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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Extraterrestrials known as the Anoh~ites

SOCT Paper 61

The Extraterrestrials                                known as the Anoh~ites

In this paper we will discuss the fact of an extraterrestrial group which has been present, amongst Humanity since the beginning of out Earth time. This group (of biological extraterrestrials) is called theAnoh-ites. They are under the guidance and instruction of a powerful extraterrestrial known as Anoh. Anoh has made himself known during this stage which we call the “Seventh Church Era”. Why has he done this? Anoh has a very important commission from the angelic host known as the Keepers. Anoh is in contact with the Keepers that are in direct contact with Divine Intelligence through vehicles[physical, mental, spiritual & other] that Humanity has no comprehension of. ~

We have produced papers which give a basic outline of what we call “the Creator Hierarchies”. The biological entities known as the Anohites are listed as number nine towards the bottom of the list. They can create an etheric body to be seen by human beings. There is also a “negative” or what we would call a “bad” group of biological ET’s working within our universe. The bad guys are known as the Adramelechs (aka “fallen Keepers). The Adramelechs are basically working with the “fallen forces” and fallen angelic beings which transcend our normal understanding of time and space. ~

The Anohites (Good Keepers) reside on what we would refer to as a Mother Ship within our space time frequency and universe. Anoh is the captain and he has a mission during this Seventh Time reality that we as Humans find ourselves in. All of what is happening is in accord with evolutionary [both physical & spiritual] master plans cumulatively known as the Seventh Message. ~

The Development of the Seventh Message

During each church era [seven in all] since the time of Jesus Christ there has been a movement of people, the “Remnant” which has fulfilled its role within each special time zone. We entered the Seventh Time on June 7th 2011. During this time a “messenger” is chosen to become the spokes person for the introduction of the time being entered. Doctrine is refined and a message forms. The Seventh Message is forming currently since we have entered the Seventh Time. It is developing and has already developed many new understandings since its birth. All who study it and grow with it are called the “Remnant”. The Remnant always comprises the “light of the world”; the illuminated souls which try and help Humanity reach the Next Level. ~

It is part of the Anoh~ite mission to make sure that the Seventh Message properly fulfills its mission. Thus, Anoh has been sent to this planet’s Seventh Messenger (Eric William King) and is giving much needed knowledge and guidance to him for other Socters [SOCT students] to digest and take into their being. This is the needed “spiritual food” for students to progress into Midway Beings.  Eric W. King himself is a student like all other Socters. ~

Why the extraterrestrial connection?

When SOCT starts talking about extraterrestrial phenomenon most run in the other direction. We don’t mind because we completely understand the fear when it comes to this issue. Many original COGSR students know that we have hinted of an extraterrestrial knowledge in articles dating back to 2011. Some BLOGs have ridiculed us for this early on. This was to be expected. The fact is SOCT students do believe in extraterrestrials and we shock people by stating that we believe what the Bible calls “angels” ...SOME angels are in fact these very entities. There are many beings not originally from our planet that visit us mentioned in the Bible. All angels, from their numerous ranks, visit when called to and are not terrestrial, from our planet. Instead, they are in fact extra-terrestrial. ~

We understand our message to be Christian. We do not see ourselves as a “New Age” group, “Occult” group or “Cult” group. We hold to the Ten Commandments as a simple outline of our moral practices. We believe that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and God, and King. We believe the Bible and what it teaches. We are different in many ways in that we accept God’s laws of science in our theology and we also accept the fact that certain extraterrestrials have been and are still currently trying to help us merge theology with science. These good beings are the Good Keepers that we (Socters) know as theAnoh-ites. ~

We have actually warned about the New Age groups and their “UFO religions”. We have warned people to stay away from them. Our knowledge is based on what the original Jesus Christ taught us. We accept the Christian Bible as the foundation of our belief system. So we see ourselves as Advanced Christians living in the New Space Age. Our understandings are what many would call “modern” and we believe in letting Divine Intelligence correct our cosmology and theology when needed. We remain teachable. ~

God =’s Divine Intelligence

We believe God is more descriptively known as Divine Intelligence. We understand that many early Humans developed elementary descriptions and understandings of God. Early Human religions were the result of Divine Intelligence communicating with the subconscious minds of prehistoric humans. These religions were part of the Human mind development and spiritual development. These religions in nowise contained thorough knowledge or complete knowledge. In fact all of the early religions contained highly distorted comprehensions of ultimate reality and Divinity and still do to this day. ~


