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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Transition Period between the Sardis and Philadelphia period of the Church of God

The Transition Period between the Sardis and Philadelphia period of the Church of God

By Eric William King [Chief Elder and founder of COGSR/SOCT]

This is an important subject for true Worldwide Church of God members because it is foundational in understanding how far we have come and just where we stand today in time. Many who have studied with us here have learned a lot about the true history of the original Worldwide Church of God. Our history is extremely important. Sadly, the fallen offshoots have no real authority for their claims due to the fact that they do not understand the true history of God’s church. ~

Brief explanation of Church Era Succession

We must first understand that the book of Revelation is a progressive unfoldment and revealing of God's ultimate plan. It is the revealing of the Messiah, Jesus Christ and His ultimate mission. When we look at the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation they represent the Church of God through time. The historical Church of God has always taught that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation progressively represent the state of God's Church throughout history. These progressions link God's people throughout time. The linkage begins in AD 31 on Pentecost when the church was first organized. The chain stretches through history down to the Day of the Lord [the second coming]. This means that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation represent the consecutive and differing spiritual states of the Church throughout time. These seven are the Ephesus period, the Smyrna period, the Pergamos period, the Thyatira period, the Sardis period, the Philadelphia period and finally the Laodicea schism. ~

The 5th Sardis Period of the Church of God

Skipping much church history we wish to arrive at the time when Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was called to appear on the prophetic scene. Another important fact that we must understand regarding the transitional periods of God’s church is the fact that God has always used “one man” to become the “chain link” between each period. In other words, God has always announced and began the organization of each new church era through a human being. ~

God used Mr. H.W. Armstrong to usher in the 6th Church era. He appeared right at the transitional stage between the 5th [Sardis] era and the newly birthed 6th [Philadelphia] era. Elder Scott Wilson of COGSR ministries has explained very simply how this all works in the following quotation: ~

“The Philadelphia church of God started in the early 1930’s. God had chosen a man of weak faith, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, to lead out. The Bible talks about Jesus Christ building His church. Jesus built His church in A.D.31. The book of Revelation informs us that the Church of God would go through seven stages of growth and development before the return of Jesus Christ.” ~

“The sixth church is listed as that of Philadelphia. Each church epoch or era began with the calling of one man to lead the way. These men are called “porters”, which is to say “gate keepers”. Long ago after the Saviour ascended into heaven certain men throughout the ages changed the ordinances and specific doctrines of the true Church of God. These incidents are referred to as “apostasies”. Usually an apostasy in one church era would get so bad that God would call forth a new porter to usher in the next church era. This way God has always protected His church.”  ~

Also, I [E.W.King] have stated in previous articles the following: ~

“The Church of God has crossed over to each new era. From the Ephesus to the Smyrna, from the Smyrna to the Pergamos, from the Pergamos to the Thyatira, from the Thyatira to the Sardis, from the Sardis to the Philadelphia, and from the Philadelphia to the seventh and last…the Laodicean. Each church era had a faithful angel [messenger] which helped it cross into the next phase. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was the sixth messenger in the sixth church age.” ~

So let us look into some church history to find out much more about the interesting period of time between the Sardis and Philadelphia era of the Church. This was indeed a very exciting time for the Church of God. ~

God prepares His 6th Church Era Messenger

There was a young man walking down the street in the mid-1930s. His name was Herbert Armstrong. Imagine how the things were back then. Those times were very different from today in many ways, especially in regards to technology. ~

Mr. Armstrong was a simple man yet in many ways very complicated. Mr. Herbert Armstrong was born on July 31st, 1892 in Des Moines, Iowa. He had brothers and sisters. He was raised in the Quaker religion. He lived during the time of great technological advancements. As a youth he worked in grocery stores and delivered news papers. He liked to read and spent a lot of time at book sales and local libraries. He became very close to his uncle Frank Armstrong. It was during this time that he began to be trained in the art of advertisement. ~

