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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Science of Christian Thought (The Basics)

The Science of Christian Thought (The Basics)

This knowledge is worked off of the revealed spiritual knowledge given to Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. He originally titled the subject: “The Incredible Human Potential”. Mr. Eric W. King has written a more in-depth understanding of this Christian knowledge in the last couple of years due to the fact that God has been revealing more to His one true church, “The Worldwide Church of God” & SOCT. Please read this with much prayer. It is a Biblical response to modern Psychology.

The Three Levels of Reality

We could say that there are three levels of reality. The first level could be the physical which includes the human body and the electrochemical realm. The next level of reality could be seen as the “mind”. This would include all levels of thinking and intellectual reality. These two realities are what most humans are running with. The final or third reality could be seen as that of the spiritual. This spiritual realm can also be confusing for man because all are in a spiritual battle. It is in this spiritual level that one must accept the Holy Spirit or he will be forever lost! To be “saved” one must be living in Christian Reality.-

Electrochemical Mind: This would include all living souls, both human and animal. It would also include all life at the cellular level.-

The Human Mind: This includes the fact that man has a ‘special element’ of mind called the Human Spirit. This is a gift of ‘deeper thought’, logic, human reason, and intellectualism. Involves a basic moral understanding.-

The Human Spiritual Mind: This involves the fact that man has ‘spiritual dimension’. Humans have spiritual awareness and warfare.  At this level communication with non-physical entities is realized. The person begins his struggle for understanding of the spiritual realm. [As seen in religious behavior & superstitious activity] Christians have the “Mind of Christ” in this realm and thus have spiritual clarity.-

Both the Human Mind and its Spiritual Element involve the human imagination. When imagination is controlled by Truth it can create constructively. When left by itself it can create chaos and confusion (both intellectual and spiritual confusion are the result of the unguided imagination being hijacked by uncontrolled emotion).-

The Human Brain

The apostle Paul confirmed that we all have a “natural body” which includes a physical brain. We grow old and our bodies get weak then we eventually die. But each human will be resurrected, “raised in a spiritual body”. [1 Corinthians 15:44] As for Christians a change in the human mind has occurred. True Christians have the Holy Spirit. This means that a dramatic change in our thinking has occurred. [2 Corinthians 5:17] Paul told the Romans: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” [Romans 12:2] We must “be renewed in the spirit”. [Ephesians 4:23-24] Again, all humans are born with a spirit essence that gives us the ability to develop our minds. The human spirit must gain the presence of the Holy Spirit to develop into its full potential.-

The human brain is physical. The human brain is like a wired piece of electronic machinery. Please understand that the “thinking” brain is something quite different from simple brain activity. The fact that humans can make decisions and form beliefs gives consciousness and individuality to the person. If these are all just chemical reactions then thinking in and of itself would simply be a mere illusion. We would have no reason for anything.-

The brain does not do the thinking for us. There is another element, the “human spirit”. Humans can make their brains give conscious reactions. They can give commands to the brain. Where does this come from if not the brain? People talk about “making up their mind” or even “losing their mind”. People talk about their minds as if they understood what is happening.-

Three Interactive Actions [TIA]

Because of sin fallen mans basic thought patterns can be structured as being a part of three separate yet interactive “actions” as such:-

Sinful Reaction: All humans have a basic reaction to all that affects them. Because of the sinful nature mans comprehension of ultimate reality is distorted. Even with fallen mans concept of basic “right” and “wrong” he has distortions. He reacts wrongly. [Proverbs 18:13 Romans 8:7] Sometimes sinful reaction is even more personified because of physical distortions. All physical distortions are a result of sin; both directly and indirectly [inherent].-

Positive Reaction: Positive reaction could be seen as fallen man trying to do his best with what he has. Not all ‘positive’ reactions are truly correct because they contain some sort of distortion. [Proverbs 16:25 Proverbs 16:2] Man can do “good” but this does not make man perfect or without sin. Both Sinful & Positive reactions can be effected or enhanced through culture, environment and or upbringing. What are called “good works” [positive reaction] of man cannot get you into the Kingdom of God. [Ephesians 2:8-10]-

Mind Of Christ Action [MOCA]: This is the point where man begins to truly think and act clearly. Only the true Christian can begin this process. It involves the development of the mind under the influence of Holy Spirit. [Romans 12:2 1 Corinthians 2:14] To have the Mind of Christ means that the individual has gone through true conversion. To receive the mind of Christ one must come into contact with Jesus Christ and His True Church. This is rare.-

We will start with these three aspects (starting position of actions). What I am calling “sinful reaction” is something that we experience every day. It involves actions based on distorted perception. How we react to others in thought and in action and how others respond to us without Holy Spirit guidance is distorted. Man has a basic “spiritual element”. This was gifted to man by God. Mans ‘spirit’ is NOT Holy Spirit. Mans spirit is not perfect in and of itself. Also, this element is not ‘self-conscious’; it is not the man. It is the intellectual gift to mankind by God. Because mans mind has inherent sin it [mans spirit] reacts to life in a distorted way. Thus, mans ‘spirit’ is corrupt because of the mind.-

Three Mental Options [T-MO]

How humans deal with their thoughts fall under three actions as such;




Acronym: REC, the prefix of “record”-

There are really no other options. Whatever we choose will have implications and consequences. If one chooses to “repress” his or her sinful emotion he begins to deny his own emotions. This is very dangerous. Many tend to hide their emotions from everyone. We cannot hide our emotions from God. Some choose to “express” their sinful thoughts through action. This action can result both in Sinful Reactions and or Positive Reactions. Positive Actions manifest what is known as surface-control. Sinful Reactions are the most damaging. To the one committing the sin and to others. Positive Reactions are actions not necessarily perceived to be sin by the one who commits them. Sinful Reactions are known by the person making them to be outright sin.-

Control Issues [CI]

