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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Are Humans Separate from God?

SOCT Paper 117

“You cannot control the beliefs or actions of others – so rest in your own Freedom.” -Anoh

Are Humans Separate from God?
In this paper Eric W. King shows how many of the so called ‘New Age’ religions are off regarding the understanding of this very important issue. The confusion lies in key misunderstandings regarding free choice. I have gained a much deeper understanding of the Human spirit in contrast to Divine Spirit but I have also learned that everything is still in fact connected but that Identity Seeds must have free will to create relationships within their own space. All who read this will begin to more fully understand the Truth (with a capitol “T”) ~ George Robinson (Spiritual Psychologist & student of SOCT Science)

Many religious/spiritual groups today along with fringe psychologists are teaching people that they are not “separate” from God (Divine Intelligence). Is this true? The fact is there are many Humans who wish nothing to do with spirituality/religion or any concept of God. So are some Humans separate from God? SOCT answers “YES”! ~

Sadly, many are teaching people by saying things like “you must find God in yourself”. If you have a living room with no couch in it and I tell you to go into that living room and find the couch I would be confusing you and mentally abusing you. We are all created in the “image” of Divine Intelligence, we have a Human spirit and intellectual mind & reason capabilities but we are not God and many do not have “God within them.” ~

The true God invites you to accept a portion of His Spirit to begin to dwell in you…a merging with Divine Intelligence can occur and then and only then does a person have Divine Intelligence consciously dwelling within their Human spiritThe Human spirit is not God’s Spirit. ~

Divine Intelligence does invite all of Humanity to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (activation of the Divine Mind Channel) but God does not force anybody to accept this DivineSeed. We all have been created with what is called “the deliberation channel”. ~

The Deliberation Channel

Recent SOCT studies have now learned that habits are generally acted out with out thought, they are ingrained in the mind circuits. However, humans also have what we might call a “deliberation channel”. In other words, you can become aware of your habits and make a conscious decision to change them. In time this practice closes old and unhealthy mind channels and opens new and healthy ones. Though this is possible to some extent by ones own actions true change of heart and mind can only be accomplished through and by God’s Holy Spirit. To achieve ultimate reality realization in the mind of Christ one must attain a portion of the MIND OF CHRIST ~ the Holy Spirit. A person must begin to experience a true reality shift. ~

“You cannot control the beliefs or actions of others – so rest in your own Freedom.” -Anoh

This deliberation channel gives you the opportunity to change thought patterns consciously, to better learn how to think. Thinking is a process that can change and be modified. Thinking is a learning process. It is through the understanding of this capability that you can take the next step and cross what is called “The Liminal Line of Consciousness”. ~

Humanity is beginning to better understand the human thought process. Human technology has become increasingly better at tracking human brain activity. Some of this new technology we are not permitted to publically speak of. One of the older devices which has come in handy in monitoring and studying brain activity is the electroencephalogram [EEG]. The brain produces a visual idea of wave-like patters. We have named these waves alpha, beta, delta & gamma hertz waves.  Other tools for monitoring the brain are MRI scans (PET) and CT scanning. We can say that extraterrestrial technology is far more advanced in the ability to monitor brain activity. ~

NOTE: The deliberation channel does show that “all things are connected”. It is up to the individual to find the path. ~

                         Crossing the Liminal-Line of Consciousness                                                 
you may get the Holy Spirit

If one chooses to truly find the only True God then he or she may make the right decisions to cross the liminal-line of consciousness and invite the Spirit of God to dwell within the Human spirit. This is the Holy Begettal. It is selfish to believe that you and only you can choose God. Humanity’s current ideas about God are all wrong. We see more and more “spiritual” books proclaiming that “you are God”, and or “God dwells within everybody”. Really? The psychotic murderer, the evil man…who does not believe in Divine Intelligence and believes instead that he is “all that and a bag of chips”…this person has Divine Intelligence operative in thought maturity? No, he does not! ~

                You must make your own personal                                             
decision to Invite God In

Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] here officially states: One of the biggest misunderstandings of all is humanity’s idea that Human Beings are God and or that they all have Divine Intelligence automatically operative in their personal consciousness. The fact is you must make your own personal decision to invite God in. He will never force His way into your mind or heart. ~

SOCT is not a so called “New Age” organization. We are Christians. When we look at how evil theover-all selfish population lives; “I choose My way. I don’t care what you think!” etc. we can begin to understand that it is truly time for the lost majority to wake up! That is why Divine Intelligence is offering the Seventh Message in this Seventh Time to the entire planet. ~

Will you Choose Wisely?

