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Monday, August 4, 2014

Some Extraterrestrial SOCT information about the Human Brain

SOCT Paper 74

Some Extraterrestrial SOCT information                                                about the Human Brain

By Eric W. King

SOCT students are aware that the human brain has a mechanism which records all experiences and understandings. We call this the “human spirit”. The human brain itself is the most complex organ in the human body and it helps to assimilate and activate every thought, action, feeling, memory & experience. The human brain weighs a mere 1.4 kilograms. We now know that our brains contain at least one hundred billion nerve cells. Currently the human collective conscious is awakening to a new platform of comprehension in the understanding of its cosmology.-

The human brain is the vehicle through which reality and reality comprehension is perceived and understood. The neurons in your brain make communication connections via tiny structures known as synapses. Millions of connections are being made all the time. Old pathways are being accessed and new pathways being created. The pathways in your brain look like tiny threads calleddendrites and axons. Neural signals are sent along these pathways.-

SOCT Students producing Neurogenesis

SOCT students have been able to produce bursts of neurogenesis through interfacing with extraterrestrial mind channels. This is why we consider our process as being that of a “hybrid” transformation. Please understand, when we talk about Divine Intelligence we are directly always referring to God. But also understand that all ET intelligence is operating through and in Divine Intelligence. This simply means that SOCT students have been able to activate greater use of their brains due to SOCT knowledge and activation of that knowledge because of interfacing with the Divine Mind Channel.-

We have talked about “mind channels”. The neurons in your brain communicate in many ways. Most signals pass between neurons through a neurotransmitter and by neuromodulator chemicals. Some of these chemicals have been identified as dopamine, noradrenalin, acetylcholine, glutamate and endorphins. Some of these work together in a synapse to pass messages to receptors. Receptors are what we could call “collection sites” within your brain.-

When more integrated thoughts happen the brain waves act more like a radio signal which make the whole brain more sensitive.-

Humans able to monitor brain activity

Human technology has become increasingly better at tracking human brain activity. Some of this new technology we are not permitted to publically speak of. One of the older devices which has come in handy in monitoring and studying brain activity is the electroencephalogram [EEG]. The brain produces a visual idea of wave-like patters. We have named these waves alpha, beta, delta & gamma hertz waves.  Other tools for monitoring the brain are MRI scans (PET) and CT scanning.We can say that extraterrestrial technology is far more advanced in the ability to monitor brain activity.-

Currently research is being done within the United States government which is highly advanced in monitoring and studying the human brain. It is important to understand that much of the ET drone activity seen flying in our air space is controlled via bioelectrical ET brain connections with the crafts themselves. Humans are currently experimenting with such a type of technology. Brain research is highly important for human development into the space age.-

We have a choice

Humans have a choice in what they are going to do with all of this information. SOCT exists in the midst of much disinformation but one should not feel helpless in his/her efforts to truly understand what is really going on with all of this. There are currently biological entities that are watching our planet from distant areas of space. These beings just like us are curious in understanding more about Divine Intelligence. The other two more powerful groups of beings, the Keepers and theAdramelechs have been involved in a much bigger plan when it comes to cosmically controlled destiny.-

It is truly time to understand the human brain, consciousness technology, true Christianity and your place in this Great Universe of ours!-

We humans have been given a grace period to review just where we stand in prophetic history and to make better choices. The masses must now be properly educated as to what is truly going on because we are now slipping from the Information Age into the greater Space Age. Please book mark this website and continue to study with SOCT students from around the world. We are all students of this cosmic drama!


  1. Neurogenesis
  2. Neurogenesis is the process by which neurons are generated from neural stem cells and progenitor cells. Most active during pre-natal development, neurogenesis is responsible for populating the growing brain with neurons. Wikipedia

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