Sinful Reaction and Positive Reaction manifest control issues. Let us look into this a little deeper;-

Surface Control: This type of behavior may appear positive [positive action] but really it is a form of repression. Both sinful & positive reactions can and most often do result in some form of repression. This type of false control can result in destructive processes [counter creative] leading to physical ailments. Habitual repression can cause a person to be angry with life which creates an attitude of hostility and frustration with the world. This is certainly not a pleasant way to live. Hidden anger will eventually manifest somehow.-

Inner Control: Only those who have the Holy Spirit can exercise true control. A Christian has a greater hope than a non-Christian. The Christian perspective is not all centered on this life. The Christian views his or her present experience as a relatively short period of time to be spent in contrast to his or her eternal reward. [Matthew 6:33] Knowing that we have work to do here in regards to character building and the fact that we will enter eternity and live in Christ’s kingdom is an unavailable dimension for the non-Christian. Christians are actually thankful that they can experience irritation sometimes because they realize that God is at work. This understanding frees the Christian from ultimate personal anxiety. [Romans 8:28] Through the understandings that Jesus Christ gives to us we develop what might be called Cognitive Behavior [clear thinking]. [Proverbs 4:18]-

True inner control means recognizing our emotions, not trying to hide them. True control also involves a clear understanding of who you are in Christ.-

The fact that true Christians recognize that God is Sovereign gives them potency to solving problems that they are powerless to solve. The Word of God informs us that trials and tribulations in life are to be expected and can even provide one opportunities in life. True inner-strength comes with understanding that nobody is perfect and that for the true Christian there is no condemnation because of the gift of grace. This is a constant inner peace for the Christian.-

Psychology offers statements that might help attenuate anxiety but true Christians experience true freedom because of the “renewing” of the mind. [Romans 12:2] Though this life is full of troubles there is an unimaginable promise that awaits the true Christian. [Matthew 6:33] The world wonders how a person can gain strength from something or someone that cannot be seen or touched. The source of unconditional love that a true Christian experiences enables him to be non-desperate and non-needy. True Christians do not ultimately rely on their ever-changing peer relationships. Christians are in a vertical relationship first!-

The Christian has a real purpose. Christians are created to be in proper relationship with God and others. The Christian has true cognitions which keep him free from feeling empty and confused. Please understand, hearing the voice of Jesus Christ is NOT what psychologists call ‘self-talk’. Christianity involves understanding a reality that transcends the physical world in which we live. It involves the Ultimate Personality, the Creator.-

Christians do not practice ‘self-verbalization’. To the true Christian it is the Holy Spirit that enables him to hear the True Voice of God. This cannot be measured by science.-

What is Sin?

Sin is going against the will of God. Sin is the “transgression of the [God’s] law”. [1st John 3:4] Because many today have spent most of their lives not caring about what God thinks or says and because most children today are raised with Godless parents we find a human race that functions under what is called a “dulled conscience”. This is a most dangerous state. The dulled conscience is the result of repeated willful, conscience wrongdoing. “Moral insensitivity is the terrible consequence of deliberate refusal over a long period of time to heed the voice of right conduct.” One of the problems that get people on the track of denial and continuous wrong doing is the issue of guilt. Instead of dealing with guilt most simply burry it with more wrongful actions in the idea of answering guilt with guilt. This is what the Bible calls “the fallen state of man”. To live in this condition is to “live in sin”. For instance; if a couple is not married but living together one of them may have a clearer conscience, they may begin to sense that their living condition is not proper, correct or right. However, if both have been brought up in a “dulled conscience” environment they may not receive a strong conviction regarding the issue and thus burry it with more wrong doing. It becomes a suicide cycle.-

To fight against moral conviction is to not act “according to faith” in God. Instead many develop “faith in self”. You must have a sound definition [Biblical definition] of sin, transgression, neglect and faithless action regarding God’s will to truly understand your condition. In today’s world nobody takes “sin” very seriously anymore. Most people refer to sinful actions with self-indulgent humor. Many say things like; “Oh well, I’m just like every other human being.” Here at COGSR we wish to help you back into God’s world of Christian Reality. We will not excuse sinful actions. Why live in sin? We will deal with sin the way God invites us to. Please remember, ALL SIN has elements of willful defiance, rebellion and disloyalty.-

Christianity and the Guilt Factor!

First off, what is guilt? Guilt deals in two specific areas; moral condition and or personality disturbance but there is also “false guilt”. Do you realize that guilt [sin] is the core of all misunderstandings? The Bible proclaims what the true cause of guilt is. The Bible states that both thoughts and actions can create guilt. This means that if we do not understand proper thinking we will have numerous issues with guilt and if we do not understand true moral action [Mind of Christ Action] we will struggle with wrong actions constantly.-

Second, many develop a personality disturbance due to what one might call “moral awareness”. God has given all humans a basic understanding of right and wrong through the spirit of man. Mans ‘spirit’ in and by itself has distorted concepts but does have some moral awareness of God’s perfect law. The word conscience does not appear in Scripture but the concept is described in the use of the word “heart” or “heart of man”. The Bible teaches us that this basic conscience is inborn or innate in mankind. However, it does have to be somewhat developed. We read; “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these…shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the meanwhile accusing or else excusing one another.” [Romans 2:14-15]-

False Guilt

False guilt is basically experiencing guilt after doing something truly right! When Christians commit actions in the “Mind Of Christ” they are truly doing what is correct, proper and right. Others who have not yet experienced this Holy Spirit power may try and make you feel guilty for correct conduct. This is indeed “false guilt”. It is a trap of Satan that we must not give into!-

Fruit of your doctrine!

