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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Christian SOCT teaching about ATTENTION!

Pay Attention! Focus! A Christian SOCT teaching.

Mr. E.W.King brings to us another advanced Christian SOCT principle regarding “attention” and “focus”. Something which is very important to our Christian faith. Read and Share!

We could say that attention involves the focus of consciousness and receptivity on a point of interest. The Christian always has a moral foundation, a starting point from which all attention launches. Focus is what pinpoints the object we wish to concentrate on. It involved distance and clarity. As true Christians we need to understand how to use our attention process.-

As Christians we look at our point through the scope of God’s static morality.-

Jesus informed us to: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.” So the Kingdom of God is our first point of clarity. Jesus resides in the Kingdom. In the “33 Axioms of SOCT” we read the first axiom which states:-

“1~ In the beginning of Time God created. This is what God does. The first viewpoint for Creation [that which creation could see] was the Word [Logos]. From the Logos came all created beings. These first created beings were called angels thus a dimension of Space was created for them to dwell in. The angels [points] communicate with God [Logos] ~ the First Point. God created further, more space and a universe. Stars and planets [space objects] were created. Finally this earth was created.”-

Jesus Christ is the Logos [Word] and He is the first point of all that is or ever shall be and He also is “the way, the truth and the life”. So Jesus is the Christian’s first point of reference to all actions. One thing that we as Christians know is the fact that our Saviour is with us at all times. Remember this fact:-

Work = force x distance

Because Jesus is always with us there is neither force that we must use nor distance that we must travel to be with Him. Therefore, our salvation is not something “worked for” it is more something that we “work out”. We begin to listen and learn…we become obedient! I have stated that there are many “realities” and they are all false because they have Truth mixed with error. As Christians we accept the fact of only one true Ultimate Reality. Jesus Christ is He who reveals this reality to us.-

When we talk about “attention” it is import. Attention has helped create what you might call ‘reality’. Whenever you have an experience you tend to focus your attention to specific points. As Christians we begin with a proper foundation of perception and understanding. Our attention is defined by our relationship with the Living Logos ~ Jesus Christ. Those who have not been raised or trained in true Christian perspective have not a proper understanding of how to use the skill of attention. I have described the action of attention as such: “The Christian always has a moral foundation, a starting point from which all attention launches.”-

We are not to be frightened or sickened by what we see in this evil world because God has already informed us of what the opposite is of His law.-

Most all have no proper foundation of spiritual truth, the key from which true attention flows. Your reality is created and shaped based on what you focus on. If you do not know what your focus should be ‘on’ in specific situations you will create a distorted reality. True Christianity and walking with Jesus Christ begins to teach us how to use spiritual discernment and proper focus. It mostly starts with where we are morally. All decisions seem to involve some moral direction. Thus, as true Christians we must understand God’s spiritual laws. True Christian perspective is critical in regards to creating a solid foundation from which to build all experience on.-

So when we say, “pay attention” we mean to look at the situation through the eyes of Jesus Christ. The greatest weapon against sinful thoughts is the Christian’s capability to change mind channels through and by the power of the Holy Spirit.-

Focalization & Concentration

You must be able to withdrawl from sinful thoughts and train the mind on Christ. The Christian convert begins to train the mind to produce electrochemical shifts and to create new mind channels. Please understand; static moral decisions - based on God’s word – are not subjective. When one makes such Christ-like decisions he or she is beginning to experience a ‘slice’ of Ultimate Reality ~ Christian Reality.-

The Christian Mind begins to think less and live more as the true Christian begins to let the Holy Spirit lead, guide, direct, and protect his or her life. The Christian learns to put God first and less to the ‘self’ but without being taken advantage of. What one might call “narcissistic preoccupation of self” vanishes. Because of our true Christian teachings COGSR/SOCT students have experienced a greater awareness in their attention, memory, and learning.-

SOCT teaching known as ~ TFA

Let us look at TFA. This doctrine will give you special insight to how your human mind works. TFA stands for, “thoughts”, “feelings”, and “actions”.-

Thoughts: Lead to attraction and or repulsion which goes to feeling.-

Feelings: Strong or weak feelings over the thoughts leads to doing.-

Actions: Our actions are the results of our thoughts and feelings.-

Understanding TFA the Christian begins to understand the importance of “thought” and the entire “thought process”. This process helps us further understand what SCOT refers to as Thought Ascent.-

The SOCT Dictionary defines Thought Ascent as such:-

Thought Ascent [TA]: How our thoughts work their way out of our minds and into the physical world. Proper thought ascents are thoughts guided by the Holy Spirit and into our physical world. Improper thought ascent comes from pride and irrational thinking, the fallen mind. Production of our thoughts follows a flow or channel which we could call thought ascent."

