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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Science Of Christian Thought takes a closer look at Early Humanity!

SOCT Paper 09

The Science OChristian Thought     
                               takes a closer look at Early Humanity

By Eric W. King

Here Eric goes deeper into SOCT information regarding early humanity. This is indeed a supplement to “The Story oOur Planet”. Eric will give further details which also show how modern science is agreeing more and more with SOCT research. Eric W. King’s teachings are accurate and revealed through and by a higher sourceThis is extremely important information for SOCT students. Read & Share!

In 2012 I wrote a long paper titled; “The Story of Our Planet”. It was not intended to go too deep into SOCT research as it was intended to give an over-all basic understanding of how our planet and humanity came about. In this paper I would like to go a bit deeper into scientific facts which validate SOCT beliefs and teachings regarding this most important issue.-

Early Life and living relationships

After the universe was cooled down enough God [Divine Intelligence] began to create galaxies. Our galaxy is known as the Milky Way Galaxy. We are certainly not the only galaxy in our universe. There are in fact clusters of galaxies found spread throughout our universe. Basically our galaxy is shaped probably like a spiral and is filled with stars, planets, gases, asteroids, comets, dark mater, black holes etc. It is very much alive and moving.-

Just recently the oldest galaxy that we can see with modern viewing capabilities was found. It was spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. They have named this galaxy z8_GND5296 and they believe that it formed within 700 million years after the beginning of our universe. This makes it the oldest galaxy ever verified.-

At the center of our galaxy is a big group of ancient red stars and probably also at the center of our galaxy is a giant black hole. If you could hover over the top of our galaxy it would probably look like a giant Catherine Wheel filled with millions of stars.-

Way at the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy we find our planet…humbly sitting in a quiet place. A lot has happened on this little ball of a planet we call Earth. In a period of time known as the Archeon Period (about 4 billion years ago) God formed single-celled organisms. The angelic host watched and they were all amazed. These were the simplest forms of life. ~

The next phase is called the Proterozoic Period (542 million years ago). During this time God dipped His hand in and made cells a little more complex and gave them a nucleus and other specialized structures. One of which is called mitochondria. In this same period God formed what is called Choanoflagellates. These cells exhibited relationship. God was beginning to reveal that He is a God of relationship. These cells formed colonies. About 635 million years ago Sea Sponges developed by the hand of God. These were multi-celled entities. During this period differentiated tissues started to appear. Even worms, flat worms, were created with actual brains. ~

Following the Proterozoic Period we come to the Cambrian Period which began about 540 million years ago. God at this time was allowing the angelic beings to begin to manage life on our planet. The special Intelligent Beings [angels aka ~ IB’s] helped in shaping the creation. They were given glorified bodies and began to live on our planet. They watched as the first early fish were created. During the Cambrian Period there was an explosive appearance of life on our planet as the angels now assisted with our planet’s development. ~

Many periods past until we arrive at the Permian Period. It was during this phase that God began to create the dinosaurs. It began about  299 million years ago. At sometime during this era the first angelic rebellion occurred. It is believed that about 96% of marine species became extinct because of the rebellion. The angelic war lasted for some time and climaxed with what is known as the K-T Extinction event. The angels began to war in heaven. When the rebel angelic host was cast back down to our planet the impact created four craters and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and many life forms. Sinful Experience [SE] affects everything.  ~

Early Ancestors

About 7,000,000,000 years ago God decided to create some very interesting beings. He created Sahelanthropus Ttchadensis. We have given this species the nickname “Toumai”. These creatures were the first to look like modern man in many ways but still fell short. These creatures exited for some time and developed a form of communication amongst them selves. God was taking pleasure in all of His great acts of creation. God loves to create! God can manipulate His laws and construct how He wishes. One thing to think about while contemplating all of this is the fact that God is using four material blocks to do all of this creating. These four blocks are; up & down quarkselectrons, and neutrinos. That’s all! Wow! Think about this.-

SOCT has taught that the earliest of humans, what we call the “hominins” began to appear as early as 100,000 years ago. Modern science is now coming to the same conclusion as SOCT. This is remarkable and science continues to validate SOCT teachings. We now know through SOCTrevelation that early hominins began leaving Africa hundreds of thousands of years earlier than originally believed. The Dmanisi findings are validating this fact.-

