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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Closer look at Positive Reaction & Sinful Reaction

SOCT Paper 116

Closer look at Positive Reaction & Sinful Reaction   

Many of you who are studying the SOCT teachings have sent us some great questions. We wish to address some of them here. Mr. E.W.King will here give some more Biblical insight regarding the TIA doctrine. Read & Share:

Thank you for your questions regarding our teachings. I try to answer them as best I can. We have talked about “Positive Reaction” and “Sinful Reaction”. I would like to explain this subject with some more insight for you. All of us react to data that we receive through our five objective faculties [eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and touch] and how they affect our physical and emotional feelings. We then interpret this data using subjective reasoning. This is happening constantly! We have also in past studies addressed how our unconscious mind is dealing with all of this.-

First we must understand just what the unconscious mind is. It is that part of our mind which is thinking “behind the scenes”. In this part of ourselves is stored all that we have experienced. How we have interpreted our experiences and all objective records are stored here. But it is also more than this. We place memories here that we wish to forget also. Much of the “stuff” in the unconscious mind is cluttered together and not really all that clear to the conscious mind. Repressed issues are thrown into the unconscious mind. Repressed issues are due to distortions we have from sin. Unconfessed sin and improperly dealt with sin can really keep the holy place messy. Many of our distorted memories and experiences are forgotten, but not really because they are recorded here in the holy place. -

The unconscious mind is constantly affecting our conscious thoughts whether we realize it or not. Undelt with emotions regarding hatred towards others or their actions is recorded here and pushes us to make decisions in our outer world, our outer thoughts. The stronger the unconscious influence is the harder it is to change the behavior, especially if negative or sinful. Our five physical faculties are constantly sending data to the brain. This data sifts through the unconscious mind very rapidly before we make an outer decision about anything. This is why it is important to keep this part of our minds clean so that we can make rational and moral decisions.-

Looking at Human Actions

Actually we understand that everything we do is really a “reaction”. True action is when something outside of our regular thought process begins to direct what we do…then it is truly something against our normal nature [human nature]. As Christians we understand that this new additional faculty is none other than the Holy Spirit. When we become converted and accept Jesus Christ we may receive the Holy Spirit which is a portion of the mind of Christ now at work in us. This new faculty is what we as true Christians learn to tune into. Thus, when we operate with the mind of Christ [under the influence of Holy Spirit] we produce supernatural action!-
So what is “positive reaction”? The SOCT dictionary defines it as such:-

Positive Reaction: Positive reaction could be seen as fallen man trying to do his best with what he has. Not all ‘positive’ reactions are truly correct because they contain some sort of distortion. [Proverbs 16:25 Proverbs 16:2] Man can do “good” but this does not make man perfect or without sin. Both Sinful & Positive reactions can be effected or enhanced through culture, environment and or upbringing. What are called “good works” [positive reaction] of man cannot get you into the Kingdom of God. [Ephesians 2:8] The ‘good actions’ of fallen men are sinful from defect. They lack the principle which can make them right in the sight of God.-

 If the person does not have the Holy Spirit even a seemingly “good act” cannot be truly correct in the sight of God. “They that are in the flesh cannot please God.” [Romans 8:8] No good act can get you into the Kingdom of God. Even the virtues of a person who has not the Holy Spirit are corrupt. The Bible does not teach that mankind does not have morality. Man basically has some idea of true morality. Most all humans practice a basic understanding of morality. Through God’s common grace man can love his family and care for them. Man can take care of his animals, his job and material goods but this does not make him truly righteous in the eyes of God. Without God in the picture all mans righteousness is “self righteousness”.-

 Man without God works on the principle of pride instead of humility and true thanksgiving. Man without God is living in false relationships. Basically fallen man is living in a false sense of security and in a false reality. Man can display happiness in his fallen condition. Mans condition is full of subtle deception. By mans knowledge alone he sees himself as really not that bad. Standards of mental health or what one might call “normal behavior” vary due to culture, parental upbringing, time, and expectations of his or her social group. Man really has no concept, without Jesus Christ, of a static reality. Reality is constantly being shifted and changed before the eyes of the lost child. Psychology and Psychiatry will argue that there is no complete system which exists to explain the exact “science” of mental health or illness. Thus, to fallen man there is no static “mental health”. Who defines ultimate values? As I stated before I will state again; there is no higher authority than God.-

So though positive reaction is better than outright sinful reaction it still is not ‘properly motive driven’ and does not have true clarity of true morality from God. Most people believe that they are basically “good” people. Remember, it is not our idea about ‘good’ and ‘evil’. It is God’s definition as found in His word. After repentance we are asked to “confess” our sins. This means that we have a serious talk with God in prayer about our sins. We admit that we have fallen short. We admit that we need healing and we need those whom we have hurt to be healed. This will begin the TRUE healing process! Healing on every level!-

Being “good” in and of itself cannot save you from your sins. We are not saved by good works [Ephesians 2:8-10]. Now the other problem humans have is outright sin! This is what we call “sinful reaction”. The SOCT dictionary defines this as such:-

Sinful Reaction: All humans have a basic reaction to all that affects them. Because of the sinful nature mans comprehension of ultimate reality is distorted. Even with fallen mans concept of basic “right” and “wrong” he has distortions. He reacts wrongly. [Proverbs 18:13 Romans 8:7] Sometimes sinful reaction is even more personified because of physical distortions. All physical distortions are a result of sin; both directly and indirectly [inherent].-

So here we begin to understand the true condition of fallen man. Man is in bad shape without God. Jesus tried to explain this whole subject about positive and sinful reactions to us. Listen to what Jesus said;-

“They are wrong about sin [sinful reaction], because they do not believe in me; they are wrong about what is right [positive reaction], because I am going to the Father and you will not see me anymore; and they are wrong about judgment [how they define right & wrong], because the ruler of this world has already been judged.” [John 16:9-11]-

Please understand, without the Holy Spirit you cannot do any REAL GOOD! True goodness comes from a person who is in agreement with the will of God. True goodness is produced in the life of the person who has accepted the true Jesus Christ and is being guided by the mind of Christ. The true Christian is following pure (sound) doctrine!-

Sound Doctrine: Uncontaminated doctrine. No human reason involved but purely accepted through proper Spiritual Discernment. Found in Scripture and backed by Scripture. -

True Christians do not like to commit sin. Most people today decide what they “feel” is right and wrong. They make up their own ‘rule list’. People do not understand that true Spiritual Growth takes effort. It is easy to make up our own rules as we go but true spiritual growth takes time and effort. First you must truly understand just what sin is;-

Sin: All actions [reactions] opposite to the will of God. All actions that oppose or act against the Ten Commandments and moral standards of God. These reactions happen consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously due to mans fallen nature. Man cannot cure himself of sin, true healing involves Outer Force.-

As I stated earlier, man cannot save himself by doing good deeds. Man needs to realize the true God and then accept the Holy Spirit to live inside of him or her. Only with God’s inner help can one become a true Christian. You need to recognize God’s “outer force”.-

Outer Force: Term used to explain that man in and of him self cannot cure himself of sin. Man needs an outer force to interact with him. Man must invite God into his life. Man does not have an “inner god” or “inner power” that can save. Man must develop a relationship with God. The Holy Spirit is an “outer force” until the individual invites it in.-

Please carefully notice that people who claim to have God already living in them without the acceptance of God’s true Church will say that they are “good people” and that they know “right from wrong”. But if you look at their lifestyle they are ignoring specific commandments of God! They are trying to justify some kind of sin in their lives, they are afraid of making the effort to truly change. They have tried so long by their own strength to change that they believe that true change is impossible. They have not become humble enough to SURRENDER to JESUS CHRIST! Only through the help of Holy Spirit strength can a person really begin to change.-

What a true Christian begins to experience is what we call mocha. This is how we pronounce the acronym MOCA which stands for; Mind Of Christ Action. So true action is that which is produced through the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. The SOCT dictionary defines it as such:

Mind of Christ Action [MOCA]: This is the point where man begins to truly think and act clearly. Only the true Christian can begin this process. It involves the development of the mind under the influence of Holy Spirit. [Romans 12:2 1 Corinthians 2:14] To have the Mind of Christ means that the individual has gone through true conversion. To receive the mind of Christ one must come into contact with Jesus Christ and His True Church. This is rare. MOCA is the ability to see things through the eyes of God. To understand the mental condition of this fallen world and to respond with the Love of God. MOCA is a mind possessed with Holy Spirit.

I hope that this has given more clarity to the subject for you. Please continue to ask and send questions to me regarding our teachings. Book mark us and continue your studies here at COGSR/SOCT.

Thank you J


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  1. In John 16, Jesus refers to the Spirit as a "Counselor" who will guide us in our everyday lives. One way he'll guide us is by convicting us of sin (16:8). And this is really a good thing: God wants us to get rid of the things that displease him, and the only way to identify those things is to be convicted by the Spirit. The Spirit works through our conscience to make us aware of sin in our lives.