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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The positive teachings of Buddhism ~ SOCT

COGSR & SOCT look at ……                                         
the positive teachings of Buddhism

Here Eric W. King gives us some positive insights regarding the teachings of Buddhism in light of Christianity and the teachings of “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant”. Enjoy!

As many of you know we here at COGSR also incorporate Modern Science and New Discoveries into our Christian way of Thinking. We see all true scientific laws as God’s laws. We understand and believe in Divine Intelligence. As students of COGSR we teach that there is a mechanism within the human mind that records all of our experiences. We call this the “human spirit”. We also teach that the human spirit must join with the higher source of Spirit to become mature enough to go consciously beyond and into the New Creation which is coming very soon.-

We teach that one must make the conscious decision to join his or her human spirit with God’s true Spirit of pure love and understanding. To become a true Christian one must be birthed through and in the power of Holy Spirit. In this article I would like to incorporate some of the philosophical insights of Buddhism into our understandings as COGSR members.-

Three years ago I started the additional studies for COGSR students. These additional studies fall under SOCT which is “The Science of Christian Thought”.  SOCT studies modern science and particularly the new findings regarding the human mind and how our human brain functions. We have found out some very interesting things within the last three years. We thank our scientists who have connected to COGSR & SOCT. When we look at the original teachings of what has become known as “Buddhism” we find some very interesting things in light of current facts.-

Originally Buddhism was never a “religion” but instead it was a world view, more of a philosophy. When we look at what are called “The Four Noble Truths” of Buddhism we can find some correlations with COGSR & SOCT teachings which are beneficial to our spiritual understandings.

The Four Noble Truths

The first “Noble Truth” is the fact that all life faces and experiences SUFFERING. If you have not yet figured this out I do not know what planet you’re living on. Jesus Christ taught this also. Jesus said that “in this life you shall suffer”. Jesus also talked about the fact of constant persecution which can even involve death. So as Christians we would agree with Buddha that life is suffering.-

Even if a person lives by him or herself suffering is experienced. If the person invites people into his or her life such as a family [married life] there is more to worry about than just “self” so suffering spreads out into all areas of life. There is suffering in birth, aging, sickness & death. All religions have tried to find out just what causes all the suffering and then they have begun to offer ways out.-

The second “Noble Truth” of Buddhism is that CRAVING causes all suffering. If we crave something and do not get it, well then…we suffer. We experience emotional pain, mental and physical pain and frustration when things do not go the way we planed. Jesus Christ warned about lusting and craving after things in His teachings. Jesus taught us not to worry about the basic needs of the day. So even in our Christian understandings we can accept the second Noble Truth.-

The third “Noble Truth” is to find the “cessation of suffering”. As I said before, all religions and philosophies try and find the cure for all suffering. This seems almost impossible. Jesus taught that we cannot avoid suffering in this life completely but that we can learn to deal with it in a balanced mental state. I have been picked on by thousands for my ministry and the way I have chosen to live my life. In the last three years I have been severely tested. I have learned the reality of the true teachings of Jesus Christ through personal experience…trial and error.-

Buddha found out some things that helped him deal with getting over all the suffering. This became the fourth “Noble Truth.” These became codified in what is known as the “eightfold path” of Buddhism. I will here give a basic list of these eight findings:

1-Right understanding
2-Right thought
3-Right speech
4-Right action
5-Right livelihood
6-Right effort
8-Right concentration

So these are the eight life changes one must develop to experience “enlightenment” according to the Buddhist. These are vague statements without definition. However, if one studies the SOCT teachings along with the COGSR teachings one can discover how the Christian views the definition of this eightfold path. As COGSR students we do not separate the physical from the spiritual. Both the physical practices and the mental practices must be balanced. Outwardly we rest on the Seventh Day Sabbath and practice group & focused worship on this day. We also keep Seven Feasts throughout the year to stay on the spiritual track of Christian Reality. Daily we meditate on what we believe are the “static truths” of true morality and right living. To us true Christianity is a WAY OF LIFE.-

Physically we stay in shape and eat right. Personally I have gotten into the sport of Soccer lately…great sport J-

Only One Way

Because we believe in Ultimate Reality we believe in only one Ultimate Way. As COGSR students we believe that Jesus Christ was the true Way Shower. We respect the teachings of Buddha and believe that most of what is taught under the title of Buddhism (minus reincarnation) has strong correlations with the deeper teachings of SOCT & COGSR.-

Another interesting teaching in Buddhism is the idea that “self” is an illusion. As Christians we would apply this aspect of Buddhism to what we call the “sinful self”, or “fallen self”. The fallen nature is indeed a trap and a “false self”. I hope to do some more articles regarding the teachings of Buddhism and Christianity. Thank you for taking time out to read our articles. 

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