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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Strong Mind Channels create predispositions

SOCT Paper 14

Strong Mind Channels create predispositions

Basically, those who have the gift of the Holy Spirit are "spiritual hybrids". Those who have accepted the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon make up the "midwayers". ~

Please understand that there are many “mind channels” out there just like many radio stations. You may notice that when you turn the tuner on a radio some stations come in clear while others not so clear and many just produce static. This is very important for the SOCT student to understand and begin to comprehend. When we visit different parts of the world and even different states we find people talking slightly different and they have food likes and customs slightly or much different than from the original area we are from. ~

There is what is called “collective mind channels” within populations throughout the world. It would be like trying to find your favorite local radio station in New York while in California. You can’t find it. So we begin to understand that to some degree we are a product of our environment.  ~

Now we must also understand that there are some very powerful mind channels that can be tuned into no matter what part of the earth you may find yourself at. These stronger mind channels form theFallen Matrix. The SOCT Dictionary defines the ‘fallen matrix’ as such: ~

Fallen Matrix: The defects found throughout all of creation caused by sin. Sin is the disease which has caused defects in the whole matrix of creation. This current “program” [matrix] will be restored to perfection at the “Last Great Day” by Jesus Christ.-

Humanity has inherited the fallen matrix due to the great rebellion. The 2nd SOCT Axiom states: ~

2~ A schism occurred amongst the angelic beings. God confined the fallen angels to outer space which includes our planet. Thus all the points in our space are infected with Sin. In time God sent His Son (the Logos) into our space to show us the Way out. We must receive a portion of the First Point (the Holy Spirit) into our being. We thus become begotten children of God. We must have the Holy Spirit as the missing faculty (Tree of Life) to see through the distortion and perversion. Currently we are in a Fallen Matrix. True Christians are living in two worlds. ~

Those who have read “The Story of our Planet” have a fuller picture and understanding of this event and how it affected our entire universe. Each person is linked to this event through the fallen matrix made up of fallen mind channelsThese fallen channels form predispositional behaviors in humans which contain much distortionIt has actually created what we call the “fallen nature” in every human. The SOCT Dictionary defines “fallen nature” as such: ~

Fallen Nature: Human propensity to consciously and unconsciously disobey God’s moral standard. Human nature manifests itself in all human traits. The manifestation of distorted will. The sinful-nature.-

This means that every human is linked to the past. Not just with the past of his or her infancy but with the entire past of the human race. We have inherited the fallen mind channels. We can still produce “good acts” but not without some distortion. All humans have some sense of right and wrong. Proof of this is the fact that humans can feel guilt. SOCT understands what is called “the guilt factor”. The SOCT Dictionary defines ‘guilt factor’ as such: ~

Guilt Factor: A feeling caused by a violation of ones moral perception. Guilt deals in two specific areas; moral condition and or personality disturbance. Do you realize that guilt is the core of all misunderstandings? The Bible proclaims what the true cause of guilt is. The Bible states that both thoughts and actions can create guilt. This means that if we do not understand proper thinking we will have numerous issues with guilt and if we do not understand true moral action we will struggle with wrong actions constantly. There is proper guilt and “false guilt”.-

Remember, the fallen mind channels are not completely due to a person’s experiences in life. Instead,the fallen matrix is experienced by all humans and is not dependent on personal experiences. ~

When mankind fell into sin he inherited not only distorted thinking patterns but he also inherited genetic problems. Please understand, we all have some genetic defects but some have more obvious ones. Nobody is better than another in regards to defects; it is simply part of the human condition. If you were born with some defect that is troubling, you mustn't feel upset about it. God permits everything to happen for a reason. Many children who are born with handicaps are here to teach others some very important lessons. Relationship lessons are what we all need. ~

God may allow us to find out many more important things regarding genetic variants which cause mutations. We may begin to understand what variants cause specific mutations with a consistency. Until then, we must understand that sin, as it manifests collectively has deeply affected our physical being and our mental being. This of course affects our spiritual being. We hope to continue to help all Christians come to a deeper understanding of the human condition and to point all to Jesus Christ as the only and ultimate answer for true healing. Thank you for studying with us here at COGSR/SOCT. ~

So we must understand that all of us as true Christians are in a spiritual growth process which means we have to learn to be attuned to the Divine Mind Channel amongst much intrusion from fallen mind channels. We must learn to recognize the fallen primordial channels and learn to consciously change the channelWe can do this through Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit [Divine Mind Implant]. ~
Eric W. King [CEO of SOCT/COGSR]

SOCT Prayer:

“Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you help me make the right decision. I am not always able to receive clear directions from you due to my fallen nature and my residence in the realm of the fallen matrix. I need your Divine Messengers to help. I need to live in mocha. I know that I cannot always reside in mocha due to my sinful nature but I also realize that you are always with me and teaching me the lessons I need to know. May I develop Christian Clarity through Jesus Christ. In Jesus name I ask and thank you, Amen.” ~


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  1. Some are positive: a sense of humor, a love for animals, or attention to detail, just to name a few. These positive predispositions make us proud. They bring beauty into the world around us.

    But personal tendencies can also be negative: we are quick to anger, susceptible to addiction, or harbor a quarrelsome spirit. Most often, we recognize these traits as negative and harmful. They’ve just been a part of us for so long we begin to get used to them.

    Even worse, we begin to accept them as inevitable. ~ JOSHUA BECKER


  2. Among the many examples of innate predispositions is the phenomenon
    of IMPRINTING. During an apparently critical period (between 17 and 20
    hours after hatching), the object to which a young duckling is exposed
    becomes an emotionally-significant object. The duckling will follow the
    object (which may be a human, or a wooden model of some animal) around
    and will utter distress calls if the object is removed from sight.
    Furthermore, after reaching maturity, the duck will attempt to mate with
    objects that are similar to the imprinted one. This phenomenon is
    normally quite adaptive; in the wild, the object a duckling will likely
    see at that age is its mother and species identification is assured.
    However, imprinting does not fit well into any of the general learning
    paradigms we shall be reviewing, and the notion of there being a critical
    period for acquisition may have wider generality than the particular
    instance of imprinting.

    University of New Mexico

  3. Our brain generates thousands of thoughts each day. Some thoughts are really useful, absolute gold, while others are unhelpful and best left to one side. If you can see these thoughts for what they are – thoughts – then it can allow you to get some distance from troubling thoughts and to spend more time with thoughts that are most useful and supportive of your life.