In Matthew 7:16 Jesus informs his students that we shall know a true Christian by their “fruits”. He talks about how a healthy tree brings forth “good fruit” and an unhealthy tree brings forth “bad fruit”. Many believe that Jesus is only referring to outward deeds, what one might call “good works”. The fact is Jesus is also referring to GOOD DOCTRINE. The Pharisees did outwardly everything that their “good” traditions demanded. However, inwardly they were following “doctrines of devils” [John 8:44; 1 Timothy 4; Matthew 7:15]-

The Sinful Nature’s Effect on the Mind

Basically the Bible teaches that man has a ‘sinful nature’. We have a disease called sin. We were born with it. How does this fallen nature affect us? It causes a departure from Christian Reality. It causes irrational thought and behavior. If offers fixed ideas in the realm of philosophy, religion and decision making which are not true.-

The fallen human conscious produces two basic reactions to all things. These are the Sinful-Reaction and or the Positive-Reaction. Both are tainted with sin. When people commit Positive Reactions they do so not really knowing what to do is “right” but making their best choice [effort] with functions of fallen mind. Ultimately these actions seem rational. And Sinful Reactions are outright sin. The person who commits such acts knows that he or she is going against basic conscious or even against the Law of God.-

Sinful “seed” or “leaven”
-Sinful Experiences

Sinful Experiences [likened to leaven] can plant [like a bad seed] wrong and distorted thought memories [mind pictures] at the conscious and subconscious level which begin to grow [rise like leaven] and affect the whole of human thinking. This so called “leaven” over a period of time lightens the guilt of sinful actions. All humans have experienced sinful action and reactions from childhood. These distortions create wrong answers and actions. In other words, people learn to react wrongly. All sinful acts stem from the basic ‘reactive’ fallen mind. The reactive portion of the mind is that portion which has been distorted by sin. The reactive level of fallen man has no static foundation of Truth. It simply responds based on false [sinful] data. This means that those who lack the Mind of Christ [those who are not truly converted Christians] mostly react under the control of what could be termed the “volitional” level of fallen mind. Sinful action controls the body, mind and spiritual realm of the non-Christian. The ‘reactive’ level of consciousness is sometimes termed, Human Nature. Please understand that ‘Sinful Experiences’ affect both the conscious and unconscious mind. To be freed from fallen mind man must accept the true God and the guidance that He offers through Holy Spirit. This can be experienced by listening to and acting on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then, one can receive the true Holy Spirit. [Acts 5:32]-

Only the true Church of God has the correct teachings of Jesus Christ. The true Church belongs to Jesus Christ and He built it.-

Through the Science of Christian Thought [SOCT] one learns to discharge the content of sinful experience and be restored to pure perception [proper relationship to Jesus Christ]. Sin is the source of mental illness and even psychosomatic illness. A mind operating with pure perception is operating at the “Mind of Christ” level. The mind of the Mature Christian begins to have attunement with the Holy Spirit ‘mind channel’. Mind channels contain what are known as “thought patterns”. These channels form the matrix of human thought.-

How Sin effects our Emotions

The Bible states that all humans have entered a state of spiritual and emotional imperfection. We may try and strive for better ways, for perfection with our emotions but what a struggle this can be. Because we are able to experience a myriad of emotions the question becomes; “What do I do with them?” For Christians we struggle with the fact that our emotions sometimes move us in directions which disagree with our faith in God. So the question is; “How can I be true to God and to my own emotions?” Human psychology has tried to answer this question but without the Holy Spirit and the person of Jesus Christ it becomes impossible.-

Not only must we as humans deal with our own misunderstandings and sinful nature we also have an enemy. There is another force which must not be ignored. Satan attacks us in the area of emotions just as he does in all other areas of life. We must not deny the spiritual realm. There is a spiritual battle for everyone. Christians begin to recognize what is really going on as they draw closer to Jesus Christ through His word. Satan tempts us to be dishonest and fail to admit and confront all of our emotions. The Bible states that Satan is a liar and a murderer.-

Are Christians Anti-social?

Those of us in the true church of Jesus Christ have been called “anti-social”. Now please understand this argument in light of the facts of Christian understanding. Just because true Christians do not participate in fallen apostate pagan holidays does not mean that true Christians are not social. What does it mean? It simply means that true Christians have a different value method. Christians can socialize with non-Christians, we do it every day. Christians keep more holidays [God’s feast days] than pagans keep pagan days. True Christians are social much with fellow Christians. We are very social.-

As far as being social with non-Christians we have a challenge but we understand our challenge in light of God’s word. We have to be around non-believers every day. True Christians see their social environment as a learning experience, whether they are around Christians or non-Christians. A Christian can look around his or her environment and notice behaviors in others which manifest non-social behavior. They see that undealt with dishonesty and sin are the greatest results of one wanting to be non-social.-

All antisocial behaviors involve factors of un-dealt with sin. Christians have the challenge of being around many who have not dealt with their sinful nature. This makes it harder for the Christian to maintain social behavior without being concerned for the other. There always is a disconnect with the Christian in regards to talking with a non-Christian. However, the true Christian learns patience. The true Christian longs to share with the ‘lost’ the peace that they have found in Jesus Christ. We [Christians] can do this in many ways. First and foremost we can do this in our actions. Then we can do this by listening to the lost person. Communication is always a two way stream. Christians can stand firm in what they believe in not just in words but in body language and facial expression. At the same time we must show compassion. This is indeed a challenge.-

Boundaries in Christian Reality

Christians set boundaries in communication. Sometimes these boundaries can be set by subtle gestures. Other times we have to just speak up and lay it all out. COGSR has techniques which we teach built on Scriptural understanding which can help.-

Christians who have truly studied God’s word with COGSR have come to the realization that most all peoples personalities are mired down in difficulties which have not been properly dealt with. We have talked about ‘repression’, holding down emotions that mostly deal with anger. What we have not talked about is ‘suppression’. Suppressive behavior has to do with anti-social behavior.-

