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Friday, August 22, 2014

~SOCT Concerns for the end of 2014 and into 2015

~SOCT Concerns for the end 
of 2014 and into 2015

“Why are we being ignored by the News Media?”

By Eric W. King

As aware SOCTER’s we have concerns that we wish to share with our fellow human beings on this day of August 22, 2014 (Friday). As far as the global weather is concerned I have warned about a noticeable jet stream change that we have been documenting. This is currently causing extreme heat waves in the lower mid states and warmer gulf water. We have predicted that this will continue to create strange hurricane like storms and perhaps hurricane record breaking incidents.-

As far as rain goes we have predicted sporadic rain in differing locations with flood extremes in some locations. SOCT has continued to warn about the seriousness of drought conditions and we do not yet see an end in view regarding this issue. I warned back in 2011 & 2012 with my original COGSR study guides of these changes. As many of you know we state that on December 31st of 1999 this planet was placed on a sort of special “preservation” status by what we call the Universal Associates. This may or may not have any meaning to you but it basically means that our planet is on special watch by what we refer to as the Keepers.-

Since that important day many developing revelations have occurred. On October 7th 2011 we started COGSR ministries. This evolving Christian ministry went world wide. We had an online radio station and I published an assortment of study guides some of which were printed in three languages. These guides went to students all over the world with a student body maintained even in Africa.-

I wrote now on many important issues since 2011. In my original “COGSR  Study Guide Two” published October 7th 2012 (which many SOCT students still have and portions of it are published on various websites) I stated:-

“There will be terrorist attacks on a new level. American power will go through a great new structure plan. This year will be a year of new authority and reconstruction. The US currency will be redefined.” ~ E.W.King (“COGSR Study Guide Two” p.79 published October 7th 2012)-
We have certainly seen the beginning stages of this process since this dire warning was given. I also stated:-

“People in America will connect to new political parties. They are fed up with the Republicans and Democrats. The new parties however will be controlled and manipulated by money.”-
“Air wars [including drones] will happen with military jets involving more than three countries. These wars [air wars] will continue to become a norm. Militaries will try and rule the skies.” ~ E.W.King (“COGSR Study Guide Two” p.79 published October 7th 2012)-

We now know that Russia has been testing the patience of the US with its restricted air flights, flying some of their military jets into American restricted air zones. China has done the same and we have documented such behavior on our SOCT News site.-

If that wasn’t enough!

This next prediction that I made is perhaps one of the most amazing. We here at SOCT along with many other wonder why we have been ignored by the main news outlets for the accuracy of our predictions. Be that as it may…look at this statement that I made in 2012:-

Muslims worldwide will come under a new organization. This will give them more authority. This new organization will start with an American Muslim group” ~ E.W.King (“COGSR Study Guide Two” p.79 published October 7th 2012)-

SOCT has recently received email regarding this very issue from some of our early 2011 students. We now have this prediction truly and fully fulfilled in the ISIS terrorist group. If you are  wondering if SOCT is truly connected to honest and true information all you have to do is your own online research regarding our predictions.-

SOCT even warned in October of 2012 about the ebola outbreak. Note this statement:-
“New concerns about the earth’s atmosphere will become public. Animal born diseases will come to light. It is truly a time for Christians to stay awake, aware and alert! Violent crimes will enter our homes through the news media. New violence like never seen before.” ~ E.W.King (“COGSR Study Guide Two” p.80 published October 7th 2012)-

Again, there are still older web-posts out there which document these predictions. What are we doing? We are continuing to try and warn America in this 7th time, that which we call the “Typical Laodicean Era”. We have been given a grace period to accept these warnings and to change! We have entered a window of grace as of October 7th 2011. Will you join us in this important mission?-

Become a SOCT friend and student today!

~Eric William King

Founder of COGSR & SOCT

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