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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Understanding Basic Morality ~ SOCT

Understanding Basic Morality ~ SOCT

What is “morality”? Are all people born with it? These are questions that have answers in the Bible. Please take out time to read this basic understanding of morality and its connection with human development and thinking. Written by Mr. E.W.King, founder of COGSR & SOCT.

All people have some sense of “right” and “wrong”. The problem is that this concept is distorted and perverted from the get go. Why? Due to SIN. Mankind is infected with sin just like a computer may be infected with a virus. Sin is the “transgression of the Law”. Who’s law? God’s Law.

The next question might become: “What about children? Where do they get their sense of right and wrong?” These are good questions. First let us establish a Biblical foundation regarding the human condition and right and wrong. Let me say here that “values” have a lot to do with the way you perceive morality. SOCT understands this working equation:

morals + values = perception

By ‘values’ we mean the importance and worth of something. The world’s values will seem opposite to God’s values. When Christians experience this it can cause “false guilt” and make them feel like misfits. True Christianity can get difficult but it is all worth it. True character development takes growing pains.

To those who choose not to believe in God this life is all there is. This creates a major distortion regarding the value we place on people and our perception of morality. Worldy people will be seen placing more value on the elements of life which cause them pleasure. They will fall under a higher score regarding the SOCT understanding of the “Interest Factor” when it comes to “collecting” things. Christians will learn to develop ETERNAL VALUES. Christians manifest a better stability and less stress in the area of moral choice making.

Mans Moral Traits

The Bible teaches that God has placed a basic urge to be moral in mans heart. We understand that our original parents [Adam & Eve] were created with the capability to develop and grow towards a deeper meaning and experience of true morality. This all of course involves the understanding and experience of true (undistorted) reality.

Fallen man lacks the power of spiritual discernment. If you tell a psychologist that they lack “spiritual discernment” get ready to watch the anger level rise. Fallen man is determined that human reason and logic in and of itself can figure out all the problems of life. This of course is another major distortion of the human condition.

The apostle Paul describes sin in the New Testament as “missing the mark”. We could understand that “missing the mark” is not a negative concept of omission but a positive act of commission. Sin is a deviation of the Truth. There is what we call “true ignorance” of God’s static morality and there is also “willful ignorance”. The Bible does predict that the world in the “last days” would see and experience an unprecedented decline in morals. Much of it is due to “false teachings” resulting in apathy. This is why we here at Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant stress the importance of PURE DOCTRINE and RIGHT INFORMATION when learning the Bible.

God has placed a basic “blue print” if you will of His law [morals and principles] in mans heart. Man tries to work off of his distorted perception of this trait placed within him. So we must understand that the core of moral meaning comes from innateness, within man. Other factors which begin to shape mans understanding of morality could be listed as such:

1, Survival (mans need to live)

2, Fairness

3, Physical harm (mans need to not be harmed)

4, Disgust (this varies due to culture and predisposition)

5, Disrespect (this involves value perception)

6, Important cultural norms

Now these factors do not “create morality” they help in shaping the existing, innate and predisposition of morality which God has already placed within each and every one of our hearts. There are basic understandings that we need to clear up here regarding the study of morality amongst the fallen world of psychology. Psychology places the understanding of human morality under the following theories or some combination of them:

1, Morality is caused by nature – nativist

2, Morality is caused by nurture – empiricist > from experience and observation

3, Rationalism – children decide > relativism approach

4, Sociocentric – no point of reference for morality other than interdependent social perceptions

All of these may play a role in the development of morality but current studies prove that the core of all morality starts at an innate intuitive level, a moral predisposition in humans. Scientific studies now prove that morality is something other than rationalism. We must understand other factors which can and do effect moral perception. The Bible warns about “false religion”. All false religion perverts morality to one extent or another. In paganism the social environment may be plagued with “taboos” and “superstition”. All superstition falls under “spiritual distortion and perversion”.

Again, the Bible teaches that all humans have been given what we might call “innate moral intuitions”. So true morality is not just self-constructed. I will post more papers on the true understanding of MORALITY as we proceed. I hope that this short paper has placed some subjects for thinking in your mind as we proceed in our SOCT studies. Since the public appearance of “The Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant” on October 7th 2011 we have been challenging the prevailing Christian paradigm….pointing people back to TRUE CHRISTIANITY.

Please continue your studies here at COGSR/SOCT….thanksJ


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  1. As perceptions, your thoughts are stop and go lights for the cells of your brain (and body) known as neurons. For example, most persons would vehemently refuse a request to step into a lion’s cage, and would likely be ready to fight or flee any demands to do so, right? Yet, what if the person were a lion tamer? They’d likely enter with confidence. The only difference? Based on their life experience, a lion tamer has a completely different perception of the situation.