definitions regarding these issues: ~

Identity Transformation (false): Each person experiences a plethora of character identifications in life. These shifts have a lot to do with age and experience. Most all are caught in this cycle looking for the true Self [Personality] but without Jesus Christ they cannot find it. A ‘mid-life-crises’ is a prime example of an “identity transformation”. Personal trauma and crisis can cause these events.”~

Identity: Identity is that which each personality seeks through a display of character traits. Some of these traits are innate, gifted to the personality by God. Each identity has its own particular predispositions. Other traits are developed. The true identity of the individual is buried in sinful distortion. Identity needs purpose. Identity achieves its goal when it connects to Jesus Christ and manifests MOCA. True identity is to be found “in Jesus Christ”.”~

As Christians we must learn to train the unconscious mind to react righteously. This is a process. Through the extra mind enhancement of the Holy Spirit [Mind of Christ] we can begin this process of reprogramming. We need to become “friends” with our unconscious mind. We must program ourselves daily by “eating” (studying and taking in) the Word of God. We also must pray daily. Praying helps reorganize old mind channels. We can even shut down old thinking processes and let the Holy Spirit begin to reroute our entire thinking process after the Mind of Christ.~

If we learn to let the Holy Spirit take over the unconscious mind we can receive the proper motivation to nudge us in right thinking while in the awake state. At this point let us finish this information regarding the unconscious mind with an explanation of MOCA. MOCA is what we as true Christians are trying to achieve with God’s help:~

Mind of Christ Action [MOCA]: This is the point where man begins to truly think and act clearly. Only the true Christian can begin this process. It involves the development of the mind under the influence of Holy Spirit. [Romans 12:2 1 Corinthians 2:14] To have the Mind of Christ means that the individual has gone through true conversion. To receive the mind of Christ one must come into contact with Jesus Christ and His True Church. This is rare. MOCA is the ability to see things through the eyes of God. To understand the mental condition of this fallen world and to respond with the Love of God. MOCA is a mind possessed with Holy Spirit. The Christian maintains his or her individuality but is constantly guided by pure perception and is walking in Ultimate Reality. Though this is not a constant state for the Christian it is truly one to be desired.”~

Please continue your studies with us here at SOCT.



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