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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Science of Christian Thought & the Human Temple

The Science of Christian Thought & the Human Temple

In this paper we will learn that our human being is structured as the Holy Temple of God. What does this mean? Well, read and find out. Have you wondered how the human mind is organized? How did God structure our thinking process? Mr. E.W.King gives a basic understanding to these most important questions. Begin to understand the Temple Doctrine. [Mr. E.W.King is the founder of COGSR & SOCT]

Humans are created in the “image of God”. This has many implications. God has given man a special essence called “human intellect” and “human reason”. God did this by giving man what we call a “human spirit”. This spirit is NOT the person but instead is a special quality or essence in man that allows him to have a higher thinking process than the rest of the animal world. We have studied this subject in other papers.

In this paper I wish to give you a basic outline, Biblical outline (teaching) on how the human thinking process is organized. This will be elementary and basic but foundational for those Christians who are studying the SOCT.

When we look at the physical structure called the Tabernacle of God and latter called the Temple of God we find that it has a floor plan that symbolizes the human thinking process. The temple of God had what is called the “outer court”, the “holy place”, and the “most holy place”. In the New Testament time we read that the apostle Paul likened the human body [being] to the “temple of God”. Look at these scriptures:

 “I beseech you therefore, bretheren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a LIVING SACRIFICE, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” [Romans 12:1]-

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile [destroy] the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” [! Corinthians 3:16-17]

“What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [Spirit] which is in you [Christians], which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” [1 Corinthians 6:19]
*Let us look at how the physical temple compartments apply to us as human beings.

The Outer Court: The outer court represents for the most part our physical bodies. In this outer court was the “brazen altar” which can represent that we all have some outward offering. We offer ourselves to those around us to one extent or another. This altar also represents what we decide to offer. Before we let anybody into the next compartment, the holy place, we test what they have to offer us.

All of this symbology can get extremely deep and rich with meaning. I will be very careful in this paper not to go too deep because I want to first help you understand the basic foundation of the “Temple Doctrine”. Now if we are not converted Christians our temples are defiled. We have another ‘god’ present in the “most holy” place of our consciousness. As Christians we must understand that the Body of Christ Jesus is also a temple. We are now invited into the deepest presence of God Himself through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

When we look at the “outer court” of our bodies it can tell what might be going on in the inner compartments of being. In the outer court was the “brazen altar” and also the “laver”. The laver was where the priests washed. How clean do we have to be? How clean do others have to be in this special place (space) of ours?

This outer court also represents our outer consciousness, how we are expressing ourselves to others. It is in the ‘outer court’ that we exercise our conscious perceptions, thoughts and feelings. If we do not have a proper Christian understanding of our “inner court” and “outer court” and if we have another ‘god’ sitting in our most holy place we will have distorted perception on all levels. Our true identity can be expressed in our outer courts. Jesus Christ is instructing all of His believers to become “High Priests”. This means that Jesus Christ is training us all to understand the depth of true relationship.

What our outer court exhibits shows what we allow to permit and not permit in our experience. Please understand that the three compartments of the temple explain how we express our God given personality. Keep the temple clean and you will have the Christ Like temple.

The Holy Place: In this section of the temple we find a table of ‘shew-bread’ and the seven golden candle sticks. This compartment represents our personal unconsciousness. All that we have experienced is stored in this compartment. How we have interpreted our experiences and all objective records are stored here. If we are not careful to follow the SOCT law of T-MO we will keep this area of ourselves full of repressed issues. Repressed issues are due to distortions we have from sin. Unconfessed sin and improperly dealt with sin can really keep the holy place messy. Many of our distorted memories and experiences are forgotten, but not really because they are recorded here in the holy place.

When we are asked to remember something or we ourselves begin to meditate on something in our past the records of the event are readily available to us here in the holy place. Much of what is stored in this place of our being gives force to how we interpret our ‘outer court’ world. We call it a place of “personal unconsciousness” because we do not naturally remain in a conscious state that allows us to dwell on all our experiences simultaneously (although in a deeper sense we are doing this very thing). Here it is that we also find our God given interests. Please understand that many things are distorted in this holy place and many gifts that we have are not utilized in the outer court properly due to sinful distortions. As we proceed we will learn how the indwelling Jesus Christ can help clean out the places of our minds that we might learn to think properly and gain Christian perspective….Christian Reality!

When we look at the furniture that was kept within each compartment of the temple we begin to understand deeper meanings of each compartment, we begin to understand Christian Symbology. In the holy place we find the table of shew bread. This represents what we are “feeding” our minds. To the Christian the “shew bread” represents Jesus Christ, “the bread of life”. What do you have on the table of your personal consciousness?

We also see that the candlestick was in this place. It is said that this was a stand which held seven candles. The candles were lit by the priest. An offering of light. As Christians we understand this symbolism in a very deep way. In the Book of Revelation these symbolize the  Seven Churches. True Christians have the pure understanding of God’s true church and how it has continued to move throughout history. Without this proper understanding mans history is distorted. Distorted history gives way to distortions about just where we came from and where we truly stand today in prophetic history. Do we have the Light of Jesus Christ burning in this holy place of our mind? Or are we offering unholy fire….human psychology and distorted human reason?

The Most Holy Place: It is in this place that we find the core of our self, our TRUE SELF…our God given PERSONALITY….our true personality, our individual self, our one of a kind self. Our true Christian Identity is found in this most sacred place, the person God created us to be. We have buried our true selves, we have cluttered this most holy place with trash and most all are experiencing an identity crisis because of it.

The personality seeks true identity. Only through Jesus Christ can one find his true identity. In this most sacred place we begin to understand that we are not simply a product of our environment but that something else is going on. We find an inner conflict with right and wrong, with sin. No matter where on this earth you were born and no matter what race you were born into you still struggle with SIN. We have also all been given special characteristics, personality traits.

The gifted predispositions are not placed into us due to “evolution” (as some teach) but instead they are chosen predispositions gifted by God to the individual. Each personality is unique and is a gift from God.

Some of our traits we see in others but we are still different because we individualize our interests and traits in our own original way. No two personalities are exactly alike. One trait that we all have inherited is the inclination to sin. This distortion goes all the way back to our first parents, Adam and Eve. Sin and distortion of true Perception and true Reality became our natural disposition. Jesus Christ came to give us proper perception, identity & reality.

Jesus is training us to become High Priests of our “body temple”. What a responsibility!
In the most holy place was the Ark of the Covenant. In this golden box were the Ten Commandments. Here, in our most sacred place is True Morality…the core of the Christian Personality. In this most holy place was the pure presence of God and His Holy Character! Our true God given personality is to merge with God’s Holy Spirit in this place and become a “begotten child” of God. Here is where we meet TRUE REALITY.

In this part of our mind we may experience true oneness with God. Jesus said; “I am in the Father and the Father in Me.” [John 14:8-11]. “The Father in Me, and I in Him.” [John 10:38] Jesus prayed to the Father for us. He stated; “That they [Christians] all may be one; as Thou, Father, art in Me., and I in thee.” [John 17:21]

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief look into the Temple Doctrine. I hope to post for you some very deep studies regarding this special doctrine. Please continue your studies with us here at Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant.

Thank you,

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