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Friday, August 8, 2014

Tabula Rasa Field

Tabula Rasa Field

By Eric W. King

SOCT is receiving new information all the time. I would like to brief all students on a matter that we hope to speak and write more about very soon. It has been suggested as early as our 1999 findings [before we were officially known as SOCT] that there are special “fields” from which all projects forth. I am talking about a new SOCT understanding of special physics. This is extraterrestrial given knowledge to ponder. This information is extremely hard to put in words.-

Modern physicists have speculated about electron fields, quark fields, gluon fields, W and Z-boson fields, higgs fields etc. It seems that there may be a field associated to each type of fundamental particle. If we understand that all “things” big and small can only exist due to specific environments and environments themselves exist within frameworks of other environments then everything must be connected at a quantum level. So is there then an “absolute field” from which everything springs forth?-

We now understand that the laws of physics change based on the observers speed. Time slows down at the faster speeds and so do all laws of physics. Things which seem to occur in our time as simultaneous events do not appear that way at faster speeds thus the laws of physics are more fully understood when studied from higher speeds. Indeed, new laws are witnessed!-

We have been informed by ET’s that interdimensional realities exist and can only be viewed at higher speeds. To understand this we must start over from a tabula rasa – clean slate. To see this greater field we must learn faster traveling skills.-

Humans have witnessed the effects of extra-dimensional laws when witnessing extraterrestrial crafts. ET’s can harness interdimensional laws that we have not yet discovered.

I hope to do more articles soon regarding extra-dimensional realities.

~Eric W. King

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