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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SOCT Extraterrestrial Theological Knowledge

SOCT Extraterrestrial Theological Knowledge

By Eric W. King

Please understand that what you are about to read is limited in that it is simply a description of knowledge that can only be proven by the SOCT student. We are limited in our explanation of this knowledge because the English language does not have sufficient words and terms to describe the exactness of this knowledge. Instead this brief gives one ideas of the ET reality.SOCT students understand that all other groups which claim ET knowledge have bits and pieces of correct understandings but with greater distortion. SOCT is the chosen vehicle that the Keepers created to expose errors and give correct ET knowledge to this planet.-

What you are about to read and learn is explained in language that almost any adult can grasp with some comprehension. This knowledge is being received and put together on August 3rd 2014. This is an outline of deeper understandings which help to comprise what we call “The Seventh Message”. This information has been coming to us [SOCT students] since 1999. We have never been as organized as we are now and it is extremely important for the entire world to grasp these truths.-

Why UFO knowledge with a Christian Understanding?

I have been studying religion since I was a young child. I was raised in the USA by Christian parents and attended a Christian college briefly and taught in numerous Christian churches in my 20’s. I expanded my studies into this world’s religions and spiritual movements. After many twists and turns in my life I began a new ministry on October 7th 2011. This ministry would become the most important decision in my life.-

The ministry became “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant” [COGSR]. Along side this ministry I started a Biblical Science study group known as SOCT which stands for “Science of Christian Thought”. This study group has produced what is now known asScience-oct knowledge - or Quantum Level One Knowledge.

I began to write and study. I completed eight study guides which were offered on the original COGSR website. I helped start home ministries around the world. I had an online radio program and contacts from all around the globe. On July 14th 2014 our SOCT group received a new plan of operation. We decided to only focus on our science of Christian thought studies. This ment that we would now focus on integrating our advanced Christian theology with the laws of science and scientific discoveries.-

I have been asked if I feel as though the “ancient” Christian message is threatened by all the advanced technology and scientific knowledge. People have asked me if this is why I have a drive to merge Science and Christianity. I will say that I believe that our original COGSR ministry was started for a Divine Purpose which involves the “upgrading” of Christian theology by accepting new and advanced truths about our Universe and Ourselves! I have gone as far to say that if people reject this SOCT message then Christianity, at least as it has been known, will die.-

Why the extraterrestrial connection?

When SOCT starts talking about extraterrestrial phenomenon most run in the other direction. I don’t mind because I completely understand the fear when it comes to this issue. Many original COGSR students know that we have hinted of an extraterrestrial knowledge in articles dating back to 2011. Some BLOGs have ridiculed us for this early on. This was to be expected. The fact is SOCT students do believe in extraterrestrials and we shock people by stating that we believe what the Bible calls “angels” are in fact  these very entities.-

We have actually warned about the New Age groups and their “UFO religions”. We have warned people to stay away from them. Our knowledge is based on what the original Jesus Christ taught us. We accept the Christian Bible as the foundation of our belief system. So we see ourselves as Advanced Christians living in the Space Age. Our understandings are what many would call “modern” and we believe in letting Divine Intelligence correct our cosmology and theology when needed. We remain teachable.-

Let us begin to understand some   
advanced SOCT knowledge

So let us begin to look at what we teach and I’ll try and keep it short and simple. Much of this information could be broken apart into complete volumes of additional knowledge and understandings but we will try and keep it sensible, simple and understandable.-

GOD: We believe God is more descriptively known as Divine Intelligence. We understand that many early humans developed elementary descriptions and understandings of God. Early human religions were the result of Divine Intelligence communicating with the subconscious minds of prehistoric humans. These religions were part of the human mind development and spiritual development. These religions in nowise contained thorough knowledge or complete knowledge. In fact all of the early religions contained highly distorted comprehensions of ultimate reality and Divinity and still do to this day.-

THEISTIC EVOLUTION:  We believe that evolution was guided by Divine Intelligence through I.B.’s [Intelligent Beings]. Anciently I.B.’s have been called angels or cherubs. During the first age of early life on this planet there was a special class of I.B.’s monitoring and holding a “care taker” position. For some reason these beings and their government leadership rebelled against their authorities which were lead by the Logos. The Logos was in charge of this planets creation and had his beings called the Keepers. A lower entity (we could call Set-on) rebelled and one third of the Keepers sided with Set-on during the rebellion. The rebellious extraterrestrials we could call the Adramelechs.  Even though this rebellion occurred the Logos allowed Set-on to still have most of the control of the creation of the later humans. This corrupt entity along with his followers still has this authority to this day. Why? There is a process in all of this that we still do not fully understand. More will unfold as we proceed.-

