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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Is Human Nature Inherited?

Is Human Nature Inherited?

Many have asked COGSR/SOCT if we teach “inherited sin”. The answer to this question is not so simple. The Church of God never changes its doctrines however we are constantly learning more which enhances what we already know. Let Mr. E.W.King help us along on this issue. Read & Share:

In our studies we have learned that Adam and Eve were created under special circumstances. The humans that had survived through the last ice age became known as the Nodites [Wanderers]. Sin has already entered this planet due to Lucifer’s rebellion. The physical laws of our universe became distorted; all was affected because of sin. We could describe sin as a “Cosmic Infection”.-

So what does this ultimately mean? It means that the DNA of every living creature now had defects. In this sense sin is “inherited”, handed down through the genes. Now in all of this we must understand that man was created with what we call “the human spirit”. This has to due with the mind capabilities of the human race. We are able to contemplatethink and imagine in a different way than the rest of the animal kingdom. We have a gift of intellectualism and thought that the rest of creation does not share.-

When we are born into this sinful matrix of things our minds are still capable of discerning “good and evil” [basic moral understanding]. However, the clarity with which we see this and understand this is skewed due to sin.-

Closer look at Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were created with perfect thought capabilities. They had not yet allowed their minds to merge with the Holy Spirit [Tree of Life] but they were given a choice. Adam and Eve were born with “sin in the air” already; the fallen mind channels already surrounded them. They made the wrong choice and chose to eat from the wrong “tree”. Thus they took on the fallen human nature in total. This means that their children came from a womb filled with sin. Yet, even their children were born with a choice.-

Please understand, though Adam and Eve’s offspring were born from sinful parents and even had gene defects their minds still had to make a choice. In this sense their sins are acquired by the choices that they make. Apostle Paul has warned all true Christians to be on guard so that we do not “return to sinful life”. It would be unfair for a just God to not allow His children to make choices. So true sinful nature in this sense is slowly acquired by each individual as they make choices throughout their lives.-

How is sin inherited?

If a mother today has AIDS and then gets pregnant her child can also develop AIDS. This is one idea of an “inherited sin”. In other words, our sins affect others. Wrong choices produce bad consequences [cause & effect]. Sin affects everything! People can commit the sin of incest and have children but their children can have many defects. Again, another example of “inherited sin”. We have inherited a Universe filled with distorted mind channels.-

The fallen angels [extraterrestrials: beings originating and existing outside and sometimes in earths atmosphere] seek to keep us in distortion through deceptive broadcasts. Most all humans just follow the basic impulses that every other non-Christian follows. This leads to disobedience and ignorance. The converted Christian must learn to change old mind channels and this is a process of spiritual growth. We here at COGSR have offered our SOCT studies to help Christians understand what is really going on in regards to human thinking and fallen mind channels.-

The Human Brain

The apostle Paul confirmed that we all have a “natural body” which includes a physical brain. We grow old and our bodies get weak then we eventually die. But each human will be resurrected, “raised in a spiritual body”. [1 Corinthians 15:44] As for Christians a change in the human mind has occurred. True Christians have the Holy Spirit. This means that a dramatic change in our thinking has occurred. [2 Corinthians 5:17] Paul told the Romans: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” [Romans 12:2] We must “be renewed in the spirit”. [Ephesians 4:23-24] Again, all humans are born with a spirit essence that gives us the ability to develop our minds. The human spirit must gain the presence of the Holy Spirit to develop into its full potential.-

The human brain is physical. The human brain is like a wired piece of electronic machinery. Please understand that the “thinking” brain is something quite different from simple brain activity. The fact that humans can make decisions and form beliefs gives consciousness and individuality to the person. If these are all just chemical reactions then thinking in and of itself would simply be a mere illusion. We would have no reason for anything.-

The brain does not do the thinking for us. There is another element, the “human spirit”. Humans can make their brains give conscious reactions. They can give commands to the brain. Where does this come from if not the brain? People talk about “making up their mind” or even “losing their mind”. People talk about their minds as if they understood what is happening.-

Three Interactive Actions [TIA]

Because of sin fallen mans basic thought patterns can be structured as being a part of three separate yet interactive “actions” as such:-

Sinful Reaction: All humans have a basic reaction to all that affects them. Because of the sinful nature mans comprehension of ultimate reality is distorted. Even with fallen mans concept of basic “right” and “wrong” he has distortions. He reacts wrongly. [Proverbs 18:13Romans 8:7] Sometimes sinful reaction is even more personified because of physical distortions. All physical distortions are a result of sin; both directly and indirectly [inherent].-

Positive Reaction: Positive reaction could be seen as fallen man trying to do his best with what he has. Not all ‘positive’ reactions are truly correct because they contain some sort of distortion. [Proverbs 16:25 Proverbs 16:2] Man can do “good” but this does not make man perfect or without sin. Both Sinful & Positive reactions can be effected or enhanced through culture, environment and or upbringing. What are called “good works” [positive reaction] of man cannot get you into the Kingdom of God. [Ephesians 2:8-10]-

Mind Of Christ Action [MOCA]: This is the point where man begins to truly think and act clearly. (Pronounced: mocha) Only the true Christian can begin this process. It involves the development of the mind under the influence of Holy Spirit. [Romans 12:2 1 Corinthians 2:14] To have the Mind of Christ means that the individual has gone through true conversion. To receive the mind of Christ one must come into contact with Jesus Christ and His True Church. This is rare.-

We will start with these three aspects (starting position of actions). What I am calling “sinful reaction” is something that we experience every day. It involves actions based on distorted perception. How we react to others in thought and in action and how others respond to us without Holy Spirit guidance is distorted. Man has a basic “spiritual element”. This was gifted to man by God. Mans ‘spirit’ is NOT Holy Spirit. Mans spirit is not perfect in and of itself. Also, this element is not ‘self-conscious’; it is not the man. It is the intellectual gift to mankind by God. Because mans mind has inherent sin it [mans spirit] reacts to life in a distorted way. Thus, mans ‘spirit’ is corrupt because of the mind.-

Three Mental Options [T-MO]

How humans deal with their thoughts fall under three actions as such;-


Acronym: REC, the prefix of “record”-

There are really no other options. Whatever we choose will have implications and consequences. If one chooses to “repress” his or her sinful emotion he begins to deny his own emotions. This is very dangerous. Many tend to hide their emotions from everyone. We cannot hide our emotions from God. Some choose to “express” their sinful thoughts through action. This action can result both in Sinful Reactions and or Positive Reactions. Positive Actions manifest what is known as surface-control. Sinful Reactions are the most damaging. To the one committing the sin and to others. Positive Reactions are actions not necessarily perceived to be sin by the one who commits them. Sinful Reactions are known by the person making them to be outright sin.-

So please continue your studies with us here at COGSR/SOCT to continue to gain a fuller understanding of your universe and your self. We thank you for taking time out to study with us. :)


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