It has been the mission of SOCT to inform this planet about its ongoing and current dilemma. This world is now, as of August 9th 2014 at war. All we have to do is determine what percentage of this planets population is at odds with itself. The older religions of this planet have not evolved with current technology. Most all humans are living in the dark ages when it comes to true spirituality, philosophy and religion. We here at SOCT state that: “The only truth is Truth itself!” We are no longer concerned with myth or ferry tale. It is time for humans to grow up or be terminated. ~

Humans are already destroying this planet faster than you think. We have not been taught properly by government funded schools. We should have been taught about the dangers of polluted religions, corrupt religio-political governments, pollution - and we should have been taught how to better take care of ourselves and our planet. Another very important truth we should have been told has to do with the reality of Extraterrestrials and Divine Intelligence. We have had so many chances to do much better but corrupt, greedy and ignorant leaders have continued to blind themselves and many others to the truth of what is really going on. ~

Almost all fallen apostate churches teach the false doctrine that when somebody accepts Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior he is immediately “born again” as if some magic occurred. The Bible actually teaches that when we truly have been discipled to accept Jesus Christ we are given a portion of God’s Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is the presence of God’s mind and power operative in the Christian. But this is more like a “germ” of holiness. This does not make us “born again” into a spiritual body. It is merely the impregnation state. True Christians have a “seed” in them. ~

New Spiritual Babies are growing in the Woman’s Womb

The true Church of God could be looked at as a pregnant woman. The child to be born [the true believer] is growing in the womb while here on earth but he has not yet come out. He has not yet been truly born again. ~

Jesus stated: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” [John 3:3] We find this scripture in context when Nicodemus, thinking of physical birth, was perplexed. Nicodemus asked: “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?” (Verse 4). Jesus went on to state that He was speaking of a time yet to come! The fact is, Jesus was saying that you must have a completely “new body”, a spiritual body, to enter into the coming Kingdom of God. ~

The Bible states: “Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.” [1 Corinthians 15:50] Jesus explained that there are two different kinds of birth. One is physical and the other spiritual. That which is flesh is flesh but “that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” [John 3:6] Jesus also confirmed: “The wind bloweth where it listeth [where it wills], and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and wither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” [John 3:8] This shows that “spirit beings” are invisible. ~

So only a spiritual body can inherit the Kingdom of God. Right now true Christians are heirs to the Kingdom. [Romans 8:14-17] The Church of God is not the Kingdom but instead is the Kingdom in waiting. ~

Christians are “begotten” children of God

When a person accepts Jesus Christ and His true teachings, gets baptized and receives the “gift of the Holy Spirit” he becomes a “begotten” child of God. God is a Family. The Word and the Father [God] have been together throughout eternity. They are comprised of Holy Spirit. God is Spirit. [John 4:24] Through God’s great plan He is allowing many to become born into the Divine Family. Christians become begotten children of God because of what Jesus Christ has done and is doing for us all. ~

When we accept the Truth and receive the Holy Spirit we become the “children of God”. This does not mean that we are born again. It simply means that we become like children still yet in the womb of their mother. Just as a baby needs to have proper nutrition while in the womb, the begotten children of God are in the Church of God. Through God’s true church His children are to be fed the word of God and receive special care because they are still growing. We are heirs to the Kingdom of God. [Romans 8:14-17] We cannot inherit the Kingdom until we are born again into our spiritual bodies. ~

Before we can go into the coming Kingdom of God we must first receive the Holy Spirit. God the Father must first beget each Christian by placing His Holy Spirit within our minds to join with the spirit of man [our gifted life force]. This is the spiritual begettal of our minds. In Ephesians 1:5 some Bible translations use the expression “adoption of children” but the original Greek word is huiothesia and simply means “sonship”. So at the moment we receive the Holy Spirit we become the children [not yet born but in the spiritual womb] of God. Our growing takes place here in God’s Church [the SOCT family]. We are in the process of “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.” [1 Peter 1:23] Many translations misinterpret verses to make it sound as if one is already “born again” while here in this fallen world. We are still in our fleshly bodies. Jesus said that in order to enter the Kingdom we must be “born of the Spirit”, that is, we must become composed of spirit. The true second birth is yet to occur at the resurrection to immortality. ~

What about Reincarnation?