THE ‘KT’ EXTINCTION CAUSED BY COSMIC WAR: We believe that our entire universe contains distorted mere images or reflections of more perfectly constructed cosmic laws. We believe that these distortions invaded our entire system early on due to a space war between higher beings that used weapons of mass destruction. The party which started the war lost. Many of these beings were cast down to our planet, and other areas of our local space.- 

If we want to know when the angelic rebellion occurred all we have to do is find the time of the dinosaurs destruction. We now know that this angelic “super war” broke out around 65 million years ago. When war broke out in heaven Lucifer [Set-on] and his angelic horde left their physical bodies and tried to war with God [the Keepers] in heaven. They were eventually cast back down to our planet and they left four giant craters when cast down. One of the last of these craters can be found in the state of Arizona.-

When they were cast down much of our planet was destroyed including the dinosaurs. The earth became covered with dark clouds and many things died. Modern scientists refer to this time as “the KT event”.-

So now the angelic host that had fallen lost their capability to take back their regular glorified physical bodies so instead God [through Logos] began to create a host of animal like creatures that they became stuck in. Simply put, these angels were placed in physical bodies which resembled ape like creatures. They could stay invisible and get by but they missed their first glorified bodies so they tried out all sorts of animal like creatures. This was the beginning of their punishment.-

Even though our planet had become infected with sin because of the angelic rebellion God [the Logos] still had much in store for our planet. God would use this very planet to continue to fulfill His will of creating children for Himself. Please understand that sin created not only moral distortion but also physical distortion. God’s perfect laws had become distorted due to the angelic rebellion. Even today we live in a “fallen matrix”. God allowed enough beauty to remain here that we may see Him through it all.-

So the creatures that God began to create after the angelic rebellion and the destruction of the dinosaurs were not without problems. God would let sin play out its course.-

EARLY MAN: Divine Intelligence through the Logos began to create many life forms over a long period of time. The angelic beings [IB’s] who once had the opportunity to inhabit glorified bodies and take care of our planet were now left going through the process of exchanging body for body and witnessing the effects of their sinful rebellion.-

The angelic beings wished that they could have remained the care takers of creation. About 47,000,000 years ago God created the lemur-like creature. These had forward facing eyes and were small little fella’s. They loved to climb things. And then about 30,000,000 years ago monkeys of all sorts were created. God placed most of them in what latter became South America and Africa. These creatures had hands and feet and good brains. The angels were hoping that God would create a more usable body for them.-

Millions of years ago God decided to create some very interesting beings. He created Sahelanthropus Ttchadensis. We have given this species the nickname “Toumai”. These creatures were the first to look like modern man in many ways but still fell short. These creatures exited for some time and developed a form of communication amongst them selves. God [Logos] was taking pleasure in all of His great acts of creation. God loves to create! God can manipulate His laws and construct how He wishes. One thing to think about while contemplating all of this is the fact that God is using four material blocks to do all of this creating. These four blocks are; up & down quarkselectrons, and neutrinos. That’s all! Wow! Think about this.-

We will not list all the divided periods of evolution in this work but we have them listed in our work called, “The Story of our Planet” which we advise you to read. In “The Story of Our Planet” we give a detailed description of the 10 mothers from the human race including the last couple historically known as Adam and Eve. We also explain the mtDNA factor.-

EXTRATERRESTRIALS USE BODIES: When we talk about cherubs/angels using bodies we mean that all cherubs/angels already have higher energy bodies but when functioning in our dense reality of physicality they interface with a biological entity of their choice. In other words they connect to the brains of physical beings in our dimension. This sounds amazing because it is. You will begin to understand more as we proceed.-

THE JESUS MESSAGE: We believe in a literal person popularly known as Jesus Christ which appeared on this planet a little over 2000 years ago as of October 7th 2011. He brought advanced knowledge and took the religious books of ancient Israel; the Torah, the Prophets & the Writings to use as his foundation to begin the upgrade. Why these books? These books were already the result of multiple religions. They contained a basic compilation taken from many stories which circulated in ancient Mesopotamia. We believe that these compilations were guided by Divine Intelligence. SOCT students still use the Christian Bible to study and teach from. We understand the Christian Bible to be our “religious” and “spiritual” book.-