Mr. Herbert Armstrong developed the gift of “intuition” and he could almost always know what the minds of people were thinking in regards to ambition and drive. His uncle helped him to read books about the subject of human nature. He understood those around him and had the sense of knowing what peopled liked. This made him understand what people were looking for in their lives. Though he had other important jobs as a young man other than doing advertising he always seemed to somehow come back to the world of advertisement.  At the age of 23 he started his own advertising business for big banks. He became the publisher for nine leading national bankers. ~

Eventually God would use these gifts given to Herbert to proclaim the true Gospel of the coming Kingdom of GOD! ~

Mr. H.W.Armstrong learns family responsibility

In 1917 Mr. Herbert Armstrong met his future wife, Loma Dillon. They finally married on July 31, 1917 ~ his birthday. America was entering World War One. He and his wife Loma moved from apartment to apartment. They finally grew into a bigger family. Their first child, Beverly was born on May 1918. ~

He experienced hardships. Mr. Armstrong lost jobs and had a hard time raising his growing family. His wife started to study with a Saturday Sabbath keeping church. She challenged him with Bible questions and so did his atheist sister-in-law. He felt compelled to prove both of them wrong. Herbert found himself with a lot going on around him, a major transition period. It was then that God began to tug at him. ~

Through all of this he had to learn to deal with family social issues regarding his children and his wife. He also had to provide for his family and learn to get along with his sister-in-law. We can all relate to these types of family issues. Consider the times that Mr. Armstrong was living in. It was much harder back then…there was much more physical strain than there is in today’s world. He eventually had sons born to him. ~

His search for the True Church

Mr. Herbert Armstrong began an intense personal study of the Bible. His energy level was unbelievable when it came to looking deeper and deeper into Bible topics. He felt a force which was unexplainably pulling him into a greater understanding of himself, God, and his mission in life. He began to realize that all the so called denominations were teaching things so far off track from what God’s word really taught that he came to the conclusion that only three possible churches could contain most of the truth. These were the “Church of God, Seventh Day”, the “Seventh-Day Adventists” and or the “Seventh Day Baptists”. ~

Through prayer he chose the ‘Church of God, Seventh Day’. Mr. Armstrong stated early on in his search: “I began to ask where, then, is the real true Church which Christ founded?” Mr. Armstrong also wrote: “It was disillusioning to learn, on studying the Bible for the first time, that what I had been taught in Sunday School was, in so many basic instances, the very opposite of what the Bible plainly states. It was shocking to learn that “all these churches were wrong” after all!” ~

This type of awakening is still occurring in the minds of some who study with COGSR today. ~

Once he discovered the truth about Saturday Sabbath he stated: “That automatically ruled out all churches observing Sunday. So far as I could learn, it reduced the search to three small groups – the Seventh-Day Adventists, the Seventh-Day Baptists, and a little, almost unheard-of church called the Church of God, which maintained a small publishing-house headquarters at Stanberry, Missouri.” ~

He researched the Sabbath question at length. He discovered that the seventh-century revival of the seventh-day Sabbath was centered in England. Further research brought him to discover that an original remnant of Christians have always kept God’s seventh-day Sabbath since AD 31, since the start of the original Christian Church. ~

His Conclusions

After a long time of intense study Mr. Herbert Armstrong arrived at the following conclusions: ~

The original Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ began loosing its way as early as 69 AD. He also concluded the fact that God has always preserved a “remnant” of true believers. Sometimes that group has been extremely small, maybe at times only 50 people or less. Among those who formed God’s remnant people through time were Constantine of Mananali (650 AD), Sergius (750 AD), some of the Paulicians and Bogomils (1000 AD), Peter de Bruys (1100s AD), and some of the Cathars (1200 AD). Latter some of the Waldensians and Lollards. Finally the strong link of Stephen Mumford who took the true Gospel of the Kingdom from London to America in 1664. This was a Sabbatarian church set up in Newport, Rhode Island. ~