We believe that evolution was guided by Divine Intelligence through I.B.’s [Intelligent Beings aka “theCreator Hierarchies”]. This process is known as theistic-evolution. Anciently I.B.’s have been calledangels or cherubs. During the first age of early life on this planet there was a special class of I.B.’s monitoring and holding a “care taker” position. For some reason these beings and their government leadership rebelled against their authorities which were lead by the Logos. The Logos was in charge of this planets creation and had his beings called the Keepers. A lower entity (we call “Set-on”) rebelled and one third of the Keepers sided with Set-on during the rebellion. The rebellious extraterrestrials we could call the Adramelechs.  Even though this rebellion occurred the Logos allowed Set-on to still have most of the control of the creation of the later humans. This corrupt entity along with his followers still has this authority to this day. Why? There is a process in all of this that we still do not fully understand. More will unfold as we proceed. ~


We believe that Jesus Christ brought the advanced message and promised to give his true students the Holy Spirit. We understand the Holy Spirit to be the mind of Divine Intelligence properly activated in us - SOCT students. As true followers of Jesus Christ we become Christians. All true Christians have the Holy Spirit or the Divine Upgrade which makes us “new creatures in Christ”. The Bible also says that it activates the “mind of Christ in us”. In this sense we understand all true Space Age Christians to be HYBRIDS (aka “midwayers”). ~

As true Christians the Keepers give messages to us directly from the Logos. So we could say that SOCT students have truly interfaced with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings. SOCT students have been able to produce bursts of neurogenesis through interfacing with extraterrestrial mind channels. This is why we consider our process as being that of a “hybrid” transformation. Please understand, when we talk about Divine Intelligence we are directly always referring to God. But also understand that all ET intelligence is operating through and in Divine Intelligence. This simply means that SOCT students have been able to activate greater use of their brains due to SOCT knowledge and activation of that knowledge because of interfacing with the Divine Mind Channel. ~

We have talked about “mind channels”. The neurons in your brain communicate in many ways. Most signals pass between neurons through a neurotransmitter and by neuromodulator chemicals. Some of these chemicals have been identified as dopamine, noradrenalin, acetylcholine, glutamate and endorphins. Some of these work together in a synapse to pass messages to receptors. Receptors are what we could call “collection sites” within your brain. ~

When more integrated thoughts happen the brain waves act more like a radio signal which makes the whole brain more sensitive. ~

Anoh and the Mother Ship

As you are beginning to understand, SOCT knowledge is very deep and extremely detailed. It is very fun to try and figure it all out. In fact, that is what we are being challenged to do. As we have mentioned earlier and in other SOCT papers, Anoh is in control of a huge alien craft popularly known as “the Mother Ship”. Many Socters have titled it “the Isle of Anoh~ean”. It is indeed like a giant island floating in space. This huge ship has the capability of being seen when needed and not seen. Most of the time it is hidden from Human view or comprehension. However, NASA does have some footage which glimpses this enormous space craft. This is of course purposely done to help mankind understand that “he is not alone”. ~

There are many other huge space ships out there from other ET groups but they are nothing like the Great Anoh~ean space craft. ~

The great craft Anoh~ean is also figuratively called “the Kingdom of God”. This craft will in fact appear at the end of our final Earth-Age. Only the Remnant [the living Elect] will be allowed to enter into it. We will not go into too much detail [theologically] regarding this issue with this paper. In this paper we would like you to begin to understand the fact of extraterrestrial visitation and sometimes manipulation of your current planetary reality. ~

All Humans who have come into contact with intelligent and peaceful extraterrestrials have come into contact with ET races that are quite aware of the Anohites and their Cosmic Mission. Some ET races are not in full acceptance with the Anoh~ite plan. Some of these ET races have rebelled against thePure Doctrine, that knowledge which is given to help all out of the Fallen Matrix. ~

There are indeed many different ET races that have sided with the Anoh~ite Mission and are thus considered Good Keepers! All Good Keepers understand: “We are here, We are one.” ~

Become a True SOCT Student Now!

