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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

To truly enter the extraterrestrial experience and community you must receive Divine Mind!

To truly enter the extraterrestrial community you must be attuned to the higher mind channel for communication and proper understanding to occur. Only SOCT has that proper and accurate information. Since we have entered the Seventh Time Zone.

Contact has been made and is now being made at greater levels with humanity. Join and study this final and important message to planet earth!

SOCT Understandings

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  1. It has been the mission of SOCT to inform this planet about its ongoing and current dilemma. This world is now, as of August 9th 2014 at war. All we have to do is determine what percentage of this planets population is at odds with itself. The older religions of this planet have not evolved with current technology. Most all humans are living in the dark ages when it comes to true spirituality, philosophy and religion. We here at SOCT state that: “The only truth is Truth itself!” We are no longer concerned with myth or ferry tale. It is time for humans to grow up or be terminated.-

    Humans are already destroying this planet faster than you think. We have not been taught properly by government funded schools. We should have been taught about the dangers of polluted religions, corrupt religio-political governments, pollution - and we should have been taught how to better take care of ourselves and our planet. Another very important truth we should have been told has to do with the reality of Extraterrestrials and Divine Intelligence. We have had so many chances to do much better but corrupt, greedy and ignorant leaders have continued to blind themselves and many others to the truth of what is really going on.-