SOCT has always taught that human evolution is much more complex than originally imagined. We have taught that there was in a sense “more than one mother”. We have also talked about numerous hominid beings which interacted and mated with each other forming a much more diverse human genome than originally believed. It is now a known fact that some early humans bread with Neanderthals. Some humans are at least 3 percent Neanderthal to this day. But we are not ultimately from Neanderthal and the Neanderthals were much more advanced than present science is teaching.-

Another early group of very important hominins was the Denisovans. The humans known as the Tibetans have Denisovan linkage in their genes which has helped them to live in higher altitudes. These are scientific facts that SOCT has been trying to express. Please understand that one of the most important teachings of SOCT is for all of humanity to begin to truly understand their origins and to unite under the title of “Humanity”. This is key to positive earth changes in our divinely guided evolution. –

We could list way more than 21 beings which make up the ultimate human linkage in the evolutionary change. Some humans developed through other hominins which gave different characteristics. Not all of us have the same exact development. Much of this has to do with climate changes which effected hominin development and also many small connections that seem to be divinely guided which allowed the master links to survive.-

Extraterrestrial Help

Ultimately it came down to nine hominin species. It was through the survival of these nine species guided by Extraterrestrial help that we have arrived where we are today. The “tenth” human couple, the last to be created through a completely different and complex matter became what we know as the historical “Adam & Eve”.-

Again, several different hominin species participated in human development. The Keepers helped to direct vibritory frequencies through out the development of biological entities on our planet in accord with Divine Intelligence. We are all a part of the second earth age [which started after the last Ice Age some 10,000 years ago] however some of us are genealogically connected to the families of humans which appeared before Adam and Eve. Please understand that there was, in a sense, a “first mother”. This would be the first mother of the first couple out of the nine couples created in the distant past. Adam and Eve are the tenth couple which came after the last ice age.-

A person’s maternal ancestry is traced by mitochondrial DNA which is called mtDNA. All men and women posses mtDNA. This type of DNA is inherited from the mother. Through the study of ones DNA they can find out what couple of parents they were originally born from. Science has learned that your original mother’s mtDNA determines how your cells use oxygen so you are using your original mother’s mtDNA every time you breathe. This is most fascinating. Everyone alive on the planet today can trace their maternal ancestry back to just one woman.-

The Bible focuses on the recreation of the surface of the earth and on Adam and Eve (the 10thcouple) because it would be through their genes that the Messiah would eventually come and it would be through their race of people that would come the “chosen nation of God”. Eve is the “mother of all” because those who accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah are “spiritually” adopted into the Christ family line.-

The Complexity of our Evolution

Humanity has multiple evolutionary branches but only SOCT gives the information of the significant 9 species which participated in our evolutionary chain. Science will continue to unfold what SOCT teaches regarding this most important issue. SOCT information comes from a higher source and is much more accurate than secular science proclamations. –

Many different hominins lived contemporarily with each other. As the continents shifted we see the destruction of many of the early hominins. Many of the early creatures could not demonstrate important and specific learning styles. When we get to about 2.9 million years ago (before modern man) we find the creatures known as Australopithecus Afarensis. These were some of the first human-like creatures to spend more time on the ground and outside of sheltered areas. One from this species is popularly known as “Lucy”. She walked upright and began to use her hands to do other things than just walk. After her came Homo Habilis and some others. Finally we arrive at the time for modern man!-

SOCT teaches that right around 2.9 million years ago at least nine species survived and became what we know as modern humans. These humans had much larger brains and began to use tools in a much more intricate manifestation. Then around 1.9 million years ago the early human ancestors began to develop brain structures which could now interface with Divine Intelligence consciously. This began the early development of what we might call “religious thought”. This was a key step in our development to becoming conscious “Sons and Daughters of God” [Divine Intelligence].-

There have been at least five major extinction events in the early human development. Up to 50 and even 90% of survival was hanging on a thread. If it were not for Divine Intelligence we would not be here. We lived anciently with Paranthropus boisei which was a being that lived predominately on grasses and leaves. We [Homo ergaster] were able to adapt more progressively and aggressively which enabled our survival.-

Climate Change has directed our evolution!

