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Friday, August 15, 2014

Advancing Genetic Science ~ SOCT

Advancing Genetic Science ~ SOCT

~Extraterrestrial knowledge advancing genetic research.

By Eric W. King

Humans have been making a greater attempt to understand the human brain. This is key to really understanding human nature and the fallen matrix of things. We have discussed in our writings the fact that all humans feel as if there is “something better”. We all subconsciously know that we are living in a distorted reality. Certain extraterrestrial groups which already understand this dilemma have been sending us messages in the hopes that we would begin to understand this fact more fully. Jesus Christ and His message is key to understanding the true condition of man.-

Scientists at the Human Genome Project have been working on this problem for some time now. In April of 2003 they completed the sequencing of a human genome. Since this time humans have learned how to detect certain genes which cause genetic diseases and mutations. Modern scientists are now able to correct these errors in infants and manipulate the genes to fix the problem. Humans are now actually capable of choosing the eye color, height, hair color, etc. of a child by gene manipulation. Please understand the implications of this science. Being able to identify chromosomes in embryos opens up the door to the complete reconstruction of human beings, manipulated by humans themselves.-

SOCT has predicted as early as the year 1999 that once humans begin to understand Pathway Technology then they will learn to communicate with the human brain by electrically transmitted thoughts via a “thought machine” ~ yes, this is possible! Modern science is already able to create new mind pathways via computer chips and signals. Genetic research is what will lead us into what we call “the Greater Space Age”. We cannot fully enter the cosmic community until we advance more regarding understanding the human brain and electromagnetic fields. These two areas are key to fully understanding Quantum Level One knowledge.-

~Sir Eric W. King

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