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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SOCT…the Private Self

SOCT…the Private Self
Jesus Christ understands the ‘Private Self’

Jesus Christ taught His students to pray in private, not just around fellow Christians. He likened it to going into a “closet” or even into the woods, away from others, to talk personally with Him. Even ‘fallen human nature’ understands that we all need our privacy. To retreat to privacy may be used to escape from interaction that is troubling. We have talked about “irritations” and how the Christian can deal with them. ~

Jesus understands that we sometimes have to withdraw to repair our energies. Jesus Christ himself demonstrated withdrawal from others sometimes, even from His closest students. ~

Many who are studying with us here at COGSR/SOCT have testimonies of going to sacred places to pray about what they are learning. This world is so full of confusion that sacred and quiet places are very important for true Christians. Please understand, you are a special personality, a ‘one of a kind’. God loves you no matter what you have done to fail. Divine Intelligence forgives you through Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice. The First Source and Center  is now inviting you into Christian Reality. He is inviting you into His one and only True Church. Please take time out to study what YOU believe you need to understand to have peace with God here at SOCT. ~

Eric W. King [CEO of SOCT/COGSR]

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