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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Divine Intelligence created the different Races to express Divine Diversity

Divine Intelligence created the different Races                     to express Divine Diversity

When we look back at Human evolution we see a complex development of more than just one strain of Human type beings. Current SOCT science has determined that all Humans have come from at least ten different original mothers. We have come to this conclusion based on modern mt-DNA science and ancient Scriptural texts. In our controversial paper titled: “The Story of Our Planet” we have briefly covered this controversial topic. ~

What I am about to reveal in this article is truly controversial but extremely important when it comes to God’s original plan for the Human race. Originally Divine Intelligence created through Theistic Evolution many different races of Humanity. We understand by looking at creation and its various types of living creatures that God indeed enjoys diversityAt SOCT we truly believe that God wants to keep the diverse races of Humanity distinct and whole. ~

Each race of Humanity has a unique collective DNA signature and a developed cultural and innate instinctWhen we begin to respect the Laws of Science along with God’s moral laws we may prosper and be in good health. Each race has an enormous gene pool from which where healthy integration of evolving genes may be expressed. If we begin to truly look at the Divine Laws of Science which were given by Divine Intelligence we will better be able to understand the holistic yet diverse symmetry of the Cosmos. SOCT students come from many of the diverse races and together we understand and respect our differences in the midst of Cosmic Wholeness. This is illumination for the socter yet it is extremely misunderstood by the common Human thought process. ~

Modern science can indeed be highly controversial, as all socters know. For instance, we now know that when some races mix with other races it can create innate health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, joint and back pain issues etc. This is not a prejudice issue; this is a Divine Scientific FactSOCT students have come to the realization that the same God that created Humans created all the Laws of Science. One of the missions of Science Of Christian Thought is to help other Christians learn to understand the process of merging the Laws of Science with Pure Theology. This creates the Pure Doctrine and the proper holistic understanding. ~

SOCT students understand that an evolutionary perspective is lacking in most so called “Christian” groups. It is this ignorance which has kept many Humans in the darkness. SOCT students believe what Jesus the Christ said when He stated: “The Truth shall make your free.” SOCT students are only concerned with the Truth regarding all issues…both scientific and theological. We do not live in la la land. ~

Please understand: the intermingling of the races will not create the Human hybrid…it is the Human spirit merging with Divine Spirit that creates the True Hybrid. ~

Or earliest ancestors traveled in sometimes very small and distinctly different mobile bands. Today cultural evolution is moving much faster than biological evolution. We now know that Human health deteriorates when cultural evolution becomes the driving force. This means that we should be careful not to ignore our racial distinctiveness amongst the confusion of mixing many culturesCultures are one thing, racial distinctiveness is another. ~

Please understand: Many different things have affected the Human genome. One of these things is Human diet. Not all early strains of Humanity were eating the same diet. Even today we see in the different races and cultures different diets being practiced. Much of this has to do with the issue of environment and what is available to eat. Diet has affected the Human DNA developmental process. SOCT students truly understand this controversial issue. ~

It is also true that different races of Humanity have ‘developed’ by learning to use different areas of the Human brain. Again, this has to do with environment and diet. Culture is shaped and affected by all these issues as integrated through the Laws of Science. To truly understand a proper Holistic View  – we must consider many aspects of Human development. ~

As Humans we all care about “taking care of the weak” and the “down trodden”. This is a good holistic view which indicates that we are all human. We all come from the same Divine Intelligence. Let us learn to not only respect God’s moral reality but let us also begin to understand God’s “Laws of Science”. We will do much better if we all make the choice to reach the Next Level collectively. ~

Eric W. King [Mr. E.W.King is the founder and chief CEO of COGSR/SOCT]

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  1. With regard to diet what students of human evolution and advocates of evolutionary medicine need most from paleoprimatologists is an estimate of the nutritional pattern likely to have characterized the last common ancestor of apes and humans, a hypothetical species thought to have existed in Africa between seven and five million years ago.

    If members of this elusive taxon were like current chimpanzees and bonobos, plant foods such as fruits, leaves, gums, and stalks probably comprised at least 95% of their dietary intake with insects, eggs, and small animals making up the remainder (Milton, 1993; Tutin & Fernandez, 1993). The general nutritional parameters of an eating pattern along these lines can be estimated with modest confidence, although certainly not with mathematical exactitude. Protein would have contributed a greater proportion of total energy than it does for most contemporary humans, but with much more from vegetable sources than from animal. (Popovich, 1997) Simple carbohydrate intake would have been strikingly below that now common, and, somewhat counterintuitively, such diets would have provided only moderate levels of starch and other complex carbohydrates so that the total carbohydrate contribution to dietary energy would have been less, not more, than is typical in contemporary affluent nations. Dietary fiber would have exceeded current levels by an order of magnitude: 200 grams vs. 20 grams a day (Milton, 1993): for some ancestral hominoids, colonic fiber fermentation may have provided over 50% of total dietary energy. (Popovich, 1997) Daily intake of vitamins and minerals is likely to have been considerably greater than at present with the likely exception of iodine, consumption of which would have varied with geographic location according to oceanic proximity, volcanic activity, prevailing winds and rainfall. As it is for all other free-living terrestrial mammals, sodium intake would have been only a fraction of that currently common and would have been substantially less than that of potassium. (Denton, 1995) Availability of phytochemicals, like that of vitamins and most minerals would, in all likelihood, have been substantially greater than for Americans and other Westerners.