JESUS BROUGHT THE UPGRADE: We believe that Jesus Christ brought the advanced message and promised to give his true students the Holy Spirit. We understand the Holy Spirit to be the mind of Divine Intelligence properly activated in us - SOCT students. As true followers of Jesus Christ we become Christians. All true Christians have the Holy Spirit or the Divine Upgrade which makes us “new creatures in Christ”. The Bible also says that it activates the “mind of Christ in us”. In this sense we understand all true Space Age Christians to be HYBRIDS.-

As true Christians the Keepers give messages to us directly from the Logo’s. So we could say that SOCT students have truly interfaced with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings. SOCT students have been able to produce bursts of neurogenesis through interfacing with extraterrestrial mind channels. This is why we consider our process as being that of a “hybrid” transformation. Please understand, when we talk about Divine Intelligence we are directly always referring to God. But also understand that all ET intelligence is operating through and in Divine Intelligence. This simply means that SOCT students have been able to activate greater use of their brains due to SOCT knowledge and activation of that knowledge because of interfacing with the Divine Mind Channel.-

We have talked about “mind channels”. The neurons in your brain communicate in many ways. Most signals pass between neurons through a neurotransmitter and by neuromodulator chemicals. Some of these chemicals have been identified as dopamine, noradrenalin, acetylcholine, glutamate and endorphins. Some of these work together in a synapse to pass messages to receptors. Receptors are what we could call “collection sites” within your brain.-

When more integrated thoughts happen the brain waves act more like a radio signal which make the whole brain more sensitive.-

NOT ALL EXTRATERRESTRIALS THE SAME:  The two most advanced of the ET groups of course are the Keepers and the Adramelechs. These types were directly created to be “watchers” of the entire universal creation of the Logos. The other types of ET’s had a start much like our own. They were created by divinely guided evolution. All evolutions are guided by the higher groups. Many regular ET types are studying the creation much like we are to get a fuller grasp of Divine Intelligence. Because these other groups live in the fallen matrix they have distortions of reality just as we do. Some have not so good intentions much like some humans have bad intentions.-

Please understand that some of these lower classes of ET’s are biological beings and have no power to interface with mind channels like the Keepers and Adramelechs do. Remember, scientific knowledge differs from one lower group to another.-

EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTENTIONS: The intentions of the lower groups are not all the same. Each group has a limited “free will” just as we humans have a “limited” free will. Our wills are limited in that all of us from the lower life forms are under the Cosmic Direction in accord with the will of ultimate Divine Intelligence. In other words, what we would all call GOD has the last word. There are rules to the game.-

The proper understanding of the Christian Bible gives us a blueprint of the Divine will for our planet….our planet we call Earth. The Bible states that before this planet is destroyed an “elect” group of humans will be chosen, those who have accepted the Jesus Upgrade. Those who have Holy Spirit [Divine Mind] operative in them will go beyond and become ELAH’s. The phrase “elah” is an acronym which spells out “evolutionary level above human”.-

SPACE/TIME AND GOD’S TIME ZONE: SOCT students recognize seven special feast times [holidays] which occur throughout a regular year on this planet. These times are outlined in the Bible for us. We also recognize the weekly Sabbath day as being Saturday. A day where the collective body of SOCT attunes to Divine Intelligence through special communication as a “group mind”.-

To receive the true blessing of God we must understand His commandments and His will. God reveals His will through the Scriptures. The Scriptures state that when we keep God's commandments we gain "wisdom" and "understanding". This 'wisdom' and 'understanding' comes from special revelation to the saints (true Christians).-

We begin to understand that the Seven Holy Feasts are a 'blue print' of the story of redemption. Obedience brings true joy.  We are rewarded by obedience. [Psalm 19:11] You must understand that God's time works together like perfect gears in motion. When we begin to keep God's time and live in God's time a "door way" or "portal" is open up to us. Our spiritual clarity increases.-

As true Christians we must live in "God's time zone" and stop keeping the pagan calendar and fake feasts and holidays which were original programmed by the Adramelechs. Living in God's convocations is to live in CHRISTIAN REALITY.-

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE:  Since the beginning of time Divine Intelligence has cared for all conscious beings which have reached a ‘self-conscious’ status. We do not know how Divine Intelligence recognizes this status but we are informed that he does. As humans we believe that we are a higher-form of animal. What makes us different is how our brain is structured and works. All humans have a “human spirit”, a special mind function which records every thing we do, think and say. All animals have their own kind of “spirit” or mind.-

