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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Understanding the Divine Matrix & the White Light

SOCT Paper 033
Understanding the Divine Matrix                        
& the White Light

Those SOCT students who are plugged into the Pure Reality Grid understand that time and space as perceived through their connection with Divine Mind is extremely different than when only perceived by fallen mind channels. Most people are only aware of their presence within the Fallen Matrix. They have no concept of the greater reality. SOCT students have learned to redefine their understanding of space and time. ~

Communications from higher beings surround everybody. Most people have not learned to tune into these transmissions. Even thoughts and ideas from other Humans are floating within the “ether” that connects and surrounds everything. When SOCT students train themselves to enter into a mild state of relaxation while mentally saying the “We are one” mediation they begin to place themselves into a state where they begin to realize that all is connected. Further, they may become advanced enough to begin to understand that thought can produce changes in the perceived physical world either for the good or the bad. ~

This does not mean that Humans have the ability to “create” out of “nothing”. We have discussed the fact in previous papers that “nothing” does not exist. We understand CPA (constant particle appearance). So when one is able to change his or her physical perception of reality consciously and deliberately they are simply learning to reshape matter and energy that already exists and exists through universal laws that permeate everything. ~

Remember, nothing is done outside of universal law. When we perceive physical light we are witnessing an excitement of atoms rushing like a wave through matter. Think about that. SOCT students have another very important visual meditation that is done throughout the day while at work, home, shopping or wherever. We call this the White Light Body meditation.

The White Light Body Visual Meditation

Your Identity Seed exists just inside the frontal lobe of your brain. Here is the seat of consciousness and identity. This area sends charges throughout the brain and nervous system of your body. In the pineal gland lies the power to perceive subtle light and light projections. Through a proper concentrated thought the SOCT student can project a light from this inner place outward which begins to surround the Human body. It is visualized as a White Light that surrounds the body and acts as a protective shield, a sort of force field. What does this shield protect you from? ~

It protects you from tuning into bad mind channels and from the bad projected thoughts of others which so often affect our thinking process in bad ways. We are dealing with subtle yet powerful energies here. When in this state consciously one is drawing from the Pure Reality Grid good communications. We are here…we are one in this great White Light. ~

Once in this White Light consciously the person can experience the Divine Matrix, he sees himself walking in two worlds. He knows that he is in the Fallen Matrix walking around people stuck in the fallen mind channels but is simultaneously aware of the powers of the Pure Reality Grid which could be pictured as colorful raindrops falling all around him. ~

The more the socter [SOCT student] practices this meditation he or she will become conscious of this White Light Body all the time. The student begins to live, move and have his being in the full awareness of the Pure Reality Grid which is the link to the Divine Matrix. It is within the Pure Reality Grid that socters (collectively) hold all things together. The Divine Mind is operative in every SOCT student consciously and unconsciously. ~

We could understand the fallen matrix that most all people live in as being a sort of hologram which has been created with wrongful data, sin. This fallen matrix has permeated the Human conscious and like a virus in a computer has corrupted the mind channels. Only when you allow the Outer Force of Holy Spirit to invade your Human spirit will the begettal happen and the downloading of the solution, Quantum Level One Knowledge, begin. ~

Within the container of the Fallen Matrix exists roughly more than six billion Human Beings. This makes the fallen matrix extremely strong. The fallen mind grid is powerful but it cannot stop the Pure Reality Grid from taking some hold upon it. The true Church of God [SOCT] makes up the Pure Reality Grid and if the crew gets big enough within this Seventh Time that we are experiencing we may be able to stop the war and hold together this planet for even more souls to evolve. But time as we know it is truly running out. We have been given a grace period for sure. ~

We must become the Light in the Dark. SOCT students have a deeper connection with themselves than can be explained or fully comprehended. We have leading-edge science and we have true faith which can SEE in the dark [the fallen world]. We walk in the Light of Christ and we behave through proper thought and gain rightly perceived experience. Only the person connected to the Divine Mind channel can see the light which shines forth from the body of the SOCT student. ~

