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Thursday, August 14, 2014

SOCT ~ Christian Level One Knowledge

SOCT ~ Christian Level One Knowledge
By Eric W. King

I do not write what I am about to write to offend anybody. The facts are the facts and sometimes Truth may hurt. This is directed to those who claim to be Christian today. Sadly most all who claim to be Christian today put their personal ideas or denominational dogma first and foremost. They even elevate their traditions above the facts. Traditions are not bad, personal beliefs and opinions are not bad IF they are based on TRUTH. We here at SOCT are concerned about the TRUTH.-

This planet is far behind when it comes to religious and or spiritual truth but this world isn’t doing too badly when it comes to material things and technological advancement. Sadly though man has not been able to properly use his advancements for the betterment of humanity because of his retardation when it comes to religious and spiritual matters. Today’s Christians say they are Christians and many truly think that they are Christians. They may quote a lot of Scriptures and use fancy words but they seldom talk about the most important things that Jesus Christ spoke about. Jesus said that we must have Divine Mind operative in us…we must be impregnated with Holy Spirit. Jesus said that we must “leave all behind” to truly follow Him. This does not mean that we cannot have good materialistic devices or “things” it more importantly means leaving behind old thought patterns ~ we need to learn how to think properly.-

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” [Romans 12:2]

True Christians are living in Christian Reality. True Christians are following Quantum Level One Knowledge. There are “lower forces”, fallen ones who wish to keep people in the dark. Most humans do not even realize their own spiritual condition due to worldy programming. Most people spend their time playing games, chatting, emailing and listening to and watching fallen worldly programs. While it is not a sin to be entertained one must have the right knowledge to be safe ~ to be able to discern Truth from error. SOCT has been going public with extremely important information since the year 1999. SOCT became much more public as of October 7th 2011. Now we have this for the entire world to review our information. Many now realize that we have gone by many different acronyms and titles throughout the years.-

Though we do not want to be nor do we mean to be, we have become somewhat of a threat to denominational Christianity. This true and last (the Seventh) phase of true Christianity threatens the established norm when it comes to Christian theology. We have one true leader and that is Jesus Christ. We have no membership fees or buildings. We simply live what we believe in. The TRUTH has usually always been against what mainstream thought teaches. Most so called Christian organizations and denominations have morphed into mere businesses, adjusting to the worldly trends and norms of the times. Please understand that there is a momentum gaining regarding the TRUTH about extraterrestrials and true religion. Enough momentum that SOCT can speak forth with more boldness than before.-

Jesus was definitely a threat to the powers of His time but He nonetheless accomplished His mission. SOCT too will accomplish its mission. Those who have studied with us for some time have noticed that the revelations which come forth do so incrementally…never all at once. The unfolding of TRUTH is a growing and nourishing process. It will always have its enemies.-

We believe in a literal person popularly known as Jesus Christ which appeared on this planet a little over 2000 years ago as of October 7th 2011. He brought advanced knowledge and took the religious books of ancient Israel; the Torah, the Prophets & the Writings to use as his foundation to begin the upgrade. Why these books? These books were already the result of multiple religions. They contained a basic compellation taken from many stories which circulated in ancient Mesopotamia. We believe that these compilations were guided by Divine Intelligence. SOCT students still use the Christian Bible to study and teach from. We understand the Christian Bible to be our “religious” and “spiritual” book.-

Those who say bad things about true Christians and constantly try and tare down those who believe the Truth are guided by those terrible devils, the Adramelechs. The so called New Age groups have so much error and confusion that it is easy for one seeking to get caught up in myriads of subtle yet dangerous lies. SOCT does not teach the false doctrine of reincarnation, spiritualism, ghost hunting, and all the other sluggard superstitious beliefs that the Adramelechs have been promoting. They talk of false science and superstitious powers to create a false fear.-

SOCT deals with true faith and true science!-

We humans have continued to fight, argue, cheat, steal, cuss, curse, hurt and kill. No matter what religion you may have tried to follow you still find yourself dealing with hate, anger and depression. Why? I will try and explain some facts regarding this planet and the human condition which may shock you.-

The difference between all current spiritual paths [religions] and SOCT is the source of their information. All groups have fallible leaders, yet SOCT revelation contains the very knowledge and will of Divine Intelligence. Why? Because SOCT includes every science and every aspect of human experience in the equation. SOCT students never “arrive”, we grow and are teachable!-

Ultimately we believe in Divine Revelation. In other words man needs assistance in proper learning. We believe in revealed truths which are confirmed by scientific law through faith. Divine Intelligence has many laws…moral and scientific. Most fundamentalist groups will ignore God’s scientific laws to promote an old warn out theological point of view. Instead they should humble themselves and be willing to learn new truth. SOCT is the only true Christian faith that is practicing this.-

Some modern theologians would argue that the understanding of Jesus Christ’s identity is not scientific. Really? Why can’t we use God’s laws of science to confirm the reality of our savior? Many denominational Christians act as if the laws of nature were created by something or someone else…they have nothing to do with their faith. This is the sad condition of many ancient and warn out religions. They have not advanced. We see this in the two old religions that are still constantly killing each other. These types of religions are actually diseases.-

“New Thought” movements have failed because they deny the ONE WAY reality of Divine Intelligence. The mixing of all the “good” stuff from all religions has no sure foundation. Jesus Christ is the TRUE FOUNDATION. Jesus stated; “I AM THE TRUTH.” Thus, for us [SOCT students] we worship the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH.-

Through the Science of Christian Thought [SOCT] one learns to discharge the content of sinful experience and be restored to pure perception [proper relationship to Jesus Christ]. Sin is the source of mental illness and even psychosomatic illness. A mind operating with pure perception is operating at the “Mind of Christ” level. The mind of the Mature Christian begins to have attunement with the Holy Spirit ‘mind channel’. Mind channels contain what are known as “thought patterns”. These channels form the matrix of human thought.-

The current problems with all religions and especially Christianity is the fact that they will not allow for expansion of Truth. They have a non-evolving religion. As true SOCT students we understand what we call “static truth”, unchanging realities. Just because we have such a strong foundation does not mean there is nothing else to learn when it comes to understanding Divine Intelligence. SOCT has survived and is a healthy “religion” because we allow for correction and continued discoveries and growth in our understanding of God. Our faith is not entirely “beyond science”.-

Most humans that belong to one of the many distorted versions of Christianity will state that; “No where in the Bible does it talk of extraterrestrial life.” Really? Are they kidding? The Bible talks about cherubs flying around in “chariots of fire” and Ezekiel the prophet had a vision of a strange craft with “four living creatures” coming out of it. What are cherubs? The beings spoken of in the Bible are real. They have appeared and spoken directly to humans (Genesis 3:9-10; 4:9; 16:9). Religion needs to look closer at these realities. The United States government has admitted that there is intelligently controlled craft, unidentified craft (not manmade) that sometimes flies through our atmosphere. To the denominationalist and close minded “Christians” they will say that this is all fake and or that these are all false visions. Really? Where are they getting that revelation from?-

Believe it or not, humans need to believe in greater things. There will always be those full of pride which state; “There is no God.” Even though they cannot prove that there is no God they will yell that there is no God. These pitiful people are part of the evolutionary problem when it comes to healthy progression. Some argue against evolution. They say that “theistic evolution” means that God created laws and then let natural creation take its course. Really? Who says that is what “theistic evolution” must mean? Can’t theistic evolution mean that Divine Intelligence is guiding the direction of all genetic connections intelligently? Wouldn’t this still technically be CREATION! Yes…it would!-

After reading our SOCT work; “The Story of Our Planet” students have become enlightened to see that there are no conflicts with the Genesis account of creation and God’s laws of science. The Bible is not silent about extraterrestrial life or true science…the problem is man has refused to let the two come together in Divine Marriage. Mans pride will kill his own religion because he refuses to humble himself and grasp the greater reality.-

SOCT is fulfilling the last and 7th message of true Christianity. Christianity will only prosper if it is allowed to evolve ~ progress and grow. But it must do this all based on TRUTH. Old beliefs that do not agree with God’s laws of science must be cast out…thrown down and destroyed. If not then ignorance it self will destroy man. Many people just do not care about true theology. They accept a sluggard view, ancient and out of date and then say; “It really doesn’t matter.” What they are really doing is creating an excuse to live in a fake reality that they wish to hand down to their children. As their children continue to see scientific knowledge progress and learn about new discoveries which continue to trample on their old belief system which was handed down…well then that religion will eventually die! When religion just becomes tradition people will lack healthy spirituality! This is what we are witnessing in the youth of today with all the school shootings. They have no more healthy spirituality!-

Jesus Christ is waiting for His children to wake up and listen to this seventh and final message to planet earth. Will they? Study and accept the teachings of the Science of Christian Thought today!-

~Eric W. King

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