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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Hidden Doctrine of Mr. Armstrong....Shocking Truth!


                  The Hidden Doctrine of Mr. Armstrong....
                                      Shocking Truth!

For those of you caught up in the splinter and or “offshoot” groups of God's true Church, “The Worldwide Church of God”, you are about to get a message that all the others in Laodicean, splinter, offshoot and divided groups do not want you to have! ~

                  Let us get a review of things before you can understand: ~

Now we have studied the fact that during the sixth church era, the Philadelphian, God chose an apostle to direct this organization. We must understand that this true restored church government cannot be changed! During the Philadelphian era God called His church, “The Worldwide Church of God”. This cannot be changed! Many “splinter”, offshoots, groups and corporations through men have tried to change this first important fact.  Apostasy began in the 70's. It rose in 1978 and still continues today. The true Church is still “The Worldwide Church of God”. Some have tried to buy this name, some have tried to hijack this name...and most all have tried to change this name! This cannot be done! ~

Unfortunately this title [The Worldwide Church of God] cannot be used in regards to a legal organization because it is still owned by the apostates. This does not prevent free Christians from using it as a title for what they truly believe. ~

We must remember, if the first latter day apostle claimed that "The Worldwide Church of God" is the Philadelphia church, then it still is! This is why Satan tried his hardest to block anybody from legally using this title. Only those who have left the ONE true Church have become Laodicean and or cults. ~

The Laodiceans have rejected the Philadelphia [Worldwide Church of God] apostle. Why would they listen to a new apostle? [as many splinter groups claim to have] ~

*Only the true apostle could have given authority for a name change! He did not! ~

IMPORTANT NOTE: I must also make this important point. Many who were in "The Worldwide Church of God" have not just left for Laodicea; unfortunately, many are now sitting in outright cults! Following false apostles and false prophets! ~

         Here are four foundational “KEYS” to understanding the Hidden Doctrine! ~

               Let us now look into the Hidden Doctrine of Mr. Armstrong! ~

The true Church of God recognizes the fact that the first latter day apostle [Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong] came in the “spirit” and “power” of Elijah to restore true Church government. Since this time true Church government has been restored! Also, the true gospel of the Kingdom has been pronounced since this time. The knowledge that had been taken away has been restored. God truly only has His one true Church. This cannot be changed! ~

God's true church is called 12 times in the New Testament, the “Church of God”. Mr. Armstrong brought God's church “worldwide”. It need not be called by any other name. ~

Now many need to look very closely at this next fact to truly be able to begin to understand the “Hidden Doctrine” [Hidden Manna] of Mr. Armstrong! Remember, no other group claiming to be the true remnant of the Worldwide Church of God has this doctrine which is very clear! ~

In Zechariah 4:9 we read: “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you.” Here is what you need to understand! Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong told the true “Worldwide Church of God” that he [Mr. Armstrong] fulfilled this Zerubbabel office. The original “Worldwide Church of God” was finished in regards to restored Church government and in the fact that it was [is] the only true Philadelphia Church of God! This means that the original name of the Philadelphia church is, “The Worldwide Church of God”. If it isn't, how many Philadelphia churches of God are there? ~

People use the title “Philadelphia” church of God. I have found many listings in the phone book. So what is the Philadelphia church of God? It is only the original Worldwide Church of God....nothing else!  Many false “Christian” groups today teach that the original Worldwide Church of God is divided into “sects”, “groups”, and or “splinters”. Even many proclaim to me that the first latter day Apostle taught such nonsense. ~

Having established these facts let us move on to the next important foundation you need in order to understand the Hidden Doctrine of Mr. Armstrong. ~

What was foretold to occur was a “great falling away”. This happened after the death of the first latter day Apostle. Most left the church not knowing where they stood in prophetic history. They fell for the fallen Protestant idea that the church was now just anybody who believed and that there was really no true church as a “visible” organization. Thus they deny the first latter day Apostle and part of his mission which was to restore true church government and usher in the Philadelphia era. So these so called “splinter groups” left the true church-body and became Laodicean. Some left and, sadly, joined heretic cults! ~

Note: The truly converted [people] make up the missing link between the Philadelphia & Laodicean eras, not splinter or offshoot organizations. ~

Now to leave the true “church body” meant to leave the Worldwide Church of God. The apostates that took over the Church after the death of Mr. Armstrong eventually gave up the title, “Worldwide Church of God” but also made legal rights to prevent others from using it. How cleaver is that? Satan hates the true Philadelphia Church of God...Satan hates “The Worldwide Church of God”. Those who left during this time were confused. Many joined false offshoot groups in haste. Those who waited patiently truly understood that nobody could destroy God's true Church! They stuck with the title: “The Worldwide Church of God”! Today God is calling those who left back into His one Philadelphian era church that was guided by the ONE AND ONLY, MR. HERBERT W.  ARMSTRONG! He fulfilled the Zerubbabel mission and “his hands shall finish it!” [Zechariah 4:9] ~

Now it is true that after Mr. Armstrong's death the apostates took full control of the original Church government and corrupted it. This means that the truly converted eventually stopped paying tithes to the fallen organization. The true remnant left the apostates but they never left the true “Worldwide Church of God”, the one church Christ built! ~