There have been “shifts” in climate change. SOCT has been teaching that we are in a final “Shift” currently and we have been blessed to see to it that some will make it through the shift. No “religion” or “spiritual message” is teaching the accuracy of our current dilemma like SOCT is. We are a Divine Vehicle through which this final and Seventh Message is ‘coming through’ to the entire human race.-

If we study the vegetation “ups and downs” of this planet we can better understand the evolution of our world. We could begin to explain heavier and deeper truths dealing with C3 and C4 grasses and how they affected our biological progression, but we will leave that for further studies. What I wish you to understand here is that we have been guided by Divine Intelligence. We would not be here if the Universe Itself was without consciousness.-

Prehistoric diets must be looked into more fully to understand our biological development. We truly are what we eat! We live because our early ancestors took to a C3 and C4 diet. This made us much more adaptable to further progression. We eventually began to eat meat. It seems we had a drive for survival of physical consciousness. Why? We have “dipped” into matter for a reason.SOCT will help you to begin to understand!-

Climate controls what we are able to eat. So climate does and has participated greatly in our growth.  SOCT is speaking TRUTH. Listen!-

Soon we hope to release our paper on Diets & Landscapes, how they affected our evolution and how they continue to play a very important role in our fast changing environment. This planet has experience rapid climate changes in the past. In fact, SOCT has warned that we are currently getting ready for a speedy and shocking change!-

I end this short study with………

Warning: Global Crisis

As the greedy and needy increase so does violence, war and strife. Earthquakes increase and even get bigger as they go. Strange storms increase with deadly aftermaths. Toxic chemicals increase causing toxic waste and increasing pollution. Human mismanagement and war has brought this planet to the brink of extinction.-

Jesus saw how bad it is going to get and warned: “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved (alive).” [Matthew 24:22] Third World countries face one revolution after another. The United States will face an industrial revolution along with a moral revolution for the worst! Violent and mentally disturbed young people will infect their children with unforetold hatred towards true Christians.

Strange events are coming! Unforeseen disasters are coming! In chapter 8 of the book of Revelation, we read in verse 7 that the apostle John saw in vision a time in the future when “the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.” The Bible warns about objects falling out of the sky and many other strange events yet to come.

Riots in city streets continue, going from bad to worse. Big companies will continue to rip others off and get bailed out by other corrupt people. False religions will continue to be destructive. New sicknesses and diseases on the way. Man will continue to believe that he has all the answers and this will go on and on until God says; “enough is enough!

Man has had his time to try and bring world peace. He has failed because he is following the god of this world, Satan the Devil. Peace starts in the family but when family members are taught that it is okay to have sex outside of marriage, do drugs, break God's holy Sabbath day, participate in pagan rituals and feasts and use God's grace as a license to sin it is no wonder why they fail.

TV shows have been preaching Satan's nonsense for decades. Children and adults sit in front of their TV's and become brainwashed with false doctrine. False churches broadcast false gospels and ask for more money to continue their corruptions.

True Christians [the Church of God] has been warning others about all of these things since the time Jesus walked on earth. Christians have been sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God to all those with open ears. Christians are not surprised at all the things going on because Jesus Christ warned us all before hand and on top of that He gave us the only true hope of true salvation and the coming Kingdom of God, peace forever for His true children!

Humanity will never solve environmental problems or social issues because humans cannot create a just world government to enforce the necessary measures. But God's coming world government will solve all problems. A loving God will intervene and spare His creation from total extinction. Those true Christians who have obeyed God's commandments and not participated in this current fallen system of things will qualify to become members of God's family.

