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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The SOCT “We are ONE” Meditation

It is good to picture our planet in your mind while doing this meditation
The SOCT “We are ONE” Meditation for Christians

SOCT students do a fast proclamation~meditation throughout the day. When you get up in the margining think and say: ~

“We are here, we are one.”

Throughout your day [or night] when you feel tense or something is not going so great at work take one moment to slow down and say: ~

“We are here, we are one.”

Before you eat with other people you can close you eyes for a moment, wish peace on all around you and mentally say: ~

“We are here, we are one.”

So get in the habit of wishing peace for everyone and understanding the fact that we must all learn to work together to make things happen. ~

This simple meditation can keep you tuned into [attuned to] the Divine Mind channel and it also connects you to other SOCT students all around the globe. When you hear us here at SOCT talk about the Divine Mind Channel or some times Divine mind Channel(s) we are referencing a specific signal frequency to the human brain. Humans go from channel to channel so to speak in regards to everyday thinking. Channels connect and form complexes or mind constellations. If all human “mind channels” are connected to the Divine Channel then that person is what we call a midway-being. ~

Please do not get confused. Humans need to be able to consciously pick what mind channels they wish to stay on. I would rather refer to these multiple human mind channels as “thought patterns”. We can learn to shape our thoughts using a higher and more enlightened mind channel, the Divine Mind Channel. If we let this superior channel help to better shape our thoughts then new and healthy thought patterns can develop. ~

True Christians are receiving their information from higher sources. Those beings (angels) which came down and guided the people of God, those crafts (pillars of fire) that guided God’s ancient people, the Divine Message that came down and was given to Moses all prove that Christianity is truly an EXTRATERRESTRIAL RELIGION. We have been challenged by the star beings to rise above fallen human nature into the Next Level. By connecting with the Divine Mind channel you make the decision to proceed into this higher reality. ~

Eric W. King




  2. To ALL from Eric William King,

    Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] does not believe that our ‘religion’ is better than all other religions. Nor do we believe in proselytizing people to accept our spiritual beliefs. In fact, we support religious diversity. Religious diversity is extremely healthy. I have stated with force:

    “SOCT members support the right of ‘freedom of religion’. We stand for the rights even of other groups who do not believe the way we do. We support liberty in all things.” – Eric W. King