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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Will we go beyond into a New Creation?

Will we go beyond into a New Creation?

~By Eric W. King

I have stated in articles over the past three years:

“True conversion is an act but it is also an ongoing process. There is positional sanctification and the process of ongoing sanctification. All parts of our lives must face the reality of conversion at some point.” ~ E.W.King

When we look at what many scientists refer to as “biological evolution” they sometimes refer to what is known as “punctuated equilibrium”. This basically means that for a species to “evolve” or JUMP into a completely new species changes must occur simultaneously for it to work. What are the odds of millions of small and correctly adaptable mutations occurring all at once?-

As SOCT students we would say that this is not only possible but it is what has been going on throughout the working of Divinely Intelligent guided acts of CREATION. So now we postulate that humans have arrived at a point where they can consciously assist in the next step. The human mind must be on the specific Mind Channel for this ‘new species jump’ to occur.-

Only some humans will be able to experience this “jump”. Only those who have the Holy Spirit working in and through them because of true conversion will experience the New Birth. Our teacher Jesus Christ told us all about this long ago.-

I have stated this reality as such in older articles:-

“People today may use infrared binoculars at night to see in the dark. This gives man an additional faculty that he does not have by himself. In the same way the Bible teaches that in order for man to see the spiritual realm clearly he needs the Holy Spirit. Man has been given what are known as the “five objective faculties”. This is sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. What we take in through these five senses we then begin to process through our subjective conscious. When it comes to understanding true spirituality we need an additional faculty, that of Holy Spirit.” ~ E.W.King

How Scienceoct [SOCT] Defines the Human Spirit

It is extremely important for SOCT students to understand just what we mean when we talk about the “spirit of man & animal”. Here is how the SOCT Dictionary defines the “Human Spirit”:-

Human Spirit: In the book of Genesis we discover that God created all creatures according to their “kinds”. [Genesis 1:20-25] This simply means that plants produce plants, cattle produce cattle, and birds produce birds and humans produce humans. But humans were created after God’s own image! Mankind has intellectual mind capabilities that differ from animals in many ways. Mans physical body was created out of the “dust of the earth”. The mind of man, from a physical standpoint, is limited and fully functioning on physical chemicals. It is not the size of mans brain that makes him a better thinker. Some animals have much bigger brains than humans. The Bible defines man as a “living soul”. Souls are not immortal. [Ezekiel 18:20] Animals are called “living souls”. The soul can die according to the Scriptures. The word “soul” simply means “living creature”. Immortal life is a gift to God’s children but the “wages of sin” are death. [Please use SOCT Search Box to read further about these subjects or visit the online SOCT Library]-

So what makes man different? The Bible states that there is a MORTAL spirit in man. This spirit is not immortal. It can be looked at as a special quality in man. Mans spirit is not “Holy Spirit”; it is distinguished from the Holy Spirit of God. [1 Corinthians 2:9-14] Also, this “spirit” is not the man. It is spirit-essence from God IN man. The essence joined with the physical brain of man makes mankind different from the animal kingdom. Please understand; this special spirit quality in man is not conscious in and by itself. It simply joins with the physical consciousness in man and gives it [human mind] a special quality. The Bible often uses the word “spirit” in reference to mans mind. When a person dies this spirit in man returns to God. [Ecclesiastes 12:7] Not only does this special gift help impart knowledge of God’s static truth to man but it acts as a recorder. [Psalm 40:7Revelation 13:8] Like a “thumb drive” it can record and save things to be transferred into a new body. [1 Corinthians 15:42] It records the life experiences of the individual and his or her unique identity and personality. [Psalm 87:6]-
This spirit in man has the potential to become impregnated with Holy Spirit. When this happens the person becomes a true Christian. Now, as an embryo, the new Christian life begins to grow until it can be “born again” and receive the gift of eternal life in God’s kingdom in a new body. [John 3:5-81 Corinthians 15:44] True comprehension of God therefore can only begin when the human spirit is impregnated with the Holy Spirit. [1 Corinthians 2:14Proverbs 3:5-6] [Use SOCT Topic Search Box to find more answers regarding this issue of “born again”]-

We invite you to learn!

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Scienceoct: Short word for “Science of Christian Thought”.-

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