In fact, we come to some very interesting history of the Church of God in America in the 1600s. We could look at Richard Steere [1643-1721] who was a colonial poet from England. He studied under John Rogers from New London. They and others traveled to Rhode Island because of persecution in 1638. These Church of God Sabbatarians met up with some Seventh-Day Baptists. Many Sabbath keeping Christians had no where to go so they began to join up with the Seventh-Day Baptists. Please understand that the Church of God existed way before the Seventh-Day Baptists or Seventh-Day Adventist groups ever appeared in America. Mr. Herbert Armstrong continued on in his personal studies. ~

Many more truths he discovered which he latter RESTORED to the Church of God. One of these had to do with the true identity of ancient Israel. He later stated: “After exhaustive study and research, I had found it proved that the so-called “Lost Ten Tribes” of Israel had migrated to Western Europe.” ~

The Early Beginnings of a New Church Era

Mr. Herbert Armstrong became involved in the Church of God, Seventh Day. Mr. Herbert Armstrong was being called of God through and by the power of the Holy Spirit. He did not want to participate in the things of the world any longer ~ he felt a need for major change in lifestyle. Many who study with us here today at COGSR experience the same want and need to change as they too are being called through and by the power of the Holy Spirit. ~

Mr. Armstrong was baptized in the spring of 1927 by immersion. While living in Portland he and his wife visited the Church of God. Please understand, the continuing conversion process was a long process in Mr. Herbert Armstrong’s life. Some of his old beliefs he struggled with and even some of the older customs that he was raised in he struggled with for a long period of time. Please understand; true Christianity is a process. (Many COGSR students learn this very quickly.) ~

As he discovered more and more truth he began to share it with other leaders in the Church of God, Seventh Day. They began to exhibit prideful doubt with some of his findings. This of course was extremely frustrating for Mr. Armstrong. Here God was calling Herbert to expose many of the truths that had been covered up through previous years of apostasy yet church leaders were now trying to continue to suppress these most important truths. We find this even today when the fallen denominations continue to poke fun at COGSR and write books proclaiming us all to be, “cult members” while at the same time not even giving us an ear to hear what we truly have to say. ~

Mr. Herbert Armstrong was allowed for a short period of time to publish articles in the Church of God, Seventh-Day magazine, “The Bible Advocate”. But soon leaders rejected what God was showing him. He eventually left that faction of the Church of God and became involved with another group who wanted to hear what he had to say. It was in this Church of God group that he received pay for being a minister. Unfortunately, not too much longer and extreme rejection came his way again. He had been double-crossed. Please understand the important lessons that he was gaining through all of this disappointment. Those of us today in COGSR have experienced and continue to experience times of great discouragement but we too must learn to trust God and press on just as Mr. Herbert Armstrong was learning early in his life. ~

Mr. Herbert Armstrong knew that God was calling him for a great work. The problem was that he wanted to do things God’s way while others around him wanted to do things their way. God began to reveal to Herbert that the Church of God was getting ready to go through a transition phase. Herbert began to understand that the condition of the Church in which he found himself in was the Sardis condition. He did not yet understand the details of all of this but God would unfold and make clear what was happening very soon. ~

Church of God moves from Sardis to Philadelphia Era

As the Sardis period of the Church of God was coming to an end a new era was beginning. Eventually Mr. Herbert Armstrong was forced to leave the fallen Church of God, Seventh-Day. Church historian, Mr. Herman L. Hoeh explained what happened: ~

“Not long after his [Mr. Armstrong’s] ordination in 1931…a momentous juncture occurred. A movement was under foot to organize the local congregations of the Church of God under human government – a financial board of seven men. By 1933 certain leading ministers demanded that no more new truth be preached to the brethren. They were refusing to repent and allow the Holy Spirit to work through them to establish the truth that was ready to perish. Most of the congregations succumbed to spiritual DEATH. The age of the Church of Sardis was over. The Church period of Philadelphia was to begin!” ~

Mr. Herbert Armstrong himself stated: “From the year 1931, exactly 1,900 years (a century of time cycles) from the foundation of the Church, this small remnant of the original true Church of God began to take on new life as the Philadelphia era…..The Sardis era (Revelation 3:1-6) was by this time spiritually dying and had become impotent in spreading the true gospel of Christ. Indeed they had by this time lost knowledge of the true meaning of that gospel.” ~

The Worldwide Church of God begins!