Having established thus far the facts mentioned, let us move on to even a further understanding of the Hidden Doctrine [Hidden Manna] of the first latter day apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Remember, the offshoot [splinter] groups do not want you to have or retain this information! ~

Now, here is the first and most important “KEY” to understanding the Hidden Doctrine: ~

Before Mr. Armstrong's death he gave last instructions to Mr. Tkach. He said; “I have reached world leaders, your job is to GET THE CHURCH READY.” Mr. Tkach became a “Judas” and failed to follow the apostle's instruction. Get the Church ready for what? And what Church was Mr. Armstrong talking about? ~

Mr. Armstrong was talking about “The Worldwide Church of God”! Because Mr. Tkach failed we now find all the splinter and offshoot groups of confusion! Mr. Armstrong said to “Get the Church ready...” The Church he was referring to was the only true Philadelphian era church, “The Worldwide Church of God”! This cannot be changed! Wow! Did you get this? Do you understand now? ~

It is because of the fact that Mr. Tkach failed that many do not understand the Hidden Doctrine! It is no wonder why Satan has been able to confuse many. [Again, the truly converted make up the missing link between the Philadelphia & Laodicean eras, not splinter or offshoot organizations, and not splinter or offshoot groups.] ~

Now, how can we understand this in Scripture? Let us look even closer at the Hidden Doctrine.   ~         

                      What was put into the Ark of the Covenant and why?

Here is the second “KEY”: First we must understand that this doctrine [what was to happen after Mr. Armstrong's death] became “hidden” because Mr. Tkach failed to reveal it. He failed to properly take care of “The Worldwide Church of God” as he was instructed by the apostle. But by God's grace it is now being revealed to those who have sought for it. Many have known this but have not heard it spoken so clearly. What I will now give you is an important “object lesson” in typology. We must understand this! This is key! ~

We can learn from all the council that Jesus gave to each of the 'Seven Church Era's'. During the third Church era, that of Pergamos, we see Jesus giving His true saints a future promise. Jesus said: “He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith UNTO THE CHURCHES; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Hidden Manna, and will I give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” [Revelation 2:17] ~

This Scripture was given to those in the Pergamos era and all following “churches” so that when the time came for the Church to receive a “new name” they would know what to look for! When Mr. Armstrong died many were looking for the TRUE CHURCH going by “new names”.  The fact is, the Church will not receive a “new name” until Christ returns! Splinter groups and offshoot movements appeared on the scene with many different “new names”. But Revelation 2:17 tells us that ONLY CHRIST CAN GIVE US THE NEW NAME! How does Jesus do this? He does this through His word! No other way.~

What is the “hidden manna”? When we look at the Ark of the Covenant we find three things placed in it. We find the Ten Commandments [the character of God's people], we find Aaron’s “rod that budded” and we find a plate of “hidden manna”. Aaron’s rod represents the remnant of God's people in these last days and the plate of manna represents that last great commission to the Church!  ~

The manna is that “spiritual food” for the last day church. This is the food that should have been given by Mr. Tkach but he failed! [to see what was in the 'Ark of the Covenant' read: Hebrews 9:4] ~

 Now Revelation 2:17 states that Jesus wants us to have the “hidden manna” [last day spiritual food] and eventually the “new name”. The Greek word for 'name' used in Revelation 2:17 is “onoma” and can mean a “character trait”. So God will give His last day Church new “character”. What is this “new name”? Let God's word tell us! ~

                                                  What is the “New Name”?

“And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all the kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name. Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God. Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the Lord delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.” [Isaiah 62:2-4] The Hebrew word here, Hephzibah means “my delight”. Why does the true “Worldwide Church of God” take on the character of “God's Delight”? Because they stuck with the TRUTH! This is the third “KEY”. ~

Did you just read Isaiah 62:2-4? Did you understand that GOD WILL GIVE THE NEW NAME! No offshoot group can understand this. They have become blind and full of pride thinking that their made up names and splinter groups can somehow save them..... they turn away from letting God give us His “new name”. ~

Where ever the true Church dwells shall be “Beulah”, which means “the husband [God]” is with them! The true “Worldwide Church of God” will be Hephzibah, “God's delight”! Now what you have just been taught is something that all the offshoot groups and splinter groups do not want you to know! Why? Because the offshoot groups seek glory for themselves and not God! They “know not the Scriptures”. Look at all the false names that they have given unto themselves. ~

Now in Revelation 2:17 Jesus promised to give us the “new name” when the time is right. The Church will be given this new name at the Second Coming. This name describes a character trait of the one true “Worldwide Church of God”. Now in Revelation 2:17 Jesus promised to give His true Church more than one thing. He promised to give them a “white stone” with the “new name” on it. What is this white stone? ~

First let me remind you that God promises His true people: “The SECRET of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.” [Psalm 25:14] Daniel proclaimed: “He [God] revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him. ~

I thank thee, and praise thee, O thou God of my fathers, who hast given me wisdom and might, and hast made known unto me now what we desired of thee: for thou hast now made known unto us the king's matter.” [Daniel 2:22,23] Many from the true “Worldwide Church of God” have been waiting for this information. Now, for the first time it is being revealed unto you! ~

