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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who and What are "The Keepers"?

SOCT Paper 103

The Keepers
By Sir Eric W. King

When we talk about the “Keepers” we are talking about what most would call “the angels of God”. These would be the GOOD angels; they did not side with Set-on, the “Wicked One”. We have talked about the fact that there were created beings that were the custodians of our galaxy and of our planet. These are anciently called the “angels of heaven”. They are now broken apart into two classes due to the KT war which broke out some 65 million years ago.-

The “bad” angels which sided with Set-on are still “overseers” of our “fallen” planet and still participate in its evolution. This was decided upon for reasons that we humans do not fully understand. I have documented the KT war with more detail in; “The Story of Our Planet”. The Keepers are a large group of created entities (unfathomable) which supervise the destiny of our planet. Our planet is set on a course. We have witnessed and are witnessing a some what “guided evolution”. Not everything is “set”. We do exercise a limited free will. We must understand however that what we call Divine Intelligence has a plan to save the “upgraded” remnant of humans in the end. These humans will be delivered to continue further growth in the New Heavens and the New Earth ~ higher realms of evolution. The Christian Bible speaks about this time.-

Right now those who are true Christians have received a mind upgrade through the power of Divine Mind Linkage. Anciently it was talked about as “receiving the Holy Spirit”. The Apostle Paul invoked the phrase “new creatures in Christ” and he talked about each of us having “the mind of Christ in you”. This was advanced verbage for his time. Now science is validating these and other phrases used by Jesus Christ and the apostles.-

When a human receives the Space Age Christian “upgrade” he or she becomes what we call a midway being. This simply means that the human is now considered a stage one hybrid. Stage-oners have been impregnated with Holy Spirit. When the person receives his/her complete new body they will then become a full Elah [Evolutionary Level Above Human]. Right now SOCT students are at the mid-way point of full “new creature” development. When we look at the two highest created beings outside the human race we are looking at the angels or cherubs. These are of two classes; the Keepers and theAdramelechs.-

So why did we decide on calling the good angels “the Keepers”? It is because they are the preservers of life and the will of Divine Intelligence that we call them the Keepers. They truly are our friends. They send signals to leaders on our planet all the time. Sometimes they send warnings and use weather conditions to give us wake up calls. Because the weather on our planet is going into chaos due to human pollutions and some natural causes we are being challenged to become concerned. The Keepers want us to pay attention.-

The cherubs have been monitoring mans attempts to control the weather also. Mankind is currently experimenting with this phenomenon. Certain members of humanity are aware of the problems with earth’s current atmosphere and are also monitoring the extreme weather changes.-

These seraphic custodians (the Keepers) are higher beings of knowledge and truth. We sometimes refer to both classes of angels as I.B.’s (Intelligent Beings). We must not confuse the angels with the lower species of extraterrestrials which exist in our universe.-

The higher classes, the angels, have much more power and control than any other extraterrestrial class. They have greater abilities. When we talk about cherubs/angels using bodies we mean that all cherubs/angels already have higher energy bodies but when functioning in our dense reality of physicality they interface with a biological entity of their choice. In other words they connect to the brains of physical beings in our dimension. This sounds amazing because it is. You will begin to understand more as we proceed.-

Both the Keepers and what we call the “Adramelechs” have these capabilities. We have decided to refer to the “fallen” or “bad” angels as the Adramelechs.  The title “Adramelech” is the ancient Samarian name for “devil”.-

Note: A poet's description of Adramelech can be found in Robert Silverberg's short story "Basileus". Adramelech is described as "The enemy of God, greater in ambition, guile and mischief than Satan. A fiend more curst — a deeper hypocrite". Visit Wikipedia


We believe that our entire universe contains distorted mere images or reflections of more perfectly constructed cosmic laws. We believe that these distortions invaded our entire system early on due to a space war between higher beings that used weapons of mass destruction. The party which started the war lost. Many of these beings were cast down to our planet, and other areas of our local space.-

If we want to know when the angelic rebellion occurred all we have to do is find the time of the dinosaurs destruction. We now know that this angelic “super war” broke out around 65 million years ago. When war broke out in heaven Lucifer [Set-on] and his angelic horde left their physical bodies and tried to war with God [the Keepers] in heaven. They were eventually cast back down to our planet and they left four giant craters when cast down. One of the last of these craters can be found in the state of Arizona.-

When they were cast down much of our planet was destroyed including the dinosaurs. The earth became covered with dark clouds and many things died. Modern scientists refer to this time as “the KT event”.-

So now the angelic host that had fallen lost their capability to take back their regular glorified physical bodies so instead God [through Logos] began to create a host of animal like creatures that they became stuck in. Simply put, these angels were placed in physical bodies which resembled ape like creatures. They could stay invisible and get by but they missed their first glorified bodies so they tried out all sorts of animal like creatures. This was the beginning of their punishment.-

Even though our planet had become infected with sin because of the angelic rebellion God [the Logos] still had much in store for our planet. God would use this very planet to continue to fulfill His will of creating children for Himself. Please understand that sin created not only moral distortion but also physical distortion. God’s perfect laws had become distorted due to the angelic rebellion. Even today we live in a “fallen matrix”. God allowed enough beauty to remain here that we may see Him through it all.-

