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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When You Hear the Truth…will you believe it?

When You Hear the Truth…will you believe it?

How much time do we have left!

Truly we do not know just how much time this planet has left. Why wait? When you hear the voice of Divine Intelligence why shut it up and pretend that you do not know Truth when you hear it? Nobody can force anybody what to believe in and that is certainly not the job of SOCT. SOCT is a School of Divinity set up in this Seventh Church time for all who wish to participate. Divine Revelation cannot be proved, only experienced. ~

“Things do not fight for life or to ‘make things better’ unless there is intelligence behind the force. Force in and of itself does not have the urge to progress or “evolve” but life progression takes mind, need, and want. It takes intelligence.”  ~ Eric W. King

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