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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Identity Seeds and individual function

SOCT Paper 77

Identity Seeds and individual function

By Eric W. King

We have taught SOCT students about the fact that each living entity has a “spirit” or some sort of mind activity going on. We also understand that the human spirit is slightly more advanced than the rest of the animals on planet earth. Why? Because of the way our brain is organized and functions. We could describe the “spirit” in all beings as a sort of “identity seed”. All life seeks identity. True identity realization is distorted in this fallen matrix.-

Regarding our fallen matrix: SOCT will do more papers on magnetic fields within our universe. Understanding the magnetic fields helps us to understand how order is given to chaos and to also help us understand how to fine tune matter to maintain clearer perceptions and to adjust the fallen matrix. The magnetic fields can be witnessed in gamma ray phenomenon.-

All DNA has been encoded with an identity seed. The frequency of this seed’s expression differs in all living beings due to frequency differentials and personal life adjustments. All consciousness flows through a system of vibrations. The human brain communicates using pathways. These energy pathways are the vascular system of your personal identity. Because of the advanced ‘human spirit’ humans have the capability of receiving upgrades in mind development which allow connection links to all dimensions and beyond existence itself.-

Humanities present belief in the separateness of matter prevents it from seeing and accessing the wholeness of existence. Please understand that higher dimensional jumps in consciousness are actually reverse or backward movements from which we original came forth from. This planet itself affects human consciousness in that there are subtle energy grids which interfere with mind channels. These grids appear somewhat like meridian lines with various vortex points which surround the planet. These grids are used to assist the balancing of the planet so that you can properly grow into your dimensional potential.-

Most humans operate their thinking below the liminal-line of consciousness. To access the Divine Mind channel one must consciously cross the luminal-line of consciousness. Accessing the unconscious mind we begin to understand ultimate reality.-

These are but higher truths for the SOCT student to digest.-

~Eric W. King


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