More Information about the Keepers

The Keepers deal with “Cosmic Harmony”, they are truly the intense workers for Divine Intelligence. Harmony is the keynote to the universe. Even though our present system of things holds many distortions both physical distortions and moral distortions we still have some harmony at work here. This is very important to understand. If it were not for the work of the Keepers all would be lost. The Keepers also serve our planet as glorified teachers and they are guides to the better path in all situations.-

They help conduct humans into higher comprehensions of worship and service. They conduct all of their business within the realm of higher laws. They are given instruction from the Highest source. We do not even begin to pretend to fully understand their power and ultimate purpose. We do know that they direct all extraterrestrial affairs.  We could even call them the “power directors” of the Universe. They have all knowledge regarding material creatures and are the regulators of the physical realm.-

We must not think that the Keepers are “calling every shot” or forcing their will on others. They are not! They allow for creatures to make there own choices and decisions. In a sense we control our own destiny. We can learn and evolve or we can destroy ourselves. There is no other option.-


The two most advanced of the ET groups of course are the Keepers and the Adramelechs. These types were directly created to be “watchers” of the entire universal creation of the Logos. The other types of ET’s had a start much like our own. They were created by divinely guided evolution. All evolutions are guided by the higher groups. Many regular ET types are studying the creation much like we are to get a fuller grasp of Divine Intelligence. Because these other groups live in the fallen matrix they have distortions of reality just as we do. Some have not so good intentions much like some humans have bad intentions.-

Please understand that some of these lower classes of ET’s are biological beings and have no power to interface with mind channels like the Keepers and Adramelechs do. Remember, scientific knowledge differs from one lower group to another.-


The intentions of the lower groups are not all the same. Each group has a limited “free will” just as we humans have a “limited” free will. Our wills are limited in that all of us from the lower life forms are under the Cosmic Direction in accord with the will of ultimate Divine Intelligence. In other words, what we would all call GOD has the last word. There are rules to the game.-

The proper understanding of the Christian Bible gives us a blueprint of the Divine will for our planet….our planet we call Earth. The Bible states that before this planet is destroyed an “elect” group of humans will be chosen, those who have accepted the Jesus Upgrade. Those who have Holy Spirit [Divine Mind] operative in them will go beyond and become ELAH’s. The phrase “elah” is an acronym which spells out “evolutionary level above human”.-

I hope that this has helped SOCT students come to a better understanding of the Keepers.-

~Eric W. King


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  1. Questions to ponder:

    1-What really triggered the post World War II wave of alleged UFO sightings across the United States?

    2-If you do not believe in extraterrestrial why?

    3-Have you researched the UFO data to make a decision?

  2. The "protective parent" ET category wishes to shield humanity as an "adolescent race" as far as possible from the dangers that exist for humanity as a maturing race. ETs in this category have a moral orientation of helping humanity become aware of the presence of other ET races throughout the galaxy and to cooperate with these races in an alliance often described by whistleblowers and other sources as the Galactic Federation.

    The protective "parent ET" races spend considerable time assisting various human organizations to counter the agendas of "Good Shepherd" ET races that are actively trying to control global humanity for purposes of harvesting the resources of humanity and the planet. This category of ETs promotes an agenda of full disclosure of the ET presence, and is dedicated to serving the best interests of humanity as viewed from the lens of a "protective parent" that served as a biological source for humanity.... Some of the ET races that fall into this category are typically described as the Nordics (Lyra), Sirians (Sirius B), Pleiadians, Altairians, and Alpha Centaurians.

    Some of the ways in which these "Nordic/Semitic" ETs assist humanity is, for example, to counter the harmful environmental effects of advanced weapons technology developed and deployed by clandestine organizations. Also, significant terrorist actions sponsored by the "Good Shepherd" ET factions, are presumably mitigated or prevented by Nordic / Semite races. For instance, terrorist actions subsequent to the September 11, 2001 attack may have been prevented by covert assistance from these races to security forces around the planet, thereby helping to stabilize Earth's security situation.

    Exopolitics - The Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence. Michael E. Salla PhD. Pg 161-166

  3. The "wise mentor" category of ET races have a hands-off approach to global humanity and only offer assistance if it is in the best interest of all concerned in such an intervention. They promote "consciousness raising" and have a moral orientation that is deeply spiritual insofar as they present the unity of all life, and the importance of honoring the role of all forces in the evolutionary development of humanity.

    They do not offer technology in the conventional sense but a highly advanced "language of light" technology consisting of sacred geometrical forms that are simultaneously found throughout the universe, in the atom, and the human energy field. They teach that understanding the sacred geometrical light patterns in all life will lead to the emancipation of individuals and life on the planet.

    Wise mentor ETs do not directly confront and counter the influence of "good shepherd" ET races, which differentiates this category from the "protective parent." Indeed, "wise mentor" ETs warn against the implicit dangers of intervention since this may retard the evolutionary growth of humanity.

    Put simply, the wise mentor ETs view the hard knocks of humanity's encounter with "good shepherd" ETs as part of the evolutionary process for a species and thus do not intervene. In contrast, protecting humanity from the "hard knocks" of humanity's encounter with "good shepherd" ETs is an important goal of "protective parent" ETs.

    Exopolitics - The Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence. Michael E. Salla PhD. Pg 167