The true Church of God, the one church that Jesus Christ built while He was here on earth, is still here. It has moved throughout history, sometimes as a very small group of people. Sometimes not more than a couple of hundred or even less. We have learned that the True Church entered a special phase in the year 1931 AD. God called a special servant, a latter-day apostle to move the Church of God into a special position. To prepare it for these last days. Under the leadership of Mr. Herbert Armstrong God’s church spread the message of the Kingdom of God to every nation. ~

God continued to use Mr. Herbert Armstrong. Eventually Christian radio broadcasts, magazines and finally Christian colleges were set up all through the ministry of one man, Mr. Herbert Armstrong. ~

Because the true gospel of the Kingdom had gone to every nation the church became known as, The Worldwide Church of God. I [E.W.King] was called of God to continue speaking the Truth as taught in the original Worldwide Church of God on October 7th, 2011. ~

From 1934 to the late 80’s the original church, under leadership of Mr. H.W. Armstrong published The Plain Truth magazine which was read by more than 20 million each month. Then there was the syndicated television and radio program, “The World Tomorrow”. It aired on more than 380 television and radio stations around the world. ~

The church had spread and developed into more than 120 countries and territories. Its strong membership was over 100,000 in the 80’s. It was and still is the Remnant Church of God. The church set up colleges and had a headquarters in Pasadena California. ~

It is really unbelievable what God can accomplish through one man. The true history of the Worldwide Church of God must be published and understood. Today the original Worldwide Church of God is still here in the last-day ministry of Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant [COGSR]. If you have read this you have found us! ~

The Second Great Apostasy

Sadly, after the death of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong the second“Great Apostasy” [the rebellion - the first great apostasy started in the second church era and ended with the restoration of the gospel under the prophet Joseph Smith in the Sardis era] occurred and all of the restored truths were tampered with. The only remnant of the True Church still holding fast to the “faith once delivered” is Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant. Please understand that the Great Apostasy and the preservation of the true Remnant had all been prophesied to occur in the Bible. ~

Those who study with us here at COGSR/SOCT will come to the most accurate knowledge of Church History. None of the false offshoot groups are teaching the true history of the original Worldwide Church of God. It should not surprise us that at the end of one church era another apostasy would happen. There have been numerous apostasies in church history. What made this one different? This one is the “Great Apostasy” because it grows into the most aggressive apostasy ever! It leads the entire world and fallen apostate Christendom into the final Great Tribulation. ~

Only those that know the true history of the original Worldwide Church of God and only those who truly know and understand the original teachings in depth with help of the Holy Spirit will be saved in the Church Age we are now experiencing. This information is so vitally important yet no other so called “Church of God” is teaching it. Why? Because they are not the True Remnant of God’s Holy People! ~

We are now in the Laodicean Era

We are in the Laodicean era. Since the death of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong we have entered the Seventh and Final Church Era. Here we have some figuring out. This Laodicea era represents those who at one time were involved with Christ's church but for some reason chose to forget some of its very important teachings. During the Laodicea era the “great apostasy” came. Even fallen apostate Christendom agrees with this interpretation. But what was the war against? It was against the TRUTH and God's One true Church. Isn't this what all wars are truly about? If there is a “god”, and there is, what and where is this “god's” church? Where are His people? All religious wars are regarding this question. ~

What was foretold to occur was a “great falling away”. This happened after the death of the first latter day Apostle. Most left the church not knowing where they stood in prophetic history. They fell for the fallen Protestant idea that the church was now just anybody who believed and that there was really no true church as a “visible” organization. Thus they deny the first latter day Apostle and part of his mission which was to restore true church government and usher in the Philadelphia era. So these so called “splinter groups” left the true church-body and became Laodicean. ~