If you study with COGSR you will learn about your sinful nature, you will learn about how the Bible defines the human mind. You will learn how to be a better person because of Jesus Christ. Please continue to study with us and write us an email. We are here to help you be a TRUE CHRISTIAN.-

Most anti-social types use broad generalities when they speak. They like to place large amounts of people in social classes. Most of the time they are victims of their own repressed anger. They dwell on “bad news” with no Biblical solution. Many who are anti-social like to create problems within the relationships that surround them. Many sadly do not have any friends. They may associate with another person who is usually involved in some sort of addiction.-

The Christian Mind Continues to Grow

The Mind of Christ working in man gives man the capability of continued enlightenment and expansion. The Christian mind is ever expanding in Truth Realizations! “The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” [Proverbs 4:18] The Christian builds in the realm of “reality”. True Reality itself is ever expanding to the growing child of God. We will always be learning, do not doubt this!-

Christians [those truly converted] stop feeling ‘identity transformations’. Instead they receive “Christian Identity Realizations”. In other words, they become stronger in their identity of being a true Christian, a “begotten” child of God. Identity that is grounded in Jesus Christ gives the true convert power and equilibrium. It gives the inner peace that the true Jesus Christ offers. The true Jesus Christ offers stability in identity and stability in all areas of growth. Psychology, Paganism and the world of Occultism can never truly offer this. They have no point of ultimate reference which involves personality. The Christian God is personal and understands relationship.-

Stability in “identity” is what Jesus Christ came to restore. No current psychology or pagan religion understands the True Mission of Jesus Christ. At COGSR and in all of our ministries we continue to offer and to teach the Truth completely free of charge. Our God has freely given and instructs His children to freely give! Psychology and fallen pagan religions ask for money. True Christians never do!-

True Christianity does not rely on theory or material gain. It is Reality!-

Recognizing Worldy Brainwashing

Sadly, this world has been ‘brainwashing’ fallen humans to exercise their fallen sinful nature over and over again. Because this fallen world does not understand what sin is and tries to produce its own corrupted and distorted moral standard it is faulty and sick, both mentally and spiritually.-

Fallen institutionalized religions and “counseling centers” have continued to brainwash fallen society with their corrupt tactics. They may get a person to change his or her behavior by making the person give up a portion of ‘self-control’ but this is wrong. These fallen “cultic” groups get people to feel empowered by their insistence on the idea that their organization can help. They always ask the patient to give them money and even more and more money. Sometimes they even demand the surrender of personal belongings. These sick materialists are practicing Satanism.-

Cults use fear. They try and first cause doubt in the person which they are seeking to convert. Then they try and make the individual feel inner turmoil. The fact is, only the true Holy Spirit can make the appropriate changes in the person seeking Truth, not some ‘guru’ or other false teacher. It is true that radical changes in a person life involve struggles and sadly, sometimes powerful Sinful Experiences. But the person who has sought out the true God is not left alone. Jesus Christ will guide His people. The loyalty of the true Christian is to God and His church and NOT to some idiot or cult leader!-

We have stated that the Bible teaches that true Thought is a developed skill. This is true. However, this skill is developed through God’s Word, guidance from Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is NOT produced by psychology, human counselors or cult leaders and false doctrines. We might refer to fallen concepts as a person’s “kool-aid”.-

Christianity never teaches forced conversion, true Christianity never uses fear, true Christianity never uses coercive persuasion. Please understand that true conversion is a supernatural act of God!-

Jesus Christ understands the ‘Private Self’

Jesus Christ taught His students to pray in private, not just around fellow Christians. He likened it to going into a “closet” or even into the woods, away from others, to talk personally with Him. Even fallen human nature understands that we all need our privacy. To retreat to privacy may be used to escape from interaction that is troubling. We have talked about “irritations” and how the Christian can deal with them.-

Jesus understands that we sometimes have to withdraw to repair our energies. Jesus Christ himself demonstrated withdrawal from others sometimes, even from His closest students.-

Many who are studying with us here at COGSR have testimonies of going to sacred places to pray about what they are learning. This world is so full of confusion that sacred and quiet places are very important for true Christians. Please understand, you are a special personality, a ‘one of a kind’. God loves you no matter what you have done to fail. God forgives you through Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice. God is now inviting you into Christian Reality. He is inviting you into His one and only True Church. Please take time out to study what YOU believe you need to understand to have peace with God.-

Only God truly understands you!

We may pretend that our husbands or wives “truly understand us” but this is simply NOT TRUE. The Bible teaches that only God truly understands His children. We all have a “private self”, a portion of us that nobody knows. We all contain what might be called, “an element of secrecy”. But the true Christian understands that he or she cannot keep anything from God. God truly sees what we see, understands what we feel, and God also knows all the depths of our individual thoughts, emotions and experiences. No psychologist could ever claim this. Christians have learned that only Jesus Christ truly understands them, nobody else!-

What you all need to understand is the fact that relationships are simultaneously tenacious and fragile. Christian identity is what needs to be developed for true stability and equilibrium in all of our thoughts and actions. True Identity in Christ will help us all to better understand the portions of our selves. All of what makes us who we are develops what psychology calls the “ego”. Christianity does not refer to an ‘ego’ or to what many call a “true self”. Christianity only acknowledges our position in Jesus Christ and in “pure perception” (Christian Reality).-

An egocentric person (one who lacks true Christian Identity) is truly somebody who does not know Jesus Christ. Ego involves false identity and operates only on Sinful-Reaction and Positive-Reaction. It lacks the Mind Of Christ! [Understanding of TIA] Christian Reality!-

Some who are against true Christianity state that the ‘ideas’ that it proposes are mere generalizations. Scientists use experimental research to verify generalizations. Thus, Christians must try to apply Christian thought in their lives to see if it really works. The Bible itself challenges us to “prove all things”. Christians do not follow a “blind faith”. The Christian becomes aware that God’s ways work. The Christian does not just have a list of rules that he or she follows. The Christian also has what nothing else can offer, a personal relationship with the Creator.-

