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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mans Science in Light of God’s Word

Mans Science in Light of God’s Word

Today many believe that Christians have no scientific truth but instead rely on fantasy and fiction. How wrong they are. We look at authors such as Chet Raymo who tries to inform his followers that Christianity should “catch up” with religion. Well, he actually has his thinking backwards. Science should catch up with true Christianity!

The true remnant of the church that Jesus Christ built is still here and is still teaching the Truth. The original Worldwide Church of God is found in the ministry of Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant. We have been speaking to the remnant for some time now and we hope that you too are listening. Let us look into this topic of Christianity and Science.

As Christians we believe in the static Truth of God’s word. We have been warned by God’s word:

To avoid: “…profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.” [1st Timothy 6:20]

So does man have “false knowledge”? Of course. We as Christians are to avoid fake science, be able to discern the difference between true knowledge and fake knowledge. Christians can do this because not only do they have the guidance of the Holy Spirit but they also have the understanding of God’s precious word.

Many do not realize it but true Christianity has been stating things that it has taken hundreds of years for science to discover. The Bible has been explaining the problems of human nature since the creation of man. The Bible has offered true solutions to the problems of this planet. God’s word does not change…mans word does.

The author Chet Raymo states in his book, “Skeptics and True Believers” the following fallacy:
“Science is the one human endeavor that has proven relatively immune to the passions that divide us. There is no such thing as Jewish science, Christian science, Muslim science, Buddhist science. There is no such thing as male or female science, black or white science, Democrat or Republican science.”

Wow! Who is he trying to kid? Republican scientists refuse to believe in manmade global warming while the Democratic scientists state that global warming is created by man. As far as Christian creationist scientists, they differ greatly from the atheistic scientists in their understanding of “scientific data”. As far as the difference between male and female science we see that the homosexual community declares that sexual preference is genetic while others say that it is a mental choice. So for Mr. Raymo to state such an idea that science is “static and does not have different conclusions” on a major scale is absolutely ridiculous on his part.

We must remember that Mr. Raymo was raised a Roman Catholic. This says a lot about his unfortunate so called “Christian” foundation to begin with. His relationship with Christianity was skewed at the very get go. His conclusions in his book are a product of his training in pagan and fallen denominational Christianity.

A true ‘Christian Understanding’ of Science

“Science as a whole, and higher education, have exercised the academic freedom to postulate a creation without a Creator. They have engaged in the activity of knowledge production with total rejection of any possibility of the miraculous, the supernatural, the existence of God – or anything outside the realm of the material. In the realm of knowledge of the spiritual they know nothing. They have rejected utterly revelation as a source of basic knowledge!” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

“The basic premise for knowledge production in our time has been the evolutionary concept. It has been the eyeglass through which all questions have been viewed. Yet it remains unproved, and by its very nature it is a theory not subject to proof. It is a FAITH. And to question it is – to those who embrace this faith – academic heresy!” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong went on in his writings and discussion to show the fact that in the very beginning mankind chose to mingle “truth” with “error”. The symbolic tree of “good and evil”. Instead of being guided by the special revelation in their growth towards the static, single and awesome reality they chose human intellect above God. What about moral reality?

“It is the prerogative of God ALONE to determine what is right and what is sin – what is good and what is evil. God has not delegated to man the right or power to decide what is sin – but compels us to decide whether to sin, or obey His Law. To rightly determine what is GOOD required the creative power to produce and set in motion such inexorable LAWS as this spiritual law and the laws of physics and chemistry – a law which automatically cause GOOD if obeyed, and evils when disobeyed!” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

After the first parents of humanity made their wrongful decision: “Intellectual vanity was stirred. In the ecstasy of this vanity they used human reason [alone]. They decided to reject revelation imparted by God, and to make the very first SCIENTIFIC EXPERIEMENT! They took the forbidden fruit and ate it!” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

“They pioneered in deciding for themselves what is right and what is wrong – what is righteous and what is sin! And humanity has been doing what seems right in its own eyes ever since.” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

“And the result of that experiment? They died! They produced the first child delinquent, the first criminal and murderer!” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

Wow! Do you not see the true condition of the human race? Why does the human race need God as savior? It becomes very clear.

Science in Light of God’s Word is not wrong!

“I have said that tools of modern science are observation, experimentation and reason. Are those tools wrong? NOT AT ALL! The error comes from rejection of revelation. For revelation is the true starting premise. When man substitutes his own false hypothesis, the most vital dimension in knowledge production is missing!” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

Note this very carefully: “God’s Word – His Instruction Manual for mankind – is the foundation of ALL knowledge. It is NOT the sum total of knowledge. It is the foundation – the true premise – the acquisition of further knowledge.” – Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

So we could come to a conclusion which basically states that reason is the method of science and faith the method of religion. Hand in hand and guided by God’s True Word we have REALITY! Revelatory experience is found in the rational and average human being. True Christian morality practiced in the realm of human social life causes ethics and morals to progress despite inherent sinful natures. This is allowed within the realm of God’s common grace.

For the true Christian we see a true unity and harmonious co-ordination of knowledge and faith. We believe that this planet could be millions of years old. We teach the pre-Adamite earth doctrine as revealed in God’s word, the “First Earth Age” doctrine. No professed revelation and scientific knowledge can be regarded as authentic if it fails to recognize the duties and demands of ethical obligation which have been created and given by God Himself.

The True Christian realizes that he or she is a child of nature [God’s physical laws], a part of the material universe; but he or she likewise discerns that true survival [immortality] is gifted by and through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is only through the Holy Spirit that mankind can break away from the limited delusion of “science falsely so called”, break through the fetters of his inherent mortal status and gain true salvation.

Please continue to study with us here at COGSR/SOCT,

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