The Greek word for “stone” in Revelation 2:17 can mean “a verdict of acquittal”. This is awesome! This means that the true “Worldwide Church of God” will finally be set free from all the accusations of the apostates and the false offshoot groups! The true “Worldwide Church of God” will at last be set free from the heretics and their false accusations! You have just been given the TRUTH. This is part of the “hidden doctrine” that nobody wants you to know about. ~

                                      Now for our Last Great Commission

If you do not yet understand what you have just read before you arrive here, please do not read anymore. Only if you have understood what has been written thus far will you even begin to understand this part of the Hidden Doctrine. Now we know that Mr. Tkach was to prepare the true Church after Mr. Armstrong was gone. Mr. Tkach failed to prepare the Church for that which was to come. Who will prepare that church now, in the midst of much confusion? Only those who have truly trusted God's latter day apostle, Mr. Armstrong. This means only those who have studied carefully and have looked carefully at what the apostle said will understand. They must compare it all to what is found in the Bible...God's Word! Only in God's word will we find TRUTH. Only in God's word will we find true answers! Jesus promised the “new name” and God's word tells us what the “new name” is. Those who understand that the true “Worldwide [Philadelphian] Church of God” cannot be destroyed will listen. Now those who are using fake names for God's ONE TRUE CHURCH should take heed. ~

The “new name” is Hephzibah [Isaiah 62:2-4] and it is a name that expresses the true character of God's last day Church that hung in there through all the confusion. The new name means, “God's delight”. This is what God wants to call His true saints that reside in the one and only “Worldwide Church of God”! But the Church cannot take on this “new name” until Jesus Christ returns! No new name can be given until then! ~

The truth of the first last day apostle is on the side of the Church he belonged to. Satan, like a roaring lion, has tried to tear God's church up into pieces. The Church may have appeared to fall through all the confusion but it did not! What is the Church's commission? It is always to bring the true Kingdom of God message to the whole world and in these last days, since the death of the first last day apostle, to call the misled out of Laodicea and back into the Worldwide Church of God..this is God's “delight” [Hephzibah]. ~

Mr. Armstrong used to use the phrase that we must “stick to the trunk of the tree”. The Philadelphia church is the trunk [Christ and His church]! It was identified by the first last day apostle as, “The Worldwide Church of God”. Many are trying to start a new “trunk” with a fake name. Mr. Armstrong, after the 1970's apostasy, said that he was “getting the Church back on track”. He never said; “I am going to divide the 'sheep' from the 'goats' and give the Church a new name [start a new church].” He hung in and fought the “good fight” all the way to the end. He is our example. ~

Note this carefully: Any Church that sprung up after the Worldwide Church of God is a new church, which is to say, 'Laodicean' or 'cult'. ~

To have to call people out of Laodicea means that they have left the Church and are sitting in another company. Mr. Armstrong once stated: “Notice especially, there is only the ONE CHURCH. NOT MANY churches. The CHURCH is not divided. There is only one Church. Not a parent church and many little daughter churches that have split off in disagreement. Divisions splintering off are NOT STILL IN THE CHURCH. It is the Church that is to marry Christ in the resurrection at His coming – not disagreeing churches – not groups who have broken off! Not a parent church and apostate daughters. That will be more obvious as we continue.” -from “Mystery of the Ages”, ch.6 'Mystery of the Church' ~

Remember, Mr. Armstrong instructed Mr. Tkach to: “Get the Church [WCG] ready!”. He did NOT instruct Mr. Tkach to: “Get ready to start a new group.” This is so very important to understand. This is indeed the Hidden Doctrine that will [is] upsetting the offshoot groups. ~

If God's church is “divided” Jesus' house cannot stand! Jesus said that a house divided against itself shall not stand! [Mark 3:24-26] These offshoot groups demand that one believe that God's church is today divided. This is blasphemy! This is the fourth and final “KEY”. ~

Now, there is much more important details to this Hidden Doctrine that I will not here talk about. Why? For one thing this should be enough to swallow for now. However, those who have heard this and are being called to participate in this true ministry of God can contact me. This is not an “offshoot” or “splinter group”, this is the real deal. Our latter-day apostle is Mr. Herbert Armstrong. God is looking for His teachers and those in other offices to participate. ~

Here is what we have just learned: ~

1-God's Philadelphian era church is the one and only, “Worldwide Church of God”. ~

2-The true “Worldwide Church of God” will be given the new name at Christ's second coming. ~

3-Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong is still the authoritative apostle of the true Church. ~

4-All offshoot groups do not understand this. ~

Here are some other articles which can help you understand this subject: ~

God's people must stick together and work together. He commands us to. Please understand, I truly love God and His word. I love Jesus Christ [my Savior] and the gift of the true Holy Spirit. It saddens me to see all of the confusion out there regarding His one true Church. I am sickened by all the evil websites that attack the TRUTH. I am sickened by the cults and false teachers. I can now only follow what God asks...keep the faith, fight the good fight. Will you join me? We are truly living in the Last Days. ~

Eric W. King

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