Humans have the higher capability of interfacing with Divine Mind if they so choose. This happens through the link of Holy Spirit or Divine Mind Channel. Sometimes we may say Divine Mind Channel(s) when referring to cherub linkage. The only way for us to have proper linkage to Divine Intelligence is through Holy Spirit which is actually a “seed” given to us by the Creator upon asking with the proper motive and instruction.-

Many humans have died before this gift was offered through and by Jesus Christ. These humans are following on a different stage of earth development than those who lived after Jesus and were able to hear the Jesus message. Many who “fell asleep in death” before the person of Jesus Christ arrived on this planet will still have the opportunity to upgrade in a different space and time than we are currently experiencing. This cannot fully be explained but we do have deeper Biblical teachings regarding this process.-

When a person dies his or her human “spirit” goes back to a place fully controlled by Divine Intelligence were it is stored in our time until our time is fulfilled but to the person who died they enter our future so they do not feel a “waiting time” at all. I realize this sounds advanced because it is. Only certain laws of physics could help one to begin to understand this process. So the “spirit memory chip” of the dead person will awake in another time zone which corresponds to God’s intricate plan involving what Christians have referred to as “death and resurrection”. Truly the dead are awake someplace in our future.-

There is no literal “hell” where people are tortured. The word “hell” nowhere appears in the original biblical text. The word hell always refers to the grave or the punishment of the dead person not being able to accomplish ELAH [Evolutionary Level Above Human] status. This is all in accordance with higher theistic evolutionary laws of Divine Intelligence.-

Those humans who for some reason refuse the Next Level Knowledge [Quantum Level One Knowledge] will be reawakened only to face complete annihilation, they become as though they never existed. Immortality is not inherent in mortals. Immortality is a gift through and by the living Logos to those who accept the reality and message of Divine Intelligence.- 

UFO’S AND FLYING SOUCERS: There are many from the lower ET classes [not the Keepers or the Adramelechs] which are flying in special crafts. These beings are from more than one location. Some of their technology would be way too advanced to try and explain in the limited human languages. Some of these crafts can create what we might call quantum fluctuations which cause subatomic laws to change as we know them creating effects which go way beyond regular human comprehension.-

Some facts for you to contemplate regarding this issue: So what have we here at SOCT learned in our studies regarding the physical manifestations of this UFO phenomenon?

1-Intelligently Controlled Craft are visiting our planet.-

2-These craft are using a special type of nuclear power (perhaps nuclear fusion) and are using Hydrogen and Helium propulsion systems.-

3-They can travel 0-600 miles an hour in less than a second putting them at 30 G’s.-

4-Any being can survive any ‘G’ as long as the duration is extremely short.-

5-Most all of these craft are inhabited and are using electro magnetic charge systems.-

6-These craft adjust ionized air plasma using magneto propulsion systems.-

7-Craft have been witnessed traveling 1800 miles an hour and making up to 2200 mile an hour turns.-

8-Some of the fastest speeds are around 7000 and then able to “stop on a dime”. Extremely fascinating….to say the least.-

9-After 1950 an increase in craft numbers and bolder appearances of the crafts began.-

10-President Ronald Reagan was concerned about the beings being hostile.-

11-True Christians have to deal with the fact of their existence.-

12-True Christians are aware that some of these beings are seeking worship and are the source of all false religion.-

OUR PLANET NOW AND ITS FUTURE: It is hoped that enough people will accept this Seventh Message and start a collective momentum which will enable our planet to enter a greater time of peace. If this were to occur many people would become mid-wayers. This means that they would receive the upgrade and become mid-way hybrids. This simply means that enough humans would become advanced enough to accept higher cosmic truths to sustain this planet longer. A sort of enlightenment would occur at a mass level. All SOCT students are mid-way hybrids which is the stage right before becoming an ELAH [Evolutionary Level Above Human]. If enough people were to become mid-wayers [aka “brids”] a new era of peace would come to this planet. The chances of this happening are very slim.-

COGSR/SOCT students are aware of the current time we are in. We are in the typical Laodicean time which began on October 7th of 2011. This means that since this date a window of opportunity has been open to the entire human race. This time will close with the antitypical Laodicean period. When this time is up the world as we know it will indeed come to an end.-

Jesus will send is angels forth to gather his elect from around the world. They shall be “caught up” to be with him. This will be a glorious time for the “elect” but a most pitiful time for the “sluggards”.-

I have stated in articles over the past three years:-

“True conversion is an act but it is also an ongoing process. There is positional sanctification and the process of ongoing sanctification. All parts of our lives must face the reality of conversion at some point.” ~ E.W.King