So, we come to a conclusion. Do you believe in the Bible and what it says? Or do you believe in your own interpretation which leads you to disobey the word of God? If you are part of God's elect you will hear this truth and be drawn into His fold. If you reject, you still answer to Him. ~

False Laodicean Organizations

All the fallen denominations make up the Laodicean schism. They have formed their own organizations and have given the church fake names. They, along with all the WCG offshoot groups, have denied the Seven Church Eras. Many that claim to teach the Seven Church Eras deny the true Philadelphian era church by giving it a “new” fake name! ~

They also have either completely rejected the Holy Feast Days or they have changed the date of true Pentecost and rejected the true doctrine of Christian Marriage. [Only one offshoot group teaches correctly regarding Pentecost & Christian Marriage and that is, “Church of God, The Eternal” but even they have rejected the Seven Church Era’s doctrine] ~

Only those who have remained completely faithful to the True teachings of the original Worldwide Church of God have joined up with COGSR ministries. This ministry [COGSR/SOCT] is the last true remaining faithful ministry of the authentic Worldwide Church of God. Those who have left are sitting in other organizations going by a fake name and distorted doctrine. ~

Where we stand today!

Today many are seeking for the original teachings of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. There are some websites which have made available many (if not almost all) of the original books and booklets put together by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and the Original Worldwide Church of God. While this is a good thing there is something very bad that has occurred. After Mr. H.W. Armstrong died on January 16th 1986 many of his students ran away with his teachings and began to corrupt them. This happens with many teachers after they die. History and archeology can document this fact. ~

As Christians we need to understand something very important here. We [as true Christians] believe that Jesus Christ [founder of Christianity] built His church [body of believers] and just as He promised the true church would never be destroyed so it has not. What do we understand by this? As Christians we believe this means that though many apostates [false teachers] have come and gone and even though there are now many offshoot and splinter groups of the one true church, we still believe that God has preserved Pure Doctrine and a small remnant of true believers throughout time. ~

Because we believe this we cannot accept the Roman Catholic or Orthodox Greek church as being the “true church” because history proves that both of these false churches ignored pure Biblical doctrine and accepted forms of paganism. Nor can we accept the so called “protestant” groups which broke away from these because when they left they took many pagan ideas and teachings from their “mother church” with them. The so called Protestant Churches come from a time many hundreds of years after Jesus Christ walked this earth in the flesh. Protestants come from what is known as the “reformed period”, a time when theology was going through reformation. Theology did not need reformation…it needed restoration! ~

Sadly many turned away from very clear Biblical teachings even in the Protestant era and accepted aspects and doctrines of the “Harlot Mother”, Roman Catholicism. If one truly studies the movement of the True Church since the time of Jesus Christ they can begin to see clearly that though there have been apostasies there has always been preserved a small band of people, a small remnant that tried their hardest to stay true to the Pure Teachings and have in fact succeeded. ~

Please take time out when ever you can to study with us here at COGSR. We believe that God is still calling into His church His true people. ~

Eric W. King

SOCT History of the Church of the First Born

All Mormon Christians should read this and pay attention. This is a foundational understanding to becoming a Seventh Message Mormon. If you do not understand this basic outline of the Christian Church as it moves through time you will not truly understand the Seventh Message which has come forth to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and indeed to the entire world in this the seventh-time. You must grasp this message and all of what it contains. You must understand just where the church is in prophetic history. May you be brought here by the Holy Spirit and may you be sealed with this final day message.

When we look at the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation they represent the Church of God through time. The historical Church of God has always taught that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation progressively represent the state of God's Church throughout history. These progressions link God's people throughout time. ~

The linkage begins in AD31 on Pentecost when the church was first organized. The chain stretches through history down to the Day of the Lord [the second coming]. This means that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation represent the consecutive and differing spiritual states of the Church throughout time. These seven are the Ephesus period, the Smyrna period, the Pergamos period, the Thyatira period, the Sardis period, the Philadelphia period and the Laodicea schism. ~

First Era

In the book of Revelation found at the end of the Jewish record of Holy Scripture we read about the seven churches. These churches show the direction of God’s church throughout time down until our very day. The first church mentioned is that of Ephesus. This was the early apostolic time period…the apostles were busy sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. This period lasted up until about 98 AD. [Revelation 2:13] ~

The early apostles reached all the way to India and what we now call the British Isles. This early apostolic period was not easy. All of the apostles suffered and experienced hardships and died for the preaching of the gospel. ~

Second Era

The second period of the church is known as the Smyrna period. Many of the early Christians lived in Asia Minor which was a city of Smyrna. The famous disciple Polycarp appeared and worked during this era of the church. It was during this era that the Roman Catholic heresy began. The Papacy was born and became a powerful fallen church which was teaching many false doctrines. They did not have the true priesthood power. They practiced “priest craft” [false Christianity] and pretended to have authority. ~

It was during this period of Smyrna that the Great Apostasy truly began. This would last all the way up until the “dispensation of the fullness of times” when the prophet Joseph Smith would appear to restore the true Gospel and the Priesthood which occurred during the fifth era of the church, that of Sardis. ~

Third Era

We now come to the third church era known as the Pergamos era. In this period many more false doctrines crept into the church. This took place in the known area of Armenia. Symbolically referred to as the church time of Pergamos. Pergamos was the center of the Babylonian Mysteries. The Eastern fallen and pagan Church of Rome had migrated around Armenia, thus it was called, “where Satan’s seat is.” ~

This was a time when priest craft flourished. The Book of Mormon warned about this time. Ancient prophets on the American continent foresaw this dreadful time of the church which still exists today in all the false denominations. ~

Fourth Era

The fourth period of the church is known as the Thyatira era.  Though the true priesthood was lost at this time God did keep a small band of faithful Christians. These Christians had nuggets of truth and God’s Spirit was still leading a very small faithful band of true believers. God always preserves a remnant. It was during this time under a small faithful band that the issue of the fourth commandment, the Sabbath Day came under attack because of the great apostasy. The Roman Church had distorted this commandment and deleted the important understanding of the Holy Feast Days. ~

A small group of Christians known as the Waldenses fought to keep the true Saturday Sabbath holy during this time of persecution. This all happened around the year 1161 AD. Today this doctrine has properly been restored through the ministry of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986) under the Philadelphia era of the church. It has since been restored to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in our present “seventh church era” [typical Laodicean era] which started on October 7th 2011 and is part of what has become known as the “Seventh Message” to the church. ~

Fifth Era

This fifth era is the Sardis era. It started in the year 1585 AD and extended into the 19th century. The Christian message had extended throughout England in this era and many true and faithful Christians arrived in America as early as the 1600’s. Even the true Sabbath message had reached America during this time though not many Christians got to hear or receive it. ~

It was during this very important time of the church as it has flowed through prophetic history that Heavenly Father [God, Divine Intelligence] chose a prophet to restore the true gospel and the priesthood to the earth. This prophet was Joseph Smith. In 18 29 AD God restored the priesthood authority to His church and many other important ordinances. The visible 12 apostles were ordained, temples were built and many doctrines were restored to the church. ~

Latter day Scripture was revealed and brought forth called the Book of Mormon. The book is a record of God’s people on the American continent. ~ 

After the prophet Joseph Smith was martyred the Secret Twelve Apostles were ordained and the church broke into two main factions. Brigham Young took the bulk of the church to Utah while the secret apostles stayed for some time in the eastern states and went underground, so to speak to protect the teachings. ~

Since this time the priesthood can never ever be taken from our planet again. ~

Sixth Era

The sixth era is that of Philadelphia. This is the time that the true church holds to. This is the only church that Jesus Christ had no problems with. Even though we are in the seventh church era which is that of Laodicea we are trying to keep people in the spiritual state of Philadelphia. When God originally completed His work during the re-creation of our planet on the sixth day all was perfect and thus it was. This sixth church time is extremely important to understand and we urge all SOCT students to study this period of the church. ~