Some look at Christianity as merely a theory. Theories involve more than just generalizations they involve a hypotheses. This involves what people call an assumption. Now this whole process is what fallen man has used and uses to discover all “truth”. Because of mans limitations he seems to have no other resource. Psychologists follow this pattern of thought when arriving at conclusions. Because all humans have a great diversity in experience you can imagine that there are many explanations of human thought in regards to psychology, and there are! There are many theories!-

People today now realize that science and technology will never lead to a Utopia. What is most depressing for all is found in the way that humans behave. Humans just can’t seem to get it right. One reason why is because humans recognize that they have problems. Like a computer with a virus. Humans use their limited and perverted ideas to try and solve their own dilemma. Jesus once asked; “Can good fruit come from a bad tree?” More than likely it cannot, in and by itself. This concludes that we must have some sort of outer force which wishes to interact with the human problem to help solve it.-

Behavioral science has concluded that our chemistry is off. We are currently created this way. We have a malfunction. The Bible gives answers to why this is. We have all inherited sin. Sin is the real issue to all human problems. So how do we deal with sin? The Bible tells us how. Though we all have separate personalities, we all face the same difficulties. How we deal with them may be slightly different but our ability to deal with them always fails in that we always have more problems.-

Christianity gives a big picture of our current reality but also offers help to the individual. Both psychology and science have tried to avoid religion and traditional theological beliefs but this is impossible. Why? Simply because we are spiritual in nature. Faith in God has been replaced with human potential in the ‘self’. By doing this current psychology is practicing repression. Trying to repress human spirituality is dangerous. Instead of accepting Biblical absolutes the world has turned to relativism [liberalism] and situational ethics.-

Scientists and psychologists have no problem with admitting to differences in their individual assumptions and attitudes yet they do not allow for true Christians to hold to an absolute in regards to morality and theology. What an illusion sin creates in the mind of man. Clinical psychologists are even at more odds with Christianity because they must deal with the subject of spirituality, they cannot hide from it like the others.-

Many in the psychology field claim that Christians lean on self induced illusions which manifest in neurotic people. Yet, their own belief in psycho-theory is in itself a religion. Most see Jesus Christ as pathological, holding to extreme…one sided, exaggerated and intense expressions of what He deemed as “truth”. This is an assumption. Many regard all Christians today as only dealing with assumptions without a true critical study to see if true Christianity really works.-

With mans limited understanding it is always easy to criticize religion. It is true that pagan [false] religion is hurtful and ‘psychologically damaging’. But to conclude that because all false religions have error then Christianity itself must also be false is a questionable generalization. When we look at what traditional Christianity has produced in the building of the United States we may draw different conclusions. The United States, most would agree, is a very good country, if not the best, to live in!-

The fact is, true Christianity is supernatural and liberating while at the same time ‘psychologically healthy’. All humans have some sort of value system. Christianity has true morality and values; it has hope, inner experience and a subjective meaning of all life. What more could the psychologist ask for?-

Christian Reality is reality!

There is only one ultimate Truth. There is only one ultimate God. There is only one ultimate purpose for mankind. That is not an assumption. Every psychologist is looking for the ultimate answer; every scientist is looking for the ultimate answer; every dietitian is looking for the ultimate answer. The Bible is the ultimate source to find the ultimate answer. The Bible will increase ones understanding of human thought and behavior.-

At the same time the Bible gives good answers on how to deal with human thought and behavior. There is no getting around this. Christians approach everything by a proper understanding of God’s word. What is a proper understanding of God’s word? The Bible proclaims that only those who have the Holy Spirit can truly and properly understand God’s word. Christian comprehension of truth relies on intervention from God himself. [Philippians 2:5] This leads to what I stated earlier: This concludes that we must have some sort of outer force which wishes to interact with the human problem to help solve it.-

The Christian faith involves a system which is well structured, clearly recognized and easily articulated. This is what gives true belief strength. Sadly, for most people their faith is very vague and rarely considered in how they act and react. This is why most people are “blown here and there by every wind of doctrine” [Ephesians 4:14]. Clarity and knowledge of God’s word is potential power. True power in God’s instruction comes through the activation of it by the Holy Spirit. Knowledge is not power, it is only potential power. You have to use it. [James 2:17]-

True conversion activates the Christian life. Thinking about it gets one nowhere. Here at COGSR we train people on how to think. Thinking is a process that can be shaped and changed. What does it mean to “think”? When we look at all the psychological definitions for thinking we find many answers, some conflict with others. Most might call it “mental activity’ which is very vague. The Bible would define thinking as a deliberate exploration of experience for a purpose. [Romans 1:20] Many do not realize it but they are seeking for purpose in everything that they do. This can lead to the idea or fact of proper information when deciding things; a base or static truth which all else is compared to; a foundation.-

Thinking is also based on intelligence. People’s intelligence acts on their experience. Some may argue that perfect information would make thinking unnecessary. This is to take information to the extreme. We can know facts but that certainly doesn’t stop people from thinking. The Bible proclaims the fact of One Truth, an absolute Truth. The Bible proclaims that only God has absolute Truth and understanding of all things. [Proverbs 3:5-6] God has given us revelation of Himself through His word. God wants us to think! Scientists might proclaim the fact that all that “is” cannot be understood by mans little brain. The Bible agrees. However, enough can be understood to develop proper relationship with the ONE TRUTH and the personality of an intelligent God.-

Everybody believes in something. If you ask the atheist to prove to you that there is no God he cannot. He simply accepts the idea of no God by faith. If psychologists give study to the true Christians beliefs and how they influence the way in which a person lives they may become surprised to see that it actually works. I would love for a psychologist to take me up as a study. Belief itself is NOT an assumption, it is a reality. Since belief is a reality there must be something to believe in. Since personality is a reality there must be belief in a First Personality. Since moral judgment is a reality there must be morals. These are basic facts that the Bible gives ultimate answers to. There is no escaping Truth.-

