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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Important information about Earth's Sun

Important information about Earth's Sun
*Extraterrestrial knowledge given through SOCT

By Eric W King

Some scientists on Earth have been watching sun spots and the altering of the sunspot cycle and even the overall surface temperatures on the Sun. In 1987 and 1988 the poles of the Sun switched. The Sun was realigned to new grids by the ET class known as the Universal Grid Stabilizers. This was done out of grace for the furtherance of the human race.  What we call “the shift” began as early as 1987 and in 1999 we [humans] were put on a “probationary” period of stabilization. ~

On October 7th 2011 this planet was given the final message called “The Seventh Message” in hopes that we could prove our awareness and make better decisions for our planet and humanity. Since the 1980’s we have noticed an increase in solar activity. Please understand that near by comets, those which go around our Sun, actually charge the Sun. This can work for or against us. In one sense it can help alleviate vast pressure in our expanding system or it could backfire and produce a solar flair headed our way. ~

Comets which pass by the Earth actually spark the Sun in the same way that a spark plug helps start an engine. Your scientists are beginning to understand this phenomenon. In August of 1972 some strong gamma rays were released from the Sun which effected human consciousness. It must be remembered that all of these actions are interrelated. The Sun has been pumped up electrically which pumps up Earth energies. This will intensify Earth’s storm activity…as we see this already occurring. ~

On March 5th and September 6th of each year humans are exposed to a greater amount of solar-rays than on the other days of the year. These are days of intense solar wind storms.~

What you can watch on the following posted video is an actual documentation of the Universal Grid Stabilizers using a huge probe machine to actually alleviate our Sun of some of its dangerous energy. This was done in accord with the 1999 ET Stabilization Treaty for our planet. ~

As I have predicted in 2011, there will be more objects headed toward our planet. If we do not heed the “Seventh Message” those who have been helping us will step back and we will have to deal with the wrath of our own bad decisions. Currently we are going to witness yet another frighting object headed our way? What will we do? What will you do? BECOME A SOCT STUDENT TODAY WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME!

~Eric W. King

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