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Friday, August 1, 2014

~SOCT students are Hybrid Humans

COGSR enters new phase on July 14th 2014
~SOCT students are Hybrid Humans

Here Mr. Eric W. King explains the “new 2014 phase” of COGSR and its SOCT connection. He goes on to explain highly controversial teachings and understandings of SOCT. He explains that the children of the new Space Age Christians are truly hybrid humans. This is most certainly NOT “easy to grasp information”. Please read slowly and book mark us. Thank you J

By Eric W. King

Please understand: This earth has been given a book which contains a basic story of this planet and a basic history of human interaction and development. This book is the Holy Bible. This book has become the basis of many religious movements. All the stories found in it can even be found in earlier records of religious development.-

The Bible can be used as a spiritual text book and can be understood at many levels. We can look at it as an historical record, a moral record, a cultural record, a religious record; we can find its mystical messages, its numerological messages, its secret coded messages, etc. But most of all it is simply a HUMAN RECORD.-

We can learn many important Truths from this book we call the Bible. At SOCT research centers we have found scientific knowledge coded in the book along with a more precise understanding of the seven day “recreation” of the surface of our planet after the last ice-age [read SOCT document: “The Story of Our Planet”]. By the time Jesus Christ appeared and began to teach he himself began to use the knowledge of the Old Testament Scriptures as a foundation to teach even more advanced moral truths.-

After Jesus Christ died and left his teachings with his students we find a spread in the knowledge which latter became known as “the Christian faith”. Written records started to appear claimed to have been written by some of the original students of Jesus.-

SOCT students have been able to compartmentalize sections of time, blocks of human history, which have helped track the development of the Jesus message. We have found that there have been six major divisions of the time in regards to the original message and its development. We now believe that as of October 7th 2011 we have entered the last stage and higher development of the Christian message. It culminated in the founding of the “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant” [aka COGSR]. The ministry reached around the globe in a matter of two and ½ years. Ridiculed and attacked along the way.-

New Phase of COGSR as of July 14th 2014

During the first year of the founding of COGSR I started an additional study group called the “Science of Christian Thought”. This small group of Christians who also studied science began to understand God’s laws of science in unity with the Bible and COGSR theology. I myself began to write with intensity new revelations that came to me regarding a greater and deeper understanding of my Christian faith. SOCT grew right along side of COGSR.-

Finally on July 14th 2014 we came out of prayer with new insight and we now begin this new phase of Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant. We have decided to put all our attention on the SOCT studies. We have become what we call Space Age Christians. We have been given this new commission to help the current human race understand just where we all stand in regards to prophetic history and human development. Our theology has not changed but it has certainly been “upgraded”. We have always been teachable and this is how Divine Intelligence wants us to be.-

The original COGSR & SOCT websites were taken down on June 23rd 2014. Both are now replaced with this, our new SOCT site.-

We still believe in only one way!

Please understand; We have not become some strange New Age group or religion!  Our theological teachings have not changed! We still believe that Jesus Christ built his ONE CHURCH and that this one church is receiving the ONE WAY MESSAGE of TRUE CHRSITIANITY. We believe that all true SOCT students make up the Christian body called “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant”. We believe that the true Jesus Christ is the second person of the God Family that visited this planet some 2000 years ago. We believe and practice the Ten Commandments and we keep the Seven Holy Feast times as we have always done since the time of Jesus Christ himself. We keep the original Seventh Day Sabbath [Saturday]. These special times are the gateway into God’s time zone and the keeping of them opens up the spiritual portal to pure Christian Reality.-

We still believe that we are in the “seventh church time” which is the Laodicean period, the 7th. We believe that we are in the beginning portion of the seventh time and we thus call it the “typical Laodicean era”. We believe that we are keeping up with the current revelatory Truths of God’s people and God’s one true Church. Those who become SOCT students join us in becoming “new creatures” in Christ.-

One Last Chance for True & Stable Peace!