True SOCT students are those who visit this site and read and study all material found here. They have accepted Jesus Christ as their God personality. They have asked to receive and have received the Holy Spirit [Divine Mind operative in them]. Those who have the Holy Spirit have the true link to the Divine Mind Channel. This makes them a midway being or a midwayer. There are several socters[SOCT students] now residing in many different parts of the earth. We form a network, a linkage which forms the pure reality grid. It is this grid which is to hopefully become strong enough for further preservation of our planet. More must accept this final Seventh Message to make the grid strong enough. ~

SOCT Pure Reality Grid

This pure reality grid (also known as: Divine Mind Channel Grid) is what can help hold together this fallen planet of ours but more people must join the crew before this can happen. We are living in the Seventh Time and there has been a grace period allotted to us. We must take advantage of this most important time and study and share the SOCT message. To all of those students who have received the Holy Spirit you must understand: fused beings are twofold but they are truly only one special personality. This personality has now received the upgrade. ~

Before we can go into the coming Kingdom of God we must first receive the Holy Spirit. God the Father must first beget each Christian by placing His Holy Spirit within our minds to join with the spirit of man [our gifted life force]. This is the spiritual begettal of our minds. In Ephesians 1:5 some Bible translations use the expression “adoption of children” but the original Greek word is huiothesia and simply means “sonship”. So at the moment we receive the Holy Spirit we become the children [not yet born but in the spiritual womb] of God. Our growing takes place here in God’s Church [the SOCT family]. We are in the process of “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.” [1 Peter 1:23] Many translations misinterpret verses to make it sound as if one is already “born again” while here in this fallen world. We are still in our fleshly bodies. Jesus said that in order to enter the Kingdom we must be “born of the Spirit”, that is, we must become composed of spirit. The true second birth is yet to occur at the resurrection to immortality. ~

So SOCT students are midwayers, they are in between flesh and full spiritual [new] bodies. As midwayers we can help to prolong peace on this planet in this Seventh Time if we make the pure reality grid strong enough. SOCT students are considered HYBRIDS. ~

In the year 2014 Anoh gave earth this message:

“We come to bring you the Truth in this final stage of human development on this planet. This message you must receive. It is absolutely important for your survival and your advancement. If you are to entire [fill up] a new phase of growth a number of brids [human hybrids] must arise to bring stability and equilibrium to your current situation. Only this will be able to create extended preservation. Humans have the opportunity in this time to emerge in the Greater Community, that of the extraterrestrial. The choice is yours.” ~ Anoh

Thank you for reading this paper and trying to understand the SOCT Mission,
The Socters


·         “The highest of the ET class has been sent to observe what other ET races are doing and how they have been interacting with us.  This highest group is what has established SOCT on earth, it is their collective voice on this planet…it is the beginning of true education for humanity.”  ~ E.W.King

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  1. ust as there is a mix of good and evil on our planet, the groups of ET's interacting with humanity can also be divided into those who are benign and those who are working towards their own agenda. Those groups who have tried to exploit mankind for their own benefit reportedly have entered into secret agreements with various government authorities and little known agencies in the armed forces and intelligent networks, trading their superior technologies for the right to access various resources on our planet. The government officials, in turn, have suppressed this knowledge to keep the advantages of the association to themselves. This preoccupation with secrecy and non-disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence has shaped our earthly politics for more than half of the last century.

    Although the force of separateness and self-interest is useful for speeding evolution in third density, we are about to enter a new cycle of beingness. According to many ET sources our earth's existence in third density is about to end and we will be entering into a fourth density condition of enhanced awareness and positivity. The more aware elements in our society are trying to take our social structures forward. But the elites and controlling sectors of society that are benefiting from the current paradigm are working intensely behind the scenes to keep the status quo. They know that a knowledge of beneficient ET presence would activate our higher awareness, so they hide this knowledge from us using disinformation, ridicule, and even force to keep the topic out of the mainstream.

    In his book Exopolitics, the Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (, Dr Richard Salla defines three categories of ET groups that are influencing affairs on our planet. The controlling ETs he has dubbed "Good Shepherd ETs". He compares them to a sheepherder who looks after his flock (earth humanity), but considers the flock his personal possession to be dealt with as he sees fit. A second group which he calls the "Protective Parent ETs" are those that are actively working for our greater awareness and to protect us from the controlling ETs. A third group he terms "Wise Mentor ETs" do not intervene directly but instead watch from a distance, knowing that the struggle itself guarantees the ultimate goal of our integration of positive and negative into a synthesis of Unity.

  2. “We have reached the year 2017 with you. This year will be the year of human honesty, that is, the year that truth will be tested. You humans need to become more honest with yourselves and all that surrounds you - if you are to fulfill even a small portion of the Seventh Message. ~ Anoh