Here at COGSR we teach Christian Reality. It works! As true Christians and members of Christ’s true church we have many things that we struggle with. I call these things, “The Christian Paradox”. For one thing, we thank God for this life. We have very good memories of growing up (some do not, and this is part of the paradox). When we grow older we may see the beauty of God’s creation. As a child I even remember the bright sunny days, running and playing, walking in the park. I noticed the bird’s and plant life. It all fascinated me and still does. So even in this “fallen world” we see remnants of God’s beauty.-

As we grow older we face more difficulties and we begin to learn that “life isn’t fair”. We see hatred, violence and corruption at all levels. As Christians we shouldn’t ignore the beauty that is still here on this world but at the same time we are commanded not to ignore the fallen state of this planet. Christians live in two worlds in many ways.-

Those that are “called of God” in this life feel that there is something truly wrong. They know that things aren’t right. As they grow in God’s word they find out that this fallen world is not ultimately their home. The New Testament tells us that though we live in this world we are not to be part of it. Here is where the paradox becomes clear. At this point we have struggles. It is easy to relax and “go with the flow” of what everybody else is doing but we [true Christians] are asked of God not to do this.-
Many pick churches with watered down doctrines, which aren’t very particular on doctrine. This makes it easy for them. They go to churches that mix truth with error. We have enough problems, if we truly try and follow God’s true ways we seem to have more problems. Again, here is the Christian paradox.-

The seventh day Sabbath [Saturday] is a good day to enjoy creation and remember that we have a Creator. We can associate with other Christians of “like mind”. We can worship God in unity. We can agree in One mind, One body and One spirit. This is why it is important to be connected to the true Church of God. The Church of God recognizes the beauty of God’s creation and honors it but at the same time it does not become hypnotized by error.-

The Bible says that the “god of this world” is Satan the Devil. Let us never forget this! The second that we forget this we can fall into error. We are warned not to be deceived! Actually, true Christians are commanded to “expose that which is in the dark”. This means that we are to warn others of the great deception. We are to preach the coming Kingdom of God!-

The true Christian life involves effort. [1 Timothy 6:12; 1:18,19; 2 Timothy 2:3,4] We are told to follow God’s law and avoid evil. As children we begin to conform to customs and practices that have been handed down to us. Most of these things are pagan and not right practices. Here again, we face the Christian Paradox. How do we change that which we once thought was right?-

Another problem that we face once we become true Christians is the fact that many will think we are “crazy”. We will even face misunderstandings within our family and amongst important family members. “You have spent enough time in the past doing what the heathen like to do. Your lives were spent in indecency, lust, drunkenness, orgies, drinking parties, and the disgusting worship of idols [this could include false doctrines]. And now the heathen are surprised when you do not join them in the same wild and reckless living, and so they insult you.” [1 Peter 4:3,4] Jesus informed His followers that they would find “enemies in their own household”. Jesus even said that mothers and fathers would turn against the true convert of the family. This fight that we have as true Christians, this struggle with our faith, should not surprise us. God’s word foretold of these realities.-

Regarding this world’s system of things we are told: “Do not try to work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right and wrong be partners? How can light and darkness live together?” [2 Corinthians 6:14] The apostle Paul warned some Christians: “For you gladly tolerate anyone who comes to you and preaches a different Jesus, not the one we preached; and you accept a spirit and a gospel completely different from the Spirit and the gospel you received from us!” [2 Corinthians 11:4] This shows that there is truly one Church, the Church of God! And one gospel! Those that accept all the denominational confusion are deceived! True Christians are to expose false doctrine!-

So, we live in this fallen world but we are not to participate in its deceptions. We can still enjoy the good gifts that God has given and gives to us. We can enjoy what is left here of God’s beautiful creation. But we must stay true to Jesus Christ and His true gospel of the coming “Kingdom of God” if we are to complete the race to its end! We truly answer to the King of kings and Lord of lords!-
The most important form of ministry is the one the churches have forgotten. Lifestyle! This involves personal decisions, whom we associate with, on what rules of law we conduct our personal business, how we take care of our bodies, how we use our time, do we honor God’s holy days or pagan traditions? Are we involved with other true believers? Are we participating in things which are considered sin? Are we asking God to control our thoughts and actions? Or do we believe that we have it all under control?-

Christian Thinking; A Developed Skill

It is taught in circles of psychology and logic science that you cannot teach a person how to “think”. However, true and clear thinking is in fact a skill. True skill is taught and practiced and not something that comes necessarily as ‘natural’, especially Christian thinking. Christian thinking is something which is developed by and through Holy Spirit intervention.-

To think like Jesus Christ is a learned process which goes against ‘human nature’ (fallen nature). Christian thinking is a skill, a learnable skill. It starts with a solid understanding of Christian doctrine. From there it moves into application, experience and enlightenment. True Christianity teaches that thinking means we understand that innate intelligence has to be applied with a learnable skill called thinking. The Bible gives verses which ask Christians to, “think on these things”. [Philippians 4:8] In other words, there is a thinking reality offered through Christian study.-

Christian thinking involves more than just logic. It means much more than knowing the rules of logic or learning how to avoid errors. Christian thinking involves knowing how to deal with situations, ideas and the thoughts of others. Psychology studies specific patterns of thinking. Psychology tries to dissect thinking. Science offers logical observations and deals much with physical aspects of thinking. Christian thinking involves perception. From a Christian standpoint ‘thinking’ and ‘perception’ are really the same things. True perception is what the Christian seeks.-