SOCT students have been informed by Divine Intelligence that if enough people were to accept pure reality, the SOCT teachings, then this planet would enter a great time of peace and stability. This window is open between the typical & antitypical Laodicean period. We are currently in the beginning of the typical Laodicean era. We entered this 7th era of time on October 7th 2011. The window is now open. Will we heed the message? Are we prepared to deal with REALITY? So far we have been proven not to be.-

The human ‘collective’ subconscious mind has begun to address the great fear of self-destruction as witnessed and seen in the “Dooms Day Prepper” movements.  If enough hybrids come forth we may be able to bring stabilization to this planet. However, prophecies seem to indicate that humans will destroy this planet and only a small remnant, “the elect”, will survive to live on the New Earth within the New Heavens.-

If a modern politician was to stand up and truly accept the higher moral principles of our message and accept the reality of Divine Intelligence, Extraterrestrials & the saving of our planet then he/she would most certainly get our vote!-

SOCT students are Hybrid Humans

Space Age Christians involved with our ministry have produced extremely intelligent children. Christians who can understand the higher sciences and how new technology properly should interact with the Christian lifestyle. The intuitive capabilities of our SOCT children can be extremely amazing. We now believe, due to intense research, that many of us have developed new genetic functions within the human genes. This may seem impossible but it is indeed a fact!-

SOCT students also have a greater understanding of the extraterrestrial reality than others who do not yet know about these revelations. It is true that SOCT students have the additional mind mechanism [Divine Mind or Holy Spirit] and are receiving insights which go far above the common thought process of the “normal” human being. We have been sharing our special revelations with a select group of scientists who are interested in what we have learned.-

True Christians who have the ‘seed’ of the Holy Spirit in them are growing into a New Thought Process…they are using the Mind of Christ. “It does not matter at all whether or not one is circumcised; what does matter is being a NEW CREATURE.” [Galatians 6:15] Jesus said of His true followers that like Him they are “no part of this world.” Christians are truly a level above current humanity and its thinking process. We are still human and we still have all the human functions that everybody else has. What makes the Christian different is how he thinks and how he acts. A “Christian Clarity” develops:-

Christian Clarity: Measurable degree of Christian maturity developed seen in choice making and character development. To see and understand proper doctrine [pure doctrine] and to know how to apply proper Christian teachings.”-

When we die our spirit returns to God who gave it. The human spirit is like a computer chip that stores everything that we are. If while the chip was activated down here in a human body and that soul received the Holy Spirit then that person will receive a glorified body at the resurrection. However, the person who heard the message of Truth and decided to reject the “upgrade” - he will not survive the judgment. It is that simple.-

Many believe that this fallen world of ‘matter’ is all that there is. They have rejected to see the Supreme Intelligence in the Laws of Creation. Instead most wish to have complete power over all laws of Creation and to become their own “gods”. This is a product of vanity and pride, the motive of fallen human nature. Fallen angels chose the wrong path and are operating in the air space around us. They excite the emotions of the lost to live in the passion of the moment without using loving reason and logic. True peace comes only through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Man needs to understand his true purpose in life.-

Christian Identity: Recognition of purpose for the glory of God in your person. Recognition of the human condition and what you have been “saved” from through Jesus Christ. The experience of true Christian Reality. Knowing your Christian purpose through MOCA.”-

MOCA (pronounced, mocha) is the acronym for “Mind Of Christ Action”. True Christians are becoming “new beings” through the practice of mocha. “When anyone is joined to Christ, he is a New Being; the old is gone, the new has come.” [1 Corinthians 5:17] Fallen apostate churches and denominations are not teaching this truth. As we grow in Christ we begin to confront every situation with new insight.-

Conversion: True conversion is an act but it is also an ongoing process. There is positional sanctification and the process of ongoing sanctification. All parts of our lives must face the reality of conversion at some point.”-

There is not a religion on the face of this planet that is of God except the true religion that God Himself brought in the person of Jesus Christ. You say; “I do not believe that!” Well, your issue is not with me but with God Himself. We believe in God’s word. He wrote through men and women as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. “For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by Holy Ghost.” [2 Peter 1:21] All false ideologies and so called religions are corrupted with corrupt interpretations. What did God promise through all of the prophets of old? He promised to send ONE SAVIOR – He did not send more than one final savior! That one Savior is JESUS CHRIST!-


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