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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is the Moon creating strange weather?

SOCT Paper 55

Is the Moon creating strange weather?

Here Mr. E.W.King gives some interesting food for thought. As true Christians we are to remain “triple ‘A’” [awake, aware, alert]. This information helps us understand the interaction of God’s physical laws and how He is using them to fulfill His ultimate plan. Read & Share:

Does our planet’s moon affect the earth? Yes. Now many will argue that it does not have “that much” of an affect. Here is where they are wrong! The fact is our moon prevents our planet earth from wobbling on its axis. How important is that? Very! Here at COGSR I have been keeping you all informed about the fact that our north and south poles have been shifting slightly. What does this mean? It means that our gravity, gravitational pull and gravitic connections are rotating, they are moving in a different pattern. At first this is a slight change but I want you to keep this in mind; One inch of higher water levels in our oceans can cause tremendous changes in atmospheric pressures and weather changes. Imagine if the moon moves one inch…can this cause changes? YES!

The moon is moving…we will talk about this in a moment. The gravitational pull of the moon creates atmospheric “tides”. For the most part these changes have been overwhelmed by other atmospheric factors, but is that changing? Yes. Believe it or not current satellite technology can measure the fact that the earth itself undulates due to the tidal effect. In other words the earth has its literal “ups and downs”. Does this affect the earthquake factor? Indeed. But that is another subject. Now here we must get to another important understanding. We know that carbon emissions are affecting our atmosphere; we know that title waves have affected the rotation of this planet and now we must come to the reality that the moon itself is playing a role in weather changes.

We need our magnetic fields to keep our atmosphere. No moon, big problems!

Is our Moon moving away from Earth?

Yes. Our moon is moving away from earth. The moon’s orbit is getting larger. The moon moves away from our planet 3.8 centimeters per year. Our earth is actually stretched a bit due to the orbit of the moon. This makes the shape of our earth slightly oblong. As I mentioned earlier this is the result of what we could call “tidal bulges”. As many of you know, I believe that Divine Intelligence gives me insight to events that are extremely important for us to understand in these last days. I now want to warn scientists that they have underestimated the moons control of this planet. We have our weather seasons on this planet because of how God placed the moon in our space. God is judging this planet and in doing so God is using His natural laws to demonstrate His power and control.

Tidal friction is now affecting this planet in new ways due to the current distance of the moon from our earth. As God allows the moon to move farther away we can expect new weather patterns to form on the surface of our planet. The earth and the moon exchange energy through gravitational “tuggle wars”. Each exchange energy back and forth. Another factor to consider is the fact that our earths rotation is slowing down. Some will argue that this is happening so slowly that it is irrelevant. Again, if one extra inch of water in our oceans can make extreme differences in weather pattern changes imagine one inch change in the entire moon’s relationship to our planet.

Science will reveal this soon!

Though not many scientists today are talking about this relationship between our moon and current weather changes they will! God has revealed that there are many things yet for this blind world to understand. God has been asking His church to begin to truly understand the “laws of science”.  As true Christians we understand what is happening and we look to the “new heavens” and the “new earth”.

“So Apollos and I should be looked upon as Christ’s servants who distribute God’s blessings by explaining God’s secrets.” [1 Corinthians 4:1]

Our SOCT teachings are helping God’s true people receive “meat in due season”. Why is this information important? God is judging this planet. God is trying to get our attention. Are we listening? What have we been doing to ourselves, our planet, and why are we destroying this great nation of America?

If you have been lead to this article please ‘book mark’ us and continue your studies here at COGSR/SOCT. God may be calling you.


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  1. Also read our other Moon article at:

  2. It's easy to take the Moon for granted, even on a clear night when it can light up the sky. It really feels as if it has always been there just as it is now, throughout history. But that's not strictly true.
    It is thought that the Moon was formed when a proto-planet about the size of Mars collided with the early Earth around 4.5bn years ago. The debris left over from impact coalesced to form the Moon. Computer simulations of such an impact are consistent with the Earth Moon system we see in the 21st Century.
    The simulations also imply that at the time of its formation, the Moon sat much closer to the Earth - a mere 22,500km (14,000 miles) away, compared with the quarter of a million miles (402,336 km) between the Earth and the Moon today.
    The Moon continues to spin away from the Earth, at the rate of 3.78cm (1.48in) per year, at about the same speed at which our fingernails grow.
    Without the Moon, the Earth could slow down enough to become unstable, but this would take billions of years and it may never happen at all.
    The migration of the Moon away from the Earth is mainly due to the action of the Earth's tides.
    The Moon is kept in orbit by the gravitational force that the Earth exerts on it, but the Moon also exerts a gravitational force on our planet and this causes the movement of the Earth's oceans to form a tidal bulge.
    Due to the rotation of the Earth, this tidal bulge actually sits slightly ahead of the Moon. Some of the energy of the spinning Earth gets transferred to the tidal bulge via friction.
    This drives the bulge forward, keeping it ahead of the Moon. The tidal bulge feeds a small amount of energy into the Moon, pushing it into a higher orbit like the faster, outside lanes of a test track.
    This phenomenon is similar to the experience one feels on a children's roundabout. The faster the roundabout spins the stronger the feeling of being slung outwards.


  3. Goodbye Moon. Every year, the Moon slips a few centimeters away from us, slowing down our day. Why is the Moon drifting away from us, and how long will it take before the Earth and the Moon are tidally locked to each other?

    We had a good run, us and the Moon. Grab your special edition NASA space tissues because today we’re embarking on a tale of orbital companionship, childhood sweethearts and heartache.

    You could say we came from the same part of town. A long time ago the Mars-sized object Theia, collided with the Earth and the Moon was formed out of the debris from the collision.

    We grew up together. Counting from the very beginning, this relationship has lasted for 4.5 billion years. We had some good times. Some bad times. Gravitationally linked, arm in arm, inside our solar family sedan traversing the galaxy.


  4. In conclusion, the Moon does affect the Earth’s climate. It may even be fundamental to the maintaining and stabilisation of the seasons. There is also growing evidence that the Moon can influence generations of storms and rainfall, (although untangling this effect from the influence of Sun Spots is not universally accepted). Eventually energy loss by tidal forces will slow the length of the day to say 25 hours and the Moon’s distance from the Earth is also slowly increasing. Luckily any noticeable effects will take 10s of millions of years and way before then the next Ice Age will be far more of a problem for mankind.


  5. Some people are in bad health and are not able to get outside. In this case they can watch great documentaries, surround themselves with nice house plants and open window sunlight. They may even get an indoor water fountain. In any case, there is no excuse to ignore the beauty of God’s creation. Holding a simple feather or interesting rock can connect one with a deeper respect of nature. Some SOCT students do rituals such as the LBRP using symbols of nature in ritual. The point is we should develop a deeper relationship with our planet. ~E.W.King

  6. The moon no longer has a magnetic field, but NASA scientists are publishing new research that shows heat from crystallization of the lunar core may have driven its now-defunct magnetic field some 3 billion years ago. Magnetized lunar rocks returned to Earth during the Apollo missions established that the moon once had a magnetic field. The moon’s magnetic field lasted for more than a billion years and, at one point, it was as strong as the one generated by modern Earth. Scientists believe that a lunar dynamo -- a molten, churning core at the center of the moon -- may have powered the magnetic field, but previously did not understand how it had been generated and maintained. FROM: