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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Jesus Papers (Paper 2)

SOCT Paper 138

The Jesus Papers (Paper 2)

These “slices” of wisdom are taking from papers that Sir Eric William King has written since the year 2011. We hope that you read these and meditate on the Truth they speak. May we all continue to love and follow our ultimate Master, Jesus the Christ. Fallen Humans have called this: “Psycho-babel”. Please read and share.

“True freedom is to act consciously according to one’s own personal understanding of morality. No human should be forced to act a certain way. However, all humans will ultimately be held accountable for the choices they make. This is Cosmic Law.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“As the first point of power, as the first Son of God, as the first Divine Identity Seed to come forth from Divine Intelligence - the one we call Jesus Christ loves us in multiple and infinite ways.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“The “Light of Christ” is a spiritual influence which “is given to every man, that he may know good from evil” (Moroni 7:16). In the gospel of John we read about Jesus; “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” (John 1:9). John the Baptist came into this world also to “bear witness of the Light”. (John 1:7) ~ Sir Eric W. King

“Jesus did not come here to reform politics. He taught us to avoid political snares. Our focus is on His Kingdom. Though we may participate in mans politics we do so lead by the Spirit and we never make an idol of “this party” or “that”. We stay calm always knowing that no matter what transpires in this Fallen Matrix we have and see the true Light. Politics is always a snare.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“As true Christians we do not have to see alike or feel alike regarding all matters. But we can still be “spiritually alike”. Spiritual unity honors the diversity of personality…God likes healthy diversity.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“We must allow our children to develop their own views regarding issues but it is evil and wrong to turn them away from God’s moral standard. Parents will be held in strict accountability for how they raise and treat their children. Would you teach your children that when they reach a certain age that they can stop believing in you? Yet that is what some of you have told them to do with God.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“To have true faith in a person you must truly know him or her. Many say that they have ‘faith in Jesus Christ’ but sadly they have never taken out time to truly get to know Him.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“Some people have only been taught to see and understand Jesus as their savior. What they have neglected to see is the fact that He is also their King…and Law Giver. You must accept Jesus Christ as your King if you are to be guided by Divine Intelligence and lead by Holy Spirit.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“Mans sinful condition has created intellectual blindness, stupidity and outright opposition concerning the things of God. Mans will is under the curse of sin and is thus under the control of depravity, darkness and false understanding. Man needs proper information to begin his journey to true healing. In God’s mercy he at one time or another shines down the Light of Christ upon all souls in the hopes that they will grab hold.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“Through and because of the grace of Divine Intelligence man has some concept of basic morality without the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that God has placed a basic urge to be moral in man’s heart. We understand that our original parents [Adam & Eve, the “10th couple”] were created with the capability to develop and grow towards a deeper meaning and experience of true morality. This all of course involves the understanding and experience of true (undistorted) reality and this is given through revelation.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“Those who receive the light of Christ will begin to gain proper understanding and the spiritual “eyes of the blind will be opened”. Inside each soul - in the hidden chamber of the heart - lies the Threefold God Flame . God resides in the heart of every human by His Vital Life Force. Nobody would be alive without this gift of life. The light of Christ will try and penetrate the hidden chamber of the heart. If and when it does the person has crossed what SOCT calls the Liminal-Line of Consciousness – true freedom and spiritual liberation is on the way.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

“The door of Christ Consciousness awaits the opening of your heart. Once the Holy Spirit comes to permanently live inside the sacred hidden chamber of your heart and energizes your three-fold flame you have gained redemption through the Son of God and created your own personal Christ Self. Now through prayer, meditation and decrees your Christ Self will strengthen and you will hear the inner voice of direction which will lead you into a most powerful relationship with Divine Intelligence. Truth…power, wisdom and love will become your guide.  These are the true attributes of your threefold flame.”  ~ Sir Eric W. King

“Jesus Christ has shown all humans the true Way. All will have a chance to experience the Light of Christ, if not now, then sometime soon.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

~May you find the true Jesus Christ.

~Peace Profound.

~Sir Eric William King

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