Perception can be improved through practice [application] of new thought patterns. Thought patterns can be found on “mind channels”. The Christian seeks the pure channel of Holy Spirit. This is a transcendence from the point of mans spirit. It involves the outside force of Holy Spirit invading the true convert’s fallen mind. This starts the “spiritual warfare” that is needed to adjust the fallen mind to the proper mind channel [pure perception].-

I suggest that if one wants to begin his or her journey into this process they need to read ALL the posted articles on this BLOG and begin to pray for understanding. Also, one should order both current available books: “Identifying the True Church” and “Think Like A Christian”.-

Doing what is truly right while in conscious contact with God through prayer helps one to stay on the Holy Spirit channel. The reactive mind (both ‘sinful’ & ‘positive’ portion) begins to develop proper “action” – Mind Of Christ Action [MOCA, pronounced “Mocha”]
Healing Hurts!-

Many true Christians have a hard time forgiving others. We all deal with this issue off and on throughout our daily lives. But God challenges us to forgive. Without the Help of the true Holy Spirit it is mostly impossible. Many of us find a struggle of harboring bitterness against those who have wronged us. The simple and profound answer is, you can give this struggle to God. He is big enough to take care of the problem.

Really, it is childish to harbor such thoughts. The Bible counsels us to put away childish things or even hurts from childhood [1 Corinthians 13:11]. Apostle Paul counseled to “put away” those things which are behind [Philippians 3:13]. We need to learn to give our burdens to Christ. He can carry what we cannot. It is okay to talk about our struggles and conflicts but we need not carry the heavy load that these troubles wish to put on us. We can only learn to do this if we are honest with ourselves and God [Ephesians 4:25].

God knows about you more than you ever will. He knew us before we were born. God has a plan for everybody. God has a purpose for all that you have ever experienced or will yet experience. As Christians we must truly understand this. A true Christian is concerned about God’s word. A true Christian is concerned about proper doctrine. A true Christian is concerned about his or her relationship with God based on the Revealed Word of God. A true Christian does not focus on his failings.-

Healing our hurts involves understanding the Truth. Being honest with God first! Understanding what God asks of us and what He is trying to teach us. You must truly have the Holy Spirit and understand God’s word if you are to heal the hurts of the past. Jesus Christ must become your Lord, your God and your Savior. Nothing else!

God commands us to extend true God Love towards those who have hurt us. He never asks us to wait to see if they forgive us or try and understand us. We are to forgive just as Jesus Christ forgives. Our job is not to try and figure out what everybody else is thinking. We are simply to live God’s will as He reveals it to us through His word and with the help of the Holy Spirit.-

Those who we have hurt, we must remember them in our prayers. Ask God to heal them. Ask God to be glorified through our failings. Jesus told many that God had forgiven them, but he also advised: “Sin no more” – do not do it again. We should not dwell on our past failures. Your past is not who you are today in Christ.

The spirit of revenge is simply self-destruction. As we overcome evil with good, we ourselves are healed [Romans 12:19-21]. Even though others wish evil upon us God will accomplish His goodness to His glory [Genesis 50:20]. God is indeed TRUE LOVE!
Are Christians “closed minded”?-

No. Christians are not closed-minded, they are open-minded. Christians are those who have broadened their mere human intellect into receiving pure revelation from God himself! Jesus stated; “Behold, I stand at the door [human intellect] and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” [Revelation 3:21] Closed minded people are those who only rely on their five physical faculties. They rely on the “spirit of man” and not on the “Spirit of God”.

Christians are a focused people with purpose and meaning. If you have a child and I say to you; “Do you love your child?” And you respond by saying; “Yes. I love my child.” Would it then be fair for me to say to you; “You are closed minded?” Let us deal with the issue of egocentricity. Many humans who rely only on the spirit of man say that Christians are exclusive and are “egocentric” minded people. Is this a fair assessment? From God, who is our Heavenly Father, it is neither egocentric nor exclusive. To love the Creator and His word is not egocentric anymore than it is egocentric for a child to love his parent and or a parent to love his child.-

True egocentricity is to love the “self” and only the Self. It is partial perception. It eliminates God’s word and perspective on things. It is truly a selfish lifestyle to not seek what God thinks and says. Man wants to “be right” all the time. It is natural to want to feel “right”. The problem is the motive. As Christians we believe that GOD IS RIGHT and that we are wrong! The focus of the true Christian is not on him or herself but on God and God alone. Human reasoning is based on ‘self-esteem’ and being accepted amongst the fallen masses. The ‘magnitude’ for the Christian is on ONE GOD and on ONE TRUTH as revealed by and through God. It is not on manmade perceptions and ideas [which include science fiction and fantasy].-

It is not extreme to pursue the issue of Truth. It is not extreme to want to be proper and correct. As Christians we are commanded to be truthful, proper and correct. [2 Corinthians 10:5] Mans thinking is based on inadequacies of perception. [Proverbs 16:25] The very fact of inadequacies points to a better way, a static way! The simple fact of “error” points to the reality of Truth. What is “truth”? This is what Pontius Pilot asked Jesus Christ at his trial. [John 18:38] Jesus remained silent. Why? The very presence of Jesus Christ was a testimony to the Truth. Christian perspective out rules human logic. This does not mean that human logic is not a good thing when properly used. Logic is used properly when used as a tool of Christian perception.-

Even what are called “patterns” of human behavior can only be properly understood through the historical reading of the Christian Bible. If we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it.-

To think clearly is to have the “mind of Christ”. [Philippians 2:5] This does not mean that we do not have our own minds it simple means we are connected to ultimate Truth. [John 8:31-32]-

To be skillful in any trade we must be taught by one who has great experience, a good teacher. Jesus Christ is the ultimate teacher in regards to proper human thinking. To think like Jesus Christ means that we have disciplined ourselves to see things in such a way which are against or are in great conflict with what people refer to as “human nature” [fallen nature]. Thus, in order to truly “think like Christ” we must have the Holy Spirit. We must be students who take out time every day and night to truly study God’s word. [2 Timothy 2:15]-