First and foremost, those who embrace SOCT teachings are first ‘Christian’. We [SOCT] are certainly not like your average Christian. We have deeper understandings which involve physics and other areas of science which harmonize with our theological views. We also believe that our Christian understanding allows for correctiongrowth and evolution in its understanding. ~

Having stated that let us look at some issues that we have been asked. One has to do with the doctrine (teaching) of reincarnation. SOCT teaches that when MOST people “fall asleep in death” (people who die) awake in our future. We base this on deeper theological issues regarding statements made by Jesus Christ. To those people who are still alive here on planet earth our dead can be looked at as “resting”. Jesus referred to most dead people as being “asleep” in our time frame. However, those who die do not remember their unconscious state and thus they awake in our future. Before I go on to explain what we believe the true teaching of “reincarnation” is please consider this part of our teaching first.  ~

Part One of what happens when you die

The Resurrection and the Space-time Continuum

Many so called Christians from all the confusing denominations have tried to understand space and time, the resurrection of the dead and the human condition with their fallen human intellect minus the revelation from God. I will not write too much regarding this issue here because it could fill a 1000 page book. What I will do is try to explain the facts in a ‘nut-shell’. I like the student to do his own further research on many topics but the Biblical foundation has already been laid. ~

I have discussed in past articles and study’s the fact that the Bible explains the state of death to be like “sleep” for the one surviving human conscious [the living]. God has given all humans “the spirit of man”. The spirit of man is NOT immortal. Immortality is a gift to Christians only who accept Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour. Like it or not, this is what God’s word truly teaches. When Jesus went to raise Lazarus from the dead they told Jesus; “Lazarus is dead.” And Jesus corrected them and stated; “No, he is asleep.” How much more clearly could you get this understanding? ~

SOCT teachings also state that ALL PEOPLE will have an opportunity to properly grasp the message of Jesus Christ. If not in this current system of things, then in another world. This is extremely important. ~

Also, there is another passage of Scripture which is misunderstood by many in the fallen apostate denominations. There is a passage where Jesus informs some of His disciples that some of those then standing with Him would see the Kingdom of God coming with power and glory. He goes on in the same text [remember, there were no chapter or verse breaks in the original text] to allow two of His disciples to see a VISION of Moses and Elijah appear with Him. Jesus gave them a glimpse of the FUTURE. When the disciples saw this they thought that it was really happening in their timeand they asked Jesus if they should prepare food for Moses and Elijah but Jesus said no, and to tell no man of the VISION. The disciples would contemplate and understand the meaning latter in life. The vision proves that there is eternal LIFE for the true CHILDREN OF GOD. ~

Understanding God’s Laws of Space & Time

COGSR/SOCT students get only the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. We understand God’s “space-time continuum” law. It differs slightly from the way fallen man understands it. The space-time continuum combines space and time into a single mechanism. Space is three dimensions to us and time plus consciousness equals the fourth dimension. What this means is that time is truly arbitrary. When you go to bed at night you fall asleep and the next thing you realize, are conscious of, is morning. You have dipped briefly out of time, space did not consciously exist, and you later awoke becoming again conscious of time and thus a witnesser of space. Does this sound confusing? I am trying to keep it simple for you. ~

When people die from our earthly perspective they are merely no longer conscious, they are “asleep”. But from their perspective they are not experiencing all this time that we are now experiencing, the next thing they realize is that they are awake according to God’s plan [in the order God puts their awakening – the Bible teaches more than just one resurrection]. So this puts them IN OUR FUTURE. That’s right! Amazing yet TRUE! Those who believe in spiritism and that the dead can some how be contacted in our time is a lie. Those who have “fallen asleep in death” have entered a different dimension of reality…a future one! This agrees with the current mathematical model of space and time. At COGSR/SOCT we understand consciousness itself to be the true so called FOURTH DIMENSION. From consciousness we become aware of space and time…without consciousness neither are real. Jesus Christ taught this in the Bible when He explained what happened in the resurrection of Lazarus. ~