Before Jesus returns we can expect “wars and rumors of wars”, but we can also expect things to go from bad to really, really bad! Are you ready for what is coming upon this world? Have you been living in sin or living in Christ? We understand that this planet will not last forever. We also know that the Divine Intelligence will fulfill His plan. The exact details of how or when it will end as we know it are not specific or certain. We do know that it will end. In the mean time we are challenged to examine the fallen matrix and introduce healthy upgrades which will enable us to survive in a much more enlightened and advanced way. As true Space Age Christians this is our task!-

One does not have to be “religious” to begin to grasp the overall SOCT message. Reform at a mass level must take place if humanity is to survive. This will start with mass education of SOCTtruth regarding science and true spirituality. We have been graced by Higher Intelligence to receive this final message for planet earth; THE SEVENTH MESSAGE!-

We can no longer lie to the children of this planet regarding Divine Intelligence, Extraterrestrials, True Science and healthy religion. We must now throw away old beliefs which have completed their assigned task…we must look ahead and be brave and boldWe must let our religion evolve!-

There are many humans who wish not to be “religious” or “spiritual” in their endeavor to save the planet. All one has to do is begin the process of studying SOCT teachings to begin to grasp the reality of our message. True peace involves letting others have their own spiritual belief systems.All we ask is that one look at the scientific facts when contemplating faith issues.-

Religion and science cannot keep fighting if there is to come harmony. Advanced humans understand this fact but pride prevents them from accepting it.-

Part of our mission is to allow the laws of science to merge with social and moral development of mankind. We need to be brave enough to stop clinging to old belief systems which do nothing but harm ourselves and others. Most all humans have reached a higher comprehension level than the present ancient religions have to offer. Public morals and values need to be reevaluated. No matter what kind of sentimental connection we may have to old beliefs that don’t work, we must let them go. We thus begin to replace the old system with the new and more enlightened system.  We must now separate fact from fiction. Will you join us on this bold journey into a better way? Divine Intelligence is waiting for us to grow to the next step. Are we willing and able? All things are possible with Divine Strength.-

~Eric William King 

Earth Changes….the Reality! 1-Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise 2-Mercury Climbs 3-Oceans Warm 4-Glaciers Melt 5-Sea Level Rises...

Note on the Last Great Cast Down

SOCT teaches the Great Rebellion which took place some 65 million years ago. A great space war between the Adramelechs and the Anohites took place. This went on for some time. The Last-Great-Cast-Down of a huge mother ship happened 13,000 years ago when an Adramelech craft entered our atmosphere at great speed and blew up some 6 miles above the Earth. This created a giant heat wave filled with explosive gasses to hit our planet. This caused the last great extinction event of some of the older mammals. ~

The Humans living during this time were the Clovis People. Many of them learned how to survive as our planet entered the last great ice age. This ice age ended some 6000 years ago and then the Edenic Experiment began with the help of the Plutonian Anohites. This can be read about more in our Pluto papers and our lengthy paper; “The Story of Our Planet”. ~

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  1. Does the fact of evolution raise challenging theological questions for Christian faith? Of course. For example, when did humans first become responsible to God for their actions? How should Christians understand the doctrine of the Fall in the light of evolution? And what about the problem of pain and suffering? No-one pretends that such questions have simple answers, and I have written a book that tackles them in some detail (Creation or Evolution – Do We Have to Choose? Oxford: Monarch, 2008). Understanding evolution is a help rather than a hindrance on that last question. There are necessary costs in the existence of carbon-based life and all living things, including us, play our part in sharing the burden of those costs. Biological existence, with all its rich diversity, is a costly existence.

    “Nature is what God does” wrote Augustine in his commentary on Genesis. We exist within God’s created order and the evolutionary process is a key feature of that order, essential for our existence. That means a lot more than mere ‘compatibility’. And the good news is the future tense of creation. The best is yet to come.


  2. I believe that God created the universe billions of years ago, before mankind every existed. Nothing evolved. God destroyed the pleasantness of the earth, shaking the mountains and laying the earth waste, turning it into a frozen wasteland of void and darkness. Isaiah 55:11 says that God's Word NEVER, NEVER, NEVER returns unto Him void, failing to accomplish that which He has spoken. God created man upright. God created the angels and Lucifer upright. Sin ruined them. Everything God made in Genesis 1:2-2:25 was not just good, but “very good.” Yet how did the earth become void, without form and dark in Genesis 1:2? Clearly there was a cataclysmic event between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. ~