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Friday, August 8, 2014

Elah; manipulators of time and LAH

Elah; manipulators of time and LAH

By Eric W. King

I have been sharing a message since 1999 which is absolutely amazing. On October 7th 2011 the message took on a new phase of development and restored truth from the Christian message that had been buried in human stupidity. The message went worldwide in 2 and ½ years. It took on the name COGSR which is an acronym for “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant”. When this mission began a separate group formed around COGSR which became known as SOCT which stands for “Science of Christian Thought”.-

What has come forth from all of this is absolutely amazing and those who have been with us thus far are also standing in amazement. There is now a collective body of SOCT students worldwide. All one has to do is study and practice…live the Truth as it is revealed to belong to this super high-tech network. This is now the most important message for the entire human race! I realize that there are myriads of people who have written on the subject of Space Aliens and UFO’s and I do not criticize the information which has been departed in these articles, books and or magazines. It is unfortunate, however, that people have believed the mixed messages regarding these topics. When it comes right down to it I can say that it is only those which are on the real side of the story that will be able to recognize my message as truth or trash.-

I do realize that not all has been revealed through the SOCT message but more has truthfully been revealed here than any place else on this planet. The human language is limited in being able to explain the truths recorded in SOCT files. I am aware of some of the existing UFO cults and I am aware that they are sadly deceived. I do not believe in cults and I am certainly not a leader or member of one. I share “modern Christian revelation”. I only believe that I have been given very, very important information regarding UFO’s and Space Aliens and I have been charged to share it with the human race. What I share has become known as: “Quantum Level One Knowledge”.-

I most certainly do not believe that I have all the facts regarding these topics but I do believe I have a “Consciousness Technology” which has been delivered to me by way of higher intelligences. I have been involved in a special work all my life.

To Become an ELAH

What is the purpose of all this knowledge? Knowledge by itself has no power, it is potential power, you must apply it. Space Age Christians are developing into Elahs. What is an Elah? This is an acronym which stands for “Evolutionary Level Above Human”. More appropriately we call this development “Level Above Human” [LAH]. Modern genetic science has become quiet regarding this reality but even geneticists have thought about the implications of DNA and genetic science. The fact that humans have contemplated “DNA adjustments” in humans shows the reality that higher beings have already done it. Humans have too on much smaller scales.-

SOCT science talks about this issue in greater detail. To most “sluggard” humans it is a scary topic. We fear what we do not fully comprehend or understand. Right now those who are true Christians have received a mind upgrade through the power of Divine Mind Linkage. Anciently it was talked about as “receiving the Holy Spirit”. The Apostle Paul invoked the phrase “new creatures in Christ” and he talked about each of us having “the mind of Christ in you”. This was advanced verbage for his time. Now science is validating these and other phrases used by Jesus Christ and the apostles.-

When a human receives the Space Age Christian “upgrade” he or she becomes what we call a midway being. This simply means that the human is now considered a stage one hybrid. Stage-oners have been impregnated with Holy Spirit. When the person receives his/her complete new body they will then become a full Elah [Evolutionary Level Above Human]. Right now SOCT students are at the mid-way point of full “new creature” development. When we look at the two highest created beings outside the human race we are looking at the angels or cherubs. These are of two classes; the Keepers and the Adramelechs.-

When a Keeper or Adramelech being enters our three dimensional universe it takes on a physical body. Some of these are non-mammalian and non-seed bearing bodies or vehicles. These are the created beings (the angels) for a very different purpose than us humans or most all other extraterrestrial beings which followed a controlled evolutionary program.

The two most advanced of the ET groups of course are the Keepers and the Adramelechs. These types were directly created to be “watchers” of the entire universal creation of the Logos. The other types of ET’s had a start much like our own. They were created by divinely guided evolution. All evolutions are guided by the higher groups. Many regular ET types are studying the creation much like we are to get a fuller grasp of Divine Intelligence. Because these other groups live in the fallen matrix they have distortions of reality just as we do. Some have not so good intentions much like some humans have bad intentions.-

Please understand that some of these lower classes of ET’s are biological beings and have no power to interface with mind channels like the Keepers and Adramelechs do. Remember, scientific knowledge differs from one lower group to another.-

Space/Time and New Creatures

Many who “fell asleep in death” before the person of Jesus Christ arrived on this planet will still have the opportunity to upgrade in a different space and time than we are currently experiencing. This cannot fully be explained but we do have deeper Biblical teachings regarding this process.-

When a person dies his or her human “spirit” goes back to a place fully controlled by Divine Intelligence were it is stored in our time until our time is fulfilled but to the person who died they enter our future so they do not feel a “waiting time” at all. I realize this sounds advanced because it is. Only certain laws of physics could help one to begin to understand this process. So the “spirit memory chip” of the dead person will awake in another time zone which corresponds to God’s intricate plan involving what Christians have referred to as “death and resurrection”. Truly the dead are awake someplace in our future.-

There is no literal “hell” where people are tortured. The word “hell” nowhere appears in the original biblical text. The word hell always refers to the grave or the punishment of the dead person not being able to accomplish ELAH [Evolutionary Level Above Human] status. This is all in accordance with higher theistic evolutionary laws of Divine Intelligence.-

So the “resurrected” Christians in our future have already reached Evolutionary Level Above Human [Elah]. Truly they have went from human to Level Above Human [LAH]. These beings are in a non-temporal state of being (they join now with the manipulators of time, and therefore have full realization of eternal life). They have become Quantum Reality members.-

What you have just read is a portion of Quantum Level One facts. Take these studies slowly and with much study.

~Eric William King

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