It was during this era which began in the 1930’s that God used the man Herbert W. Armstrong to restore 18 important truths to the church. God informed him to name the church, the Worldwide Church of God. This was indeed a remnant of the true church and we recognize that it was a branch of the true church. Herbert W. Armstrong was not a Mormon and neither he or his congregations accepted the Mormon message but that was not his mission. ~

*Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong also taught in agreement with the prophet Joseph Smith that America was made up and founded by the literal tribes of Israel. ~

He was an apostle who did receive secretly the priesthood but never came public with his authority to teach…instead Heavenly Father used him for specific things regarding doctrinal fulfillments. After his death the Worldwide Church of God was broken apart. This all happened for a reason. Those who experienced Christianity in the Worldwide Church of God were to go through many trials up until they were to accept the Book of Mormon along with many of the truths that God revealed to Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. This did not occur until October 7th 2011 under the calling of Mr. Eric William King. ~

So the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been given a message from this remnant known as the Worldwide Church of God and has in fact been given this new name, Worldwide Church of God in our present seventh era. Through this movement Heavenly Father has restored even more truth to His church particularly regarding God’s true Holy Sabbath Day and true Holy Feast Days. The prophet Joseph Smith saw this day coming when it was revealed to him the following in the Doctrines & Covenants: ~

“And also, if there be bounds set to the heavens or to the seas, or to the dry land, or to the sun, moon, or stars…All the times of their revolutions, all the appointed days, months, and years, and all the days of their days, months, and years, and all their glories, laws, and SET TIMES, shall be revealed in the days of the dispensation of the fullness of times…According to that which was ordained in the midst of the Council of the eternal God of all other gods before this world was, that should be reserved unto the finishing and the end thereof, when every man shall enter into his eternal presence and into his immortal rest.” – DC, 121:30-32 (July 8th, 1838) ~

Heavenly Father [Divine Intelligence] used the movement started by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to bring this revelation to fulfillment. These teachings have now been restored to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in our present seventh church era…that of Laodicea. ~

The Seventh Era

Our present church era is the Laodicean era. This era comes in two parts: first the typical-Laodicean era. We are currently experiencing the typical-Laodicean era which started on October 7th 2011 when two of the secret 12 apostles appeared to Mr. Eric William King and ordained and anointed him to bring forth what we now know to be the Seventh Message. ~

It was through Sir Eric William King that Heavenly Father merged the Worldwide Church of God reformation to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This was prophesied to occur by Joseph Smith himself. It was revealed to Joseph Smith: ~

“God shall give unto you knowledge by his Holy Spirit, yea, by the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost, that has not been revealed since the world was until now; Which our forefathers have awaited with anxious expectation to be revealed in the last times, which their minds were pointed to by the angels, as held in reserve for the fullness of their glory; A time to come in which nothing shall be withheld, whether there be one God or many gods’ they shall be manifest.” – DC, 121:26-28 (July 8th, 1838) ~

Our present Laodicean time is a time in which “nothing shall be withheld”. Only pride will prevent people from accepting this message. ~

“Yea, wo be unto him that saith: We have received, and we need no more!” – 2 Nephi 28:27

“Wo be unto him that shall say: We have received the word of God, and we need no more of the word of God, for we have enough!” – 2 Nephi 28:29

We have yet to enter the second phase of the Laodicean era. The second phase is called the anti-typical Laodicean period and this will commence at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, the finality of the end times. ~

We hope that this has helped you come to a better understanding of the Seventh Message for the Worldwide Church of God and the Latter-day Saints [LDS Church]. Christians who have accepted this message have become known as Seventh Message Mormons. ~

~May you gain peace profound.

Note: Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was the first of the Secret Twelve Apostles to be brought to the public.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the seventh church era which started on October 7th 2011 that the remnants of the Worldwide Church of God accepted the Book of Mormon under the last day ministry of “Church of God – Speaking to the Remnant” and many Mormon Christians accepted the new light given to them by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong’s teachings. A merging began and it was through this Divine Growth that the seventh church era began, the typical-Laodicea era. 

Continue to Understand

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