God’s word can be studied ‘systematically’ but without personal human application of the truths revealed it means nothing. As Christians we must “practice what we preach”. It’s like having an exercise program and not following it. We may have a pass to a gym but if we don’t use it we will remain out of shape. True Christianity takes personal work and struggle. [Hebrews 12:11] We are to “grow in grace”. Growth takes growing pains! [Acts 14:22] God gives us the freedom of choice. Do not blame God for not understanding Him. He is available even right now if you will come to Him. You must make the effort! [Proverbs 3:12]-

God has given His church [body of true believers] to help others who are truly seeking. [Ephesians 4:14] God has made every effort to communicate. [John 1:7] Those who wish to stay in ‘human reasoning and logic’ will find every excuse to ignore the powerful revealed truths of God which He has published in His word. [John 1:5] The human mind has great potential. God has provided the answers which man needs to truly and properly progress! [Romans 1:20]-

God instructs us not to live with one foot in His church and one foot in the world. People who change their thought patterns around certain people to compromise their faith are what the Bible calls “double minded” people. [James 4:8]-

One reason why most people who attend a fallen denominational church do not really read their Bible’s is because when they do read their Bible’s they find that their church is teaching something or doing something completely different from what it says. Those who do read their Bible’s from fallen churches are very selective in what portions they read. Here at COGSR we use the whole Bible!-

Supernatural Intervention

Jesus prophesied humanity would bring itself to the brink of global suicide: “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved…” [Matthew 24:21-22] This shows us that God will supernaturally intervene. Our God shall step into human affairs and send Jesus Christ, “the Prince of peace”.-

God has allowed us time to try every form of government and socioeconomic theory humanly devisable. Not even international organizations can guarantee world peace. The current “Occupy Wall Street” movement wants better government, a better world, but most of these people are completely spiritually lost. They have no moral direction. This shows how ungodly our world has truly become. Many of these lost souls still think that Socialism or some form of Communism will work. If our only hope lies in human efforts world government indeed is not possible with no guarantee of survival.-

People admit that a “fundamental change in government” is needed. Both Republicans and Democrats are fighting for this new “fundamental change”. But will they find one that completely works? Fallen humanity has managed to pollute almost all the planet. We’ve poisoned streams, rivers, lakes and oceans with chemicals and other waste. Herbicides have rained all over our crops along with pesticides and insecticides. We have depleted the soil of its natural fertility.-

The food we eat is full of junk. We process and refine food beyond recognition which depletes its nutritional value. Kids are becoming fat like hogs. Children are sitting in front of the TV with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths in homes called “Christian homes”. Sad. This earth is hurting now but will be in utter chaos before Christ returns. There is no way to reverse what fallen man has begun. Our planet is falling apart while Christians are falling asleep.-

The 20th century has seen the greatest warming in at least a thousand years, and natural forces can’t account for it all. The Arctic is warming several times faster than most of the planet. In the next century some coastlines could migrate miles inland. These are the facts! It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to.-

So as a Christian let me tell you the Good News! God’s Kingdom is coming! You may have heard it first here! But I hope you hear it. The only hope for us and this planet is Supernatural Intervention!-

Who wrote the Bible?

Many focus on the Bible authors such as Paul or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They use arguments based on how these people were raised or their cultural background to critique the Bible. This is not right! The Bible states that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Many will say things like: “Well, that is how Matthew thought regarding his culture…but that doesn’t mean that Matthew was right.” This is blasphemy!-

True Christians believe that men wrote as they were “moved by the Holy Spirit.” [2 Peter 1:20,21] When studying the Bible the culture of the Apostles time is indeed important to understand but this in no way subtracts anything from what they said, did, and taught to be true. Truth does not change. Many from what is called the “higher criticism” camp like to try and point out some differences in the early manuscripts of the New Testament claiming that certain scribes “changed things”. The fact of the matter is what we have today as the Bible is the completed version that God has allowed to circulate as His word and His Word only.-

The World Book Encyclopedia of 1984 stated: “The Bible is the most widely read book in history. It is probably also the most influential. More copies have been distributed of the Bible than of any other book. It has also been translated more times into more languages than any other book.”-
People will try and find errors of men to dismiss the Bible. People also use the errors of the great teachers of the Bible to dismiss good and pure teaching, theology. Certain mistakes in the life of Mr. Armstrong are used to dismiss his teachings of the Bible. I suppose we could use the denial of Christ made by the apostle Peter to dismiss what Peter taught. This is bad theology. The Bible has a clear message and those whom God chose to write good theology should not be ignored just because God used imperfect men.-

The Bible itself claims that it is from the Creator. [2 Timothy 3:16,17] This planet has been given an instruction book from God himself. God did not leave us alone to figure it all out. He gives us His word, He gave us the life of Jesus Christ and He gives those whom He calls the “gift of the Holy Spirit”. We need not come up with excuses to dismiss the Bible. The Bible explains who we are, where we came from and where we might be going. Bible prophecy explains the meaning of world conditions. God’s word enables us to understand the purpose of life itself.-

The Bible has only one true interpretation. The Worldwide Church of God has proven that the Bible has one and one message only. Jesus built His church [the Church of God] and placed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in it to lead and guide His true followers. God set up organization, church government. Many who have rejected true church government continue to twist the Scriptures to fit their own ideas which has resulted in lasting harm and myriads of denominational confusion. The Bible proclaims that a person can come to the “accurate knowledge of the truth.” [1 Timothy 2:3,4]-

Ultimately, in those whom God is calling, the inspiration of God’s Word can be proven by prayer. When we talk to God and when we believe and act on His word we begin to see how it effects our personal lives. Prayer makes the Bible a living reality in our lives. Prayer will also point you to the one true church that Jesus built.-

May you remain in God’s word everyday and remain in prayer everyday!-


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