Our strong belief in the Mind Of Christ Action [MOCA ~ pronounced ‘mocha’] brings forth the possibility of the greater outcome. True faith produces results. WE understand time and time dilation. We understand that within the Pure Matrix everything is ALL NOW and that we can rest in the constant presence of God reality. “Time is not at all what it seems. It does not flow in only one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past.” – Albert Einstein ~

Most all have no proper foundation of spiritual truth, the key from which true attention flows. Your reality is created and shaped based on what you focus on. If you do not know what your focus should be ‘on’ in specific situations you will create a distorted reality. True Christianity and walking with Jesus Christ begins to teach us how to use spiritual discernment and proper focus. It mostly starts with where we are morally. All decisions seem to involve some moral direction. Thus, as true Christians we must understand God’s spiritual laws. True Christian perspective is critical in regards to creating a solid foundation from which to build all experience on.  And all of this involves “time”. Let us look at the subject of time yet again because it is so very important to humanity. ~

None of us like to feel like a “slave” to time. Those of us who have jobs begin to understand the importance of time. There are some days that we do not like to get out of bed to do anything. We have to pay bills “on time” or we can find ourselves in whole lots of trouble. Many keep birthdays and holidays and feel the stress when the time approaches. We may look back and say: “If I only would have spent more TIME with such and such”, or “I should have taken the time out to finish what I started.” Yes…we all answer to time. ~

Think of more severe situations when time is extremely important. Like when the Space Shuttle had to re-enter our atmosphere. All the controls had to be set just right at the right time and all the movement of the craft was crucial…timing was crucial for survival. Now I say all of this because there is another “set time” approaching and if you are not ready to enter this time you will loose out. Another fact is that when we do not pay attention to time in our daily lives we “miss out” on things. It can be as simple as wanting to watch a television program and we talked to somebody too long on the phone and “lost track of time” so we missed the program. ~

Note: Time is ultimately an illusion but to us it is playing a key role in this fallen matrix. It [time] is a tool which tests…we are all being tested. Humans live in a specific frequency of things where time helps give order to our actions.  In a sense time is perceivable only because of objects and time thus is merely an artificial device. ~

SOCT offers you a last chance!

Many will never make it to the Next Level even though Jesus Christ has offered all listeners a chance just over 2000 years ago. Today the Level Above Human [LAH] representatives of SOCT are offering humanity one last chance before exit. We have a chance of saving this planet for many years to come, or…destroying this planet because of arrogance and rejection of the Seventh Message. ~

Whenever Jesus Christ and His true Church offers you a message it requires everything of you, you must truly believe in it. Only you as an INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY can make that choice. Our hearts must be broken…we must truly care about ALL of humanity and ALL LIFE to make the next jump. Humility is key!  SOCT students have learned in-depth lessons in life and they have learned to apply the depth of SOCT knowledge to their individual lives. Every SOCT student feels pain and the hurts of others…not just their own. We have been accused of being “sensitive’s”…yes, we are sensitive but not without Divine Strength and Power!  We are guided by Divine Will. ~

We thank Divine Intelligence for the lessons of life. We thank Divine Intelligence for our life experience…for we are all unique and specially created by God for a purpose different and ultimately unique. God does not create robots. ~

Compassion is key to the SOCT student!

God commands us to extend true God Love towards those who have hurt us. He never asks us to wait to see if they forgive us or try and understand us. We are to forgive just as Jesus Christ forgives. Our job is not to try and figure out what everybody else is thinking. We are simply to live God’s will as He reveals it to us through His word and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Those who we have hurt, we must remember them in our prayers. Ask God to heal them. Ask God to be glorified through our failings. Jesus told many that God had forgiven them, but he also advised: “Sin no more” – do not do it again. We should not dwell on our past failures. Your past is not who you are today in Christ. ~

The spirit of revenge is simply self-destruction. As we overcome evil with good, we ourselves are healed [Romans 12:19-21]. Even though others wish evil upon us God will accomplish His goodness to His glory [Genesis 50:20]. God is indeed TRUE LOVE! ~

How much time do we