Thought Ascent” [TA].  Proper TA emanates from the human mind which has the indwelling Holy Spirit. We must understand that we as humans have been given a special mind gift of human reason and intellect (the “spirit of man”). We are created in the very “image of God”. We have a pattern in our being that is similar to God’s.-

Conceptualizing Christian Thought ~ Scienceoct [SOCT]

Many New Age and pagan spiritualists are teaching people that they can “create” with their minds. They mean that humans can perform “magic” of some sort. This is a superstitious teaching and basically amounts to belief in occult magick. The Bible does teach that there is power behind faith. True faith is the “faith once delivered” [Jude 3]. As true Christians we rely on the Bible for facts. The Bible does teach that our God given minds follow a pattern when developing and organizing our outer world.-

Humans may organize thoughts to “create things” (put things together based on God’s operative physical laws) but God literally is able to create out of NOTHING (Hebrew: Ayin). We may build things from preexisting matter involving God’s established laws but we as humans cannot create out of NOTHING as occult science and New Age thought claims. Sadly, many are spending their money to see New Age Psychologists that are teaching nothing more than superstitious ‘hocus-pocus’.-

God has given humanity a special thought process called “intellectualism” and or “human reason”. In this sense the human mind is the soil from which we manifest our actions. Human minds are the arena in which our personalities grow and develop. Character development is an ongoing process. God has provided us all a life machine and has given us a very sacred responsibility. True Christianity teaches that we are all miracles from God ~ created by Him and for Him.-

In God’s love he allows us to live in the Arena of Choice. Mind is the human instrument through which the human will is manifested in the physical world. To the Christian, mind is the ship and the Holy Spirit the pilot. True Christians work with the indwelling Christ to become the “kings and priests”, the captains of potential destiny.-

Look closely at this Scripture we find in the prophet Isaiah:-

“All who are called (linked) to My name, Whom I have Created, Formed and Made for My glory.”- Isaiah 43:7-

If we study this verse closely we can find out something extremely interesting about it. First we find that God’s name, His presence, is the link to the manifestations of His creation, His THOUGHTS. Everything is “linked” to God one way or the other. From Him and through Him “all things” are created. Here we find God ‘making’ and ‘doing’ straight from His will. Next He forms what He creates. God formed both man and woman. God created gender in His creation. Finally His thoughts manifest in a completion for purpose, they are made (completed).-

In some ways we can break down the Thought Process of humans in the same way. This is a very simple way to understand some kind of structure for human thought process but I believe it will help you understand just how God made you a little better. Here is a basic (simple) conceptualizing of how our thought process works. Understand the speed at which this process works is usually very fast and thus not all portions of the process become conscious mechanisms but are instead subconscious reactions:-

First: We may get a conscious thought. We then determine how important it is. Is it an abstract thought? Or what we might call a “concrete” or solid thought?-

Second: The thought goes through the interest and disinterest processes. Our personality has much to do with all of this. Our predispositions and character traits will help determine.-

Third: The thought rushes through our moral and emotional comprehensions. Here it starts to create itself in some shape.-

Fourth: The thought takes on some physical manifestation ~ it is made.-

Again, this is an extremely basic outline that gives an idea of the thought process - without a lot of details. But it helps you get an idea of the fact that we have been created with wonderful minds and many gifts that we take advantage of every day. Many older schools of human psychology have given a similar basic understanding of the thought process. I post this here to get you interested in how you were created. As Christians we have so much to be thankful for. God has given us so much understanding of Himself and His creation through the study of His word, the Holy Bible.-

Jesus Christ’s church is still here today and is teaching His word to those who are called to Him. God wants His children to understand many things. He likes to watch us grow in our relationship with Him and all creation. Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant (SOCT) has so much PURE DOCTRINE to offer this fallen world if you would but take out time to search it out.-

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