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Saturday, September 13, 2014

What are Dreams?

SOCT Paper 152

What are Dreams?

Mr. E.W.King gives us some basic information regarding the dreams that we experience through the night. We all dream. Sometimes we remember our dreams sometimes we don’t. Let’s look into this subject. Can God speak through dreams? Read & Share:

We all dream at night. Most of the time we do not even remember our dreams or at best only remember a small portion of a dream. There are different types of dreams. Some times we may have a dream that is extremely real…not too many things happen in the dream that couldn’t really happen in real life. Sometimes we may experience what are known as “Lucid dreams”. A lucid dream is when you know that you are dreaming. You are in the dream and aware that it is a dream. It is said that 8 out of ten people have had lucid dreams. Through our studies here at COGSR/SOCT we have learned that more parts of the human brain are excited and are active during a lucid dream. ~

Some dreams make no sense to us at all. We may be walking with a person in our dream and the next moment the person turns into a dog or a cat. We may be in one location and the very next instant in someplace entirely different. So what are dreams? From a Biblical perspective we understand another very special type of dream known as a Revelatory Dream, or a “prophetic dream”.  This means that God can speak to people through the dream world. God can give you a teaching or a confirmation, God can give you a warning about something and show a future event. These dreams are not as common. How does one know if he or she has such a dream? God will let the person know through and by the power of the Holy Spirit if they are having such dreams. People who know me know that I am sometimes given such dreams. I have shared some of them publically and people have witnessed the reality of these revelations. ~

Dreams Heal and Organize Thoughts

Through our SOCT/COGSR research we have also now learned that dreaming is extremely important for the human mind. We all dream every night but we do not always remember our dreams. We now know that dreams also help the human mind sort through problems which have not been categorized or properly solved. There are examples of many people who have received answers while dreaming to basic and sometimes complex problems. During the dream state our normal faculties such as our five senses and objective aspects are somewhat shut down. This allows for the mind to become extremely creative with information. We know that when a person dreams the eyes begin to rotate and move in their sockets at rapid speed. This is known as REM [Rapid Eye Movement]. ~

Again, specific brain areas that limit our thinking to logical conclusions and things that are familiar to our every day experiences are less active during REM and thus creative thought expands. One thing that we have learned in our COGSR/SOCT studies is the fact that if you remember a dream; instead of focusing on the images, people, and or animals that appeared in the dream and focus instead on the emotions that occurred in the experiences - this will help you pin-point the “drive” of the dream. People sometimes get caught up so much in the images of the dream that they ignore the emotions that the mind wanted to deal with. ~

What dreams amount to

Some dreams could involve past life experiences. Some may be visitors from other realms or even ones from the Spirit World. Angels can communicate through dreams also. Dreams work in many ways. Some are prophetic and cognitive. ~

In the world where we now understand God’s scientific laws much better we need to bow to the Creator and His laws rather than to our delusions of grandeur. Really, only you have the ultimate answer to all your dreams. ~

Another amazing phenomenon are all the so called “dream books”. Some of these are okay but be very careful. Edgar Cayce has some good information about dreams and understanding them. Ultimately nobody can know how another has interpreted his or her experience save God alone. So careful. ~

Understand what Dreams are and don’t be afraid

Some people have had dreams where they fall to their death or something terrible happens to them. They then spend the rest of their waking moments believing that death or tragedy is imminent. This is what the Devil wants you to do. Please remember, in past studies we have showed that the Bible teaches that the Devil uses “mind channels” to try and place bad thoughts in your mind. Sometimes a person may have tuned into one of these mind channels and while sleeping experiences a Nightmare. So some are from the enemy. ~

Most nightmares are caused because we are refusing to face an issue in our personal life. Energy gets stored (suppressed/repressed) and manifests sometimes as a nightmare. Learn to ask what your dreams are trying to teach you. ~

Sometimes you can ask for an answer about something that is troubling you before you go to sleep and your mind (through dreaming) will help you get the answer. ~

Always pray before you go to sleep. God will guide you and help your mind do what it needs to do. Never get overly concerned about your dreams. In your waking state talk to God and read your Bible everyday. God will protect you, lead you, and guide you at all times as you learn to communicate with Him. ~

COGSR/SOCT will continue to share more about the dream phenomenon as we learn more about God’s magnificent laws of nature. God has given us such tools as positron-emission tomography scans and EKG’s. We will always thank God for all the wonders He has placed before us.

Sir Eric.W.King

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