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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Watch live scenes from the 7.9 Nepal Earthquake


On SOCT News Eric W. King predicted on April 18th 2015 that a "sizable earthquake very soon!" would hit. Below is the link of the original notice. And now just days latter a devastating earthquake killing thousands is a sad reality.
__________________The original prediction.....

Today [4-18-15] Eric W. King Warns of Imminent Major Earthquake !

Today at local talk Eric W. King [CEO of SOCT/COGSR] warned: “We are to expect an sizable earthquake very soon!” ~E.W.King -  Eric is right 90% of the time!
The aftermath............

Earthquake Devastates Nepal, Killing More Than 1900
New York Times - NEW DELHI — A powerful earthquake shook Nepal on Saturday near its capital, Katmandu, ...

Al Jazeera - 


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