When we look at what many scientists refer to as “biological evolution” they sometimes refer to what is known as “punctuated equilibrium”. This basically means that for a species to “evolve” or JUMP into a completely new species changes must occur simultaneously for it to work. What are the odds of millions of small and correctly adaptable mutations occurring all at once?-

As SOCT students we would say that this is not only possible but it is what has been going on throughout the working of Divinely Intelligent guided acts of CREATION. So now we postulate that humans have arrived at a point where they can consciously assist in the next step. The human mind must be on the specific Mind Channel for this ‘new species jump’ to occur.-

Only some humans will be able to experience this “jump”. Only those who have the Holy Spirit working in and through them because of true conversion will experience the New Birth. Our teacher Jesus Christ told us all about this long ago.-

I have stated this reality as such in older articles:-

“People today may use infrared binoculars at night to see in the dark. This gives man an additional faculty that he does not have by himself. In the same way the Bible teaches that in order for man to see the spiritual realm clearly he needs the Holy Spirit. Man has been given what are known as the “five objective faculties”. This is sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. What we take in through these five senses we then begin to process through our subjective conscious. When it comes to understanding true spirituality we need an additional faculty, that of Holy Spirit.” ~ E.W.King

There are unfortunately those stuck on fallen mind channels and controlled mostly by the Adramelechs and their broadcasted channels that they spend most of their time (if not all) on attacking the teachings of others who are trying to help this planet survive. These ignorant people may have permanent brain damage due to programmed hate. This is most unfortunate. On all planets of controlled evolution there has been and are sluggards. They just cannot keep up with advanced growth.-

Many ignore the weather and other planetary changes which are occurring. They deny the fact that humans are destroying this planet. They also attack all those who have some form of religion. It is true that there are contaminated religions which are diseases to this planet and to all of humanity.-

Humans have a choice in what they are going to do with all of this information. SOCT exists in the midst of much disinformation but one should not feel helpless in his/her efforts to truly understand what is really going on with all of this. There are currently biological entities that are watching our planet from distant areas of space. These beings just like us are curious in understanding more about Divine Intelligence. The other two more powerful groups of beings, the Keepers and the Adramelechs have been involved in a much bigger plan when it comes to cosmically controlled destiny.-

YOUR ROLE IN ALL OF THIS: You may have read all of this and are asking; “So what does all of this ultimately mean for me?” We ask that you truly begin to study SOCT information and to test what you read and learn here with modern science and your own experience. This is the most important message this earth has ever been given since Jesus Christ!-

Humans must now boldly throw away old belief systems which have kept so many in the dark. We all must be bold enough to make TRUTH our religion. Colleges and local schools will not teach you this knowledge. This knowledge is where the world should be…but it has been left behind because of selfish, greedy and ignorant people. Science and theology must come together like never before if we are to survive!-

The Millennial Youth must now stand up and rebuke the dumb! Demand that the Truth about extraterrestrials now come forth and be shouted to the masses! We have entered the Seventh Message time zone! It’s now or never!-

Let the seventh-time evolutionary stages take their natural course. Many will be left behind but the remnant will survive. A mass educational program must now begin with the sharing of SOCT knowledge.

-Eric W. King

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  1. According to the ET sources, The Infinite Creator which is one only became many to explore the possibilities of individuality. Individuals then react with other individuals at various levels or densities of reality in order to eventually rediscover their unity with all once again. Several ET sources have reported that it is actually beneficial to have a certain amount of what we would call "Evil" present as a force to accelerate learning. The conflict between those serving self and those attempting to serve others leads to a struggle between opposing sides resulting in a clarification of the nature of both good and evil. It is the struggle between opposing forces that acts like the mainspring of a watch, driving evolution forward while we are in the third density reality. We exist within this environment of polarity with a similarly polarized internal structure consisting of spirit or awareness as one pole and matter or body as the opposite pole. We all contain as our core existence the pure awareness that pervades the entire creation. However, as part of the rules for existence in this lower density, we have forgotten our original identities as pure spiritual beings and have taken on name and form, a unique individualized role, within the illusion. This is often referred to as the veil of forgetfullness. By seeing ourselves as individuals, we feel free to serve self or serve others, to pursue objects of desire, to make choices and to observe the results of those choices. Thus we collectively explore a huge diversity of separate paths before eventually remembering our innate unity.
    (See Ra Material and Law of One Vols II, III, IV. Books available at