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Monday, August 11, 2014

Planet Earth at War in 2014!

SOCT Awake

Planet Earth at War in 2014!

~Are we headed towards World War Three?
~A last message to planet earth!

By Sir Eric W. King

It has been the mission of SOCT to inform this planet about its ongoing and current dilemma. This world is now, as of August 9th 2014 at war. All we have to do is determine what percentage of this planets population is at odds with itself. The older religions of this planet have not evolved with current technology. Most all humans are living in the dark ages when it comes to true spirituality, philosophy and religion. We here at SOCT state that: “The only truth is Truth itself!” We are no longer concerned with myth or ferry tale. It is time for humans to grow up or be terminated.-

Humans are already destroying this planet faster than you think. We have not been taught properly by government funded schools. We should have been taught about the dangers of polluted religions, corrupt religio-political governments, pollution - and we should have been taught how to better take care of ourselves and our planet. Another very important truth we should have been told has to do with the reality of Extraterrestrials and Divine Intelligence. We have had so many chances to do much better but corrupt, greedy and ignorant leaders have continued to blind themselves and many others to the truth of what is really going on.-

Backward religions killing humanity

We all know that bad religion has continued to amplify the sorry condition of fallen human nature. We have tried to teach all who are prepared to really listen about the true condition of the human mind and its pitiful state because of its lack of Divine Guidance. True religion has the ability to evolve. True religion does not get caught up in human dogma, hate or violence. Prehistoric religions will cause the end of humanity if humanity does not wake up and begin to truly understand what is really going on here.-

SOCT students receive special intuitive insights and ideas from the Divine Mind Channel. We have been sharing our concerns with this fallen world and those caught in the fallen system of things. We hope to express more concerns and helpful ideas regarding what to do about our now experienced water problems and the increase in strange weather.-

We write our findings and discoveries down and share them with the science world. It must be understood that our planet is going through a severe shift. What does this mean? It means that we are experiencing a planetary upheaval at all levels including mental. Society paradigm shifts at rapid speeds are happening now! Historical pushes in human brain capabilities due to the information age and brain research are happening right now!-

Where does it all end?

We understand that this planet will not last forever. We also know that the Divine Intelligence will fulfill His plan. The exact details of how or when it will end as we know it are not specific or certain. We do know that it will end. In the mean time we are challenged to examine the fallen matrix and introduce healthy upgrades which will enable us to survive in a much more enlightened and advanced way. As true Space Age Christians this is our task!-

One does not have to be “religious” to begin to grasp the overall SOCT message. Reform at a mass level must take place if humanity is to survive. This will start with mass education of SOCT truth regarding science and true spirituality. We have been graced by Higher Intelligence to receive this final message for planet earth; THE SEVENTH MESSAGE!-

We can no longer lie to the children of this planet regarding Divine Intelligence, Extraterrestrials, True Science and healthy religion. We must now throw away old beliefs which have completed their assigned task…we must look ahead and be brave and boldWe must let our religion evolve!-

God has not stopped speaking…we have stopped listening!

We are all humans. To others from other worlds we look as we currently are…stupid! We are fighting over nothing. We are killing our selves in the name of “God”. How ignorant have we become in such a high-tech world? Those of you who have children please wake up. If we love our children we need to tell them the TRUTH. Jesus Christ said; “The truth will set you free.” The human race is in bondage because they have ignored the TRUTH. God has not stopped speaking…we have stopped listening!-

There are unfortunately those stuck on fallen mind channels and controlled mostly by the Adramelechs and their broadcasted channels that they spend most of their time (if not all) on attacking the teachings of others who are trying to help this planet survive. These ignorant people may have permanent brain damage due to programmed hate. This is most unfortunate. On all planets of controlled evolution there has been and are sluggards. They just cannot keep up with advanced growth.-

Many ignore the weather and other planetary changes which are occurring. They deny the fact that humans are destroying this planet. They also attack all those who have some form of religion. It is true that there are contaminated religions which are diseases to this planet and to all of humanity.-

Technology has evolved rapidly while human spirituality has waned. Materialism has surpassed our spiritual advancement. This has created an extreme imbalance in social structure which is headed toward the virtual destruction of this planet. Survival for the entire human race is unattainable if it continues on its present course. SOCT has come forth with a final resolution in this seventh era of spiritual development. The truth about Divine Intelligence, Extraterrestrials and the pitiful human condition must be told.-

Look at what humans are fighting over. An asteroid could hit earth tomorrow and we’d all blow up. Shouldn’t we be spending time on the human race collectively? Trying to make a cleaner and healthier planet? Trying to advance regarding social behavior? Should we not admit our pitiful situation and begin the healing process now?-

People sit and complain about how bad others are. We need to start with ourselves! SOCT information is so very important….I cannot overstress this.-

Change Now!

On this evolutionary planet antagonism is certain. Stability can only be maintained by a sound social system. Our current system needs cleaning. Spirituality must catch up with science and technology. A Divine Marriage between religion and science must occur. It cannot be based on what some guru says sitting wearing a sheet. We need spiritual scientists to come forth and speak the truth. If long periods of peace are a measuring stick to a planet's advancement how are we doing? Yikes!-

World peace will not come by one nation dominating another. The whole planet must agree on facts…on TRUTH. Mere treaties and diplomacy works short term but long term peace comes when enough humans evolve into step-oners…..hybrid minds must come together! This happens through proper education at mass levels. All mankind must be included in the final solution. The Seventh Message is the step to better days.-

Another world war may be the only hope…but a sad thing it would be. Global Sovereignty will stop world wars…nothing else can. This planet has been given a window to accept this message. The window opened on October 7th 2011. The United Nations is receiving this message.-

We need to learn to respect [not necessarily agree with] the current feelings, cultures, emotions and definitions of Truth that others have whom we talk with. We need proper communication skills. This means first and foremost that we begin to understand what we believe in as human beings collectively. How can we help others if we do not first understand what we believe in and why? This is why it is extremely important for all of humanity to come together with the truth of science and rational spirituality based on facts!-

One does not have to believe all of what SOCT teaches to start the global process of peace.

There are many humans who wish not to be “religious” or “spiritual” in their endeavor to save the planet. All one has to do is begin the process of studying SOCT teachings to begin to grasp the reality of our message. True peace involves letting others have their own spiritual belief systems. All we ask is that one look at the scientific facts when contemplating faith issues.-

Religion and science cannot keep fighting if there is to come harmony. Advanced humans understand this fact but pride prevents them from accepting it.-

Part of our mission is to allow the laws of science to merge with social and moral development of mankind. We need to be brave enough to stop clinging to old belief systems which do nothing but harm ourselves and others. Most all humans have reached a higher comprehension level than the present ancient religions have to offer. Public morals and values need to be reevaluated. No matter what kind of sentimental connection we may have to old beliefs that don’t work, we must let them go. We thus begin to replace the old system with the new and more enlightened system.  We must now separate fact from fiction. Will you join us on this bold journey into a better way? Divine Intelligence is waiting for us to grow to the next step. Are we willing and able? All things are possible with Divine Strength.-

~Sir Eric William King

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