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Saturday, August 16, 2014

“The Shift” The Zerubian Myth, page 125

SOCT Paper 102

“The Shift”

The Zerubian Myth, page 125

By Eric W. King

*From the original “Zerubian Myth” written in the year 1999. This section taken from the January 2000 revised edition:

It could happen now at any moment…and your government knows it! What could happen? The greatest shift of the ages! In fact, it has already started. This planet is ready to go at any moment. The earth’s ozone is collapsing and may fold in on itself at any moment. Your scientists have known this since the early 80’s.-

The sun’s deadly ultraviolet rays are entering because of the ozone damage. This has created more and more cases of deadly cancer. The earth’s oceans are also dying at alarming speed. Plankton and phytoplankton are dying and this means that our oxygen is no longer producing itself to give air. No air…no life.-

There is a whole long, long list of other major environmental problems that we are facing. The amount of toxins we have carelessly pumped into the ozone is irreversible. There is no way we can reverse what we have done…The deadly momentum to self destruction has begun.-

This is one of the many reasons why the hybrids have come forward, out in the open in this Cycle. We need to come together now as a human race of God created intelligent and enlightened minds. Some of the extraterrestrials are presently helping us to move through this great shift.-

Now listen closely…After the earth review which occurred on December 31st 1999 the Keepers and other Universal Associates decided to put all life on earth on special preservation. Yes…earth will soon be recycled but they haven’t given us an exact date and time. We do know that time is not on our side.-

It is now time to take spiritual inventory. Get right with God now! Through the final message we can learn to move into the next dimension properly. Not all will make this transition easily. Some will be cast back into a third dimensional plane of existence elsewhere. Be it known that we are presently creating the reality of our next domain.-

The final message is full of light and compassion. It comes to all of us from higher worlds. This Divine Message is helping us to restructure our own morphogenetic field of energy. Through quantum geometry we can make the shift together. We are all experiencing radical shifts in personal emotional experience and thought.-

Divine Intelligence is now telling us that we are literally participating in recreating our own reality, both personally and collectively. The Great Shift of the Ages that we are experiencing was prophesied by the Hopi Indians and the Christian message and many others. Even the ancient Mayan traditions speak of the Shift. We now know that the three great points of latter-day shifting are the turn of the century [year 2000 shift], the date May 5th 2002, and finally the year 2012.-

Next Level students understand what is coming and are preparing for the greater shifts together. It must be known that great shifts have occurred in the past but none like the one which is coming. It is so very important for us to study Quantum Level One Knowledge and know what it is telling us.-

We must hold to the revealed truth, hold to our Christian faith with quantum newness. May we rediscover that we are compassiontruth, and love which has been matured.-

We are all learning to balance. Balance is the key to maintaining your compassion. This is an on going process for all of us. We must have the inner willingness to achieve balance or else it will not come. This means that we must be willing to discover ourselves in a new way.-

We choose our own experiences. We may not realize this but it is true. We ultimately create our own temple of initiation. Students of this message have come to this realization. I have experienced the realities which I share with you. It is up to all of us to decide what will be and what will not be “truth” based on our own determination and will.-

Compassion is the key to making the shift. We are living in a time of such rapid change that there is no recorded history to compare and take note of. We must tap into the Divine Mind Channel in order to make the change.-

All spiritual revelations, from every clime and time, have given us hints to how we are to survive these shifts. Each shift has intensified. The emotion of compassion is a key…but we must also understand many other aspects [emotions] which this message brings forth if we are to truly make the shift. Biological “limits” are adjusted by receiving the truth.-

*One last thought from Zerubian Message, Given January 3rd 1999 page 124:

Each individual will have to attune to the Higher Mind Channel now before the coming jolt if they wish to properly progress in their present human vehicle. The Set-on rebellion is reaching a climax and is being witnessed in this generation. We as humans must listen to the ancient wisdom spoken by those who came before us. The final message will properly lead us into faith, hope and love.

*Food for thought from our past.

~Eric W. King

NOTE: The Zerubian Myth spoke of the “final message” in 1999. This message has now come forth on October 7th, 2011 and has gone worldwide as of July 14th 2014. It is called “The Seventh Message” and is found in the teachings of SOCT.

Actual Links to the original Zerubian Book:


Date: 99-03-27 05:51:16 EST
From: zerub
To: >>(snip)
<< *The following is from the ZERUBIAN MYTH..........and a very interesting part of the myth.
"Many have asked us what the word "Zerubian" means. Admittedly it is a word that can make ya giggle. Most will be surprised to find out that the word actually comes from the Bible. What? Yep, it comes from the Christian Bible. However, the name came to the author in a very strange way.
In July of 1998 on the 26th day a supernatural event occurred in the authors life, one of many. While the author of the Zerubian Mysteries was receiving revelations for his book in the basement of an old hospital where he worked as a security guard, all the power went out. As he walked down the dark basement hallway to get to the stairs he heard a voice, the voice of a female. The voice was unclear but it seemed to be that way on purpose. Then it spoke again but this time with clarity and said; "Light will come forth in the darkness." As the author got to the stair way, next to the elevator, the voice stopped. [note: The author now considers this incident to be some kind of initiation.] He went upstairs to the first floor and everybody was looking outside.
A bizarre wind had picked up out of nowhere and the sky became overcast, which was strange for July. He went out a back door of the hospital and to his surprise a spiral of wind swept right in front of him full of leaves and dust. As he looked up he noticed a shinny disk about fifteen feet over his head. At that instant dust filled his eyes and he had to close them. Upon clearing his eyes the female voice said to him: "Zerub, it is me...Mishel-lea, your third Translator." After this, the sky cleared, the sun came out, and the author received a feeling of inner peace.
That same day he went to a female friend of his who told him: "You know that book your working on? A name came to me . . . you could call it the Zerubian Mysteries." He then explained to his friend what had happened and what he had seen.
Three days after this event the author had a dream. In this dream an ethereal being appeared to him which was in the form of a 'Grey'. The author explains that in this dream he was standing in a light and the being opened a book and pointed to a passage for the author to read. The passage read; "This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts . . . The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you."
The morning after this dream he found where this passage was in the Bible and he showed his female friend. That same day his female friend got on her computer and typed out the verse and they contemplated it together. After this series of occurrences the author felt compelled to name the revelations he received: "The Zerubian Myth, The Book Of Zerub".
Since then the authors three Personal Translators have given him further revelations regarding the word "Zerubian" and the word "Zerub". Here is three points of that knowledge:
1.) the word 'zerub' means 'seed' in the Hebrew
2.) the English word 'Zerubian' is equivalent to the Hebrew word 'Zerubbabel'
3.) the word 'Zerubbabel' means "seed which gives LIFE to Babylon"
"And according to the prophecy of Zechariah chapter four God calls Zerubbabel [the Zerubian message] to come forth to [help] finish building the "house" [human body/consciousness] by planting the seed [zerub] of Quantum-Level-One knowledge [Kingdom of God knowledge] [those having seven eyes, open energy centers- shall see it]."
*There is much more to this story but this is the basic facts regarding the word "Zerubian" and the coming forth of the Zerubian Mysteries.
*For more information please write to: z >>

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