Please read my articles that explain the false ideas of “heaven and hell”. Also, read my past articles regarding the difference between the Holy Spirit and the human spirit. This is a very important understanding. Many false doctrines have been developed because of all the misinformation regarding these topics. ~

Part Two about true Reincarnation

Spirits in other Time Zones

It is possible that future spirits, those who have experienced a resurrection in the higher frequency time zone, may return to our time zone for a special purpose and mission [“spirits” are what SOCTmore directly calls: Individual Personality Identity Seeds]. This all can only be operative and in accordance with Divine Intelligence and through those higher offices which exist. What we have called “the fallen spirits” or “fallen angels”; the Adramelechs exist in our time zone but are not allowed to change our future. They can indeed manipulate time but the majority of their ranks have taken on physical bodies which share in our current and immediate time frame. These of course are those “bad” extraterrestrials that are part of the Luciferian rebellion, which we have covered in papers such as “The Story of Our Planet”. ~

Most all spirits appearing like dead loved ones are not who you think they are. They are one of the Adramelechs trying to fool you into listening to them. Many of these so called “dead loved ones” begin to try and give messages to the living thus turning them away from Divine Intelligence to get the real answers to life’s questions. The Adramelechs have been in the business of getting people into “spiritism” or “New Ageism” type thought processes. Thus they tune many a deceived soul into the fallen mind channels. The SOCT student does not fall into these traps due to the fact that the SOCT student has accurate knowledge regarding these very important issues. ~

So do some spirits [individual personality seeds] reincarnate in our time? Yes. Just what individual spirits are allowed to do this we do not know but we know that it does and can happen. Remember, there are many different types of resurrections. We all end up just where we are supposed to go based on Divine Law which is guided by Divine Intelligence. God has a plan that is immense;complicated to human minds yet perfect in every respect. ~

The extraterrestrial Anoh has said to me regarding these teachings: “Those who do reincarnate into current Human time have left their future to appear in Human past. I realize that this is a deep subject and please understand that it is extremely difficult to explain these deeper teachings using Human language.” ~Anoh

SOCT teaches that there is a point in every spirits journey where they must accept the Truth to move on or they will reach a final threshold of destruction. How many life spans this takes for each spirit is not known, many different time zones by a spirit may be experienced before they are given their final chance, we are all different but ETERNAL LIFE is a gift that must ultimately be accepted.If it is ultimately rejected the spirit is destroyed as if it never existedGod has no reason to torture or keep “spiritually dead” people around forever. No. God has a plan focused on Good Life for His Children that are eligible to inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ. ~

So yes…this is the Christian perspective. We respect other belief systems which differ from ours. We respect freedom of religion and diversity. We need different understandings to help us all grow. ~

SOCT teachings are based on progressive revelations given to COGSR members throughout time while on this planet system called Earth and within the differing frequencies of time. ~

So we do not teach reincarnation like other “spiritual” groups doWe have a deeper understanding of differing dimensions of timeTo say that all spirits go to the same exact time zone is neither realistic nor scientific. We have a unique understanding of things. We also believe that many of our revelations have come through contact with Extraterrestrials throughout the years. We use science to research and substantiate our discoveries. SOCT has always taught and teaches even today that it is extremely important for Science & Religion (particularly Christianity) to merge in a Divine Marriage. ~

Part Three regarding Mind Imprints

There are personality mind imprints stamped in the Collective Unconsciousness of mankind. Wow! Read that again and read it slowly. This is an extremely important understanding. If you understand this doctrine you will understand clearly why there is so much confusion regarding the current distorted teachings of reincarnation. ~

Here is the easy way to understand just what a “mind imprint” is.  First let me give a brief explanation of what is known as “the Collective Unconsciousness of Humanity”. SOCT explains the Collective Unconsciousness somewhat different from other groups who delve into this issue. SOCT teaches that through the process of guided evolution the Human brain has inherited characteristics that help determine the ways in which a person may react. For instance, many Humans have a fear of snakes. Why? This was inherited in the collective Human mind as a precautionary mechanism to help protect. Each of us in a deeper sense is all linked to our past Human experiences…in a collective manner. ~

SOCT also teaches that within this Collective Unconsciousness (that we all have) there are alsoimprints of individual lives. This means that all personalities that have ever existed are recorded in the Collective Unconsciousness…the Human Group Mind. Sometimes an individual will tap into a specific personality mind imprint experienced by somebody else in the past. This experience will seem so real that the person in present reality believes that he or she is that past personality. So, many current Humans could tap into the past life of a famous Pharaoh of Egypt. They do this by tuning into that past “personality mind imprint” within the Collective Unconsciousness. They then may begin to believe that they were this famous Pharaoh in a “past life” but that is not necessarily true. ~

Many people believe that they were the Queen of Egypt in a past life or even a famous Pharaoh just because they tapped into and experienced that personality mind imprint found within the Collective Unconsciousness. This is hard to explain but I hope you are beginning to grasp these deep yet serious issues. ~

Part Four regarding Time Dilation

There is a measurable effect called time dilation. It can be measured between two objects moving relative to each other. We could say that time is stretched by motion, which is to say the faster you go the slower time moves. Fast speed will help one jump ahead of time. This is very important because when our personal spirit memory chips [identity seeds] leave our bodies at death they travel to a location faster than the speed of light…which is in fact possible. So time on that level cannot be measured. This puts the particle in our future. The dead awake in another time zone. Gravity also affects time. Clocks closer to the ground run slower than clocks at higher altitudes. The closer the clock is to the center of the Earth the closer it is to a stronger gravitational field. This is actually scientifically measurable. ~

So please understand; there is a lot going on with time that most people do not understand. Please understand that the following three statements are very true but not comprehended by the human mind. Here they are: ~

1-In Divine Intelligence everything is “now” and there is no past, present or future. ~

2-In Divine Intelligence particles of Divinity are experiencing every possibility of time experience and are conscious at every level of being. ~

3-Divine Intelligence has placed His human creation in a “bubble” of time space and this time space contains the human experience. In a sense time is perceivable only because of objects and time thus is merely an artificial device. ~

Ending Thoughts

I realize that there is much here to contemplate. Time & Eternity contain deep understandings formortal minds. It is my hope that you do not become discouraged but that you continue to study with us here at Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT].  Feel free to send me questions regarding any issues you come across that perhaps need further explanation. I too am learning. We are all in the process together. ~

Eric William King [CEO of COGSR/SOCT]

“This planet is now presented with a New Revelation of Jesus Christ. One which has the power and force to restructure this planets social and spiritual concept to the point of redefining humanity and current world views on a mass level. Humanity must see itself as a living organism. A new sense of oneness must occur if this planet is to survive. Human evolution is still in progress and mankind has now reached a realization level which allows him to consciously participate in his own evolution.”  ~ Eric William King

“The fact is only when Humanity begins to understand itself collectivelyas a family, will humans see the balance through the extremes. Again, this can only happen through proper education.” ~ Eric William King

“So again, “we” cannot go over to these Middle Eastern countries and drop bombs every time they get too “out of hand”. These people are humans like the rest of us. WE ARE ALL HUMANS! Why can’t we begin to help them become stronger through proper education? We all need to begin to develop a proper relationship. Why do we have the United Nations if they cannot understand this fact regarding education?”           ~ Eric William King

“Neural science and space technology should be the focus of an advanced civilization.” ~ Eric William King


SOCT students understand that people who do not believe in Divine Intelligence carry more stress in personality development than those who do believe in God. So to us [socters] we all have an ultimate goal in this life and that is to strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. Just because we have this drive in all that we do no matter what type of personality we have we do not see ourselves a “begging” God to save us. We realize that God wants us to make a self-effort. A famous philosopher once stated: ~

“Prayer – the begging – is the asking of God that which one is not prepared to do, to earn, for oneself.” ~

Obviously that is a pathetic interpretation or understanding of true Christianity. It is true that God has given us all a limited free-will and with it great responsibility but we also recognize Divine Intelligence as being merciful to our own stupidity and He does indeed help us in areas of ignorance. We are not God for sure! ~

“Things do not fight for life or to ‘make things better’ unless there is intelligence behind the force. Force in and of itself does not have the urge to progress or “evolve” but life progression takes mind, need, and want. It takes intelligence.” ~ Eric W. King [2013]

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