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Monday, July 28, 2014

What is the Science of Christian Thought?

Basic Understandings of the
Science of Christian Thought

1-We look at the historical teachings of Jesus Christ and compare them to the progressive and current understandings of the known laws of science.-

2-We challenge “historical” Christianity to look closer at the teachings of Christianity as a whole and accept new and more accurate understandings.-

3-Truth does not change but our understanding of it does. We believe in correcting errors of false interpretations with facts.-

4-We believe that other worlds have life on them and the possibility that we humans may experience direct contact from extraterrestrials someday. We also believe that this contact may have happened in the past and may even be going on currently.-

5-We do not deny the fact that many religions outside of Christianity contain healthy understandings.-

6-We believe in one ultimate Divine Intelligence and in one ultimate vehicle through which a direct and collective body of information is being gathered.-

Thank you for taking time out to understand us and our mission.-

CEO of SOCT, Eric William King

Basic Beliefs of COGSR & SOCT

1-We believe that all humans are biologically advanced life forms created in the image of God. We believe that this planet of ours is very old and that our known universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago.-

2-We believe that our planet has gone through many changes including prehuman stages and ice ages.-

3-We believe that Divine Intelligence has guided the process of all planetary changes and development.-

4-We believe that all animals and living things have “spirit” which to us means some sort of mind development.-

5-We believe that humans have a slightly more advanced “spirit” or mind process than all other animals on earth.-

6-We believe that man came here to this planet to experience a mortal existence. To learn how to properly use free agency. To choose Jesus Christ and accept the plan of salvation is part of the purpose of life.-

7-We believe that the basic spirit of man records all life experiences somewhat like a hard-drive in a computer. If man gets the special upgrade of Holy Spirit he may go beyond this mortal life.-

8-We believe that the laws of science help us to understand the spiritual processes or what we might call the “higher laws”.-

9-We believe in 10 basic moral principles known as the Ten Commandments. We also recognize special times known as the Seven Festivals of God and the Seventh Day Shabbat.-

10-We believe that the true Jesus Christ was sent here to teach the Truth about creation and humanity. We believe that we must allow God’s laws of Science to be included in our theological understandings.-

11-We believe in taking care of our planet and our bodies and all life.-

~Welcome to the Science of Christian Thought

Nine SOCT Moral Statements:

1~SOCT members live to enjoy life. This means we do what pleases us with our time. We choose who we want for friends and associate with like-minded people. ~

2~SOCT members live in reality. We do not pretend to be perfect or without problems. Our Christianity also involves the facts of Science. ~

3~SOCT members stay clear of hypocritical deceit. When we commit to an action we will do it because we decided. We are responsible for what we believe in and what we do. ~

4~SOCT members believe that when Jesus stated, “Turn the other cheek” He ment try and be nice to everybody. But if the person is not nice in return we do not let that person “step all over us”. We do not “cast our pearls before swine”. We hit back when we have to. ~

5~SOCT members believe in helping others. However, when those “others” try and use and abuse our sincerity they are no longer invited in our company. Why give to selfish idiots? ~

6SOCT members believe that all humans are basically advanced animals yet we mirror the Creator in our being, we are "the image of God". We believe that this planet of ours is very old and that our known universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago. We believe humans are responsible for most all the problems on this planet. ~

7~SOCT members believe in achieving mentalphysical and emotional gratification. Each has the right to choose for him or herself what that takes. ~

8~SOCT members understand that “evil” is a fact of life and is defined differently by different people. Satan plays a role in our development and in our grasp of reality. Satan plays a role in our spiritual development. ~

9~SOCT members support the right of ‘freedom of religion’. We stand for the rights even of other groups who do not believe the way we do. We support liberty in all things. ~

All humans are invited to become SOCT students, we are all students. All one has to do is to begin to read our messages. Look into the science behind them. Study with a sincere heart and begin to write your own SOCT messages to planet earth as Divine Intelligence leads you. ~


Welcome to our new website! Our original website was started on October 7th 0f 2011. We received many students and great contacts. We hope you enjoy our new website and please book mark us. This Website was started on July 14th 2014. SOCT has been on planet Earth since 1999 with Eric W. King's original book, "The Zerubian Myth". The word "Zerubian" has now become a well known phrase.

COGSR ~ SOCT 2011~2014 :)

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  1. SOCTER: a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition, especially a person whose religious opinions differ from established belief.