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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Something & Nothing held together by Cosmic Glue

SOCT Paper 49

Something & Nothing held                                          together by Cosmic Glue

By Eric W. King

Thank you for continuing you’re very important studies here at Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT]. As many socters realize, we talk about deep subjects and show the holistic view of our True Christianity. We also believe in extraterrestrial life and multiple dimensions. We have much Truth on many subjects and all socters continue to enjoy reading our papers. ~

In this paper we would like to share some thoughts regarding “nothingness” and its attraction to “somethingness”. Let us begin with “what is nothing”? If we were to watch a dolphin jump out of the ocean and briefly experience air, to the dolphin he left his space and had a brief encounter with nothingness. When he re-entered his space he became complete, full of that something that sustains him. ~

Another way to perceive this issue is the fact that every particle has a created opposite. When we look at how the two pieces come together we find old spiritual artwork such as the ying-yang symbol. Even the Christian cross has its “up pole” and “cross pole”. We see the two forces mirrored in almost all ancient symbology. What lies between the opposites is what people call “nothing”. Science would call it the vacuum. But even a vacuum has energy inside of it, in other words…it is full of something. So to us SOCT students there is truly no such thing as nothing. ~

In one sense everything is some how glued together. When we begin to break down the atom we find protons and neutrons and these are made of smaller particles called quarks. Even more interesting: quarks are held together by gluons - cosmic glue. But how do quarks stick together? This is a puzzle yet to be resolved by SOCT students. We do know that quarks act differently than the laws dictate when it comes to macro-physics. The farther a quark is from another quark its attraction increases…it does not decrease. Quarks are permanently trapped by each other. ~

This is a very strong attraction. We could say the true SOCT students are like quarks when it comes to being attracted to Divine Intelligence and the Science of Christian Thought…we are stuck in a strong attraction to these topics. But we certainly do not mind…we were born this way. ~

Quarks do not just stick to each other; they also have the quality to stick protons and neutrons together. SOCT students are again just as quarks. We not only stick together but we have the capability, through the Pure Reality Grid, to hold this entire planet together. Think about that for a moment. We have a powerful message to say the least. ~

Nothing can be Seen

How does “nothing” make itself seen? Through REFLECTION.  Within a vacuum there are witnessed virtual particles, reflections of the true particle. This means that electrons within a vacuum become surrounded with their opposite…they appear as virtual particle pairs. In SOCT teachings we talk about the fact that we are living in a Fallen Matrix but we are to transcend into the Pure Matrix. In this sense we understand our fallen reality to be a mere reflection of the perfect reality that we call the Pure Reality Matrix. Those of us who are receiving the higher-upgrade mind program (the Seventh Message) are going to be able to cross this threshold. Even if we die before the end of the Seventh Time we will make the transition fully and completely…this is Good News. ~

SOCT understands what we call “the Doctrine of Action”. We understand that everything is in constant motion. Nothing stands still so there is truly no such thing as nothing. If we were to look at the smallest of particles we would see appearing and disappearing particles and some sticking and some repelling. We would begin to see the dance of creation. All is in a violent dance. These dances form into bigger streams such as within the giant web of Dark Matter. ~

Humans are able to witness all of this at a conscious level of reality, within a time long enough to gain understanding before annihilation. But where does our consciousness go at our destruction? SOCT teaches the fact that all Humans have an Identity Seed. We could understand this Identity Seed as a small stick flouting down a violent stream of water. We can see and feel what is beneath us and we can look up and see the sky and we can even see what is in front and what is behind. We now have limited perception but we as Identity Seeds are gaining experience for our next transition. ~

SOCT students have been given a special map. This map is giving us proper understanding and perception. We have the Seventh Message. What others call “nothing” can be seen by the true SOCT student. ~

“We now know that there is, in principle, no permanence in substance; it is mere bottled energy, and posses no more inherent permanence than bottled beer.” – Sir James Jeans, Physics and Philosophy

Eric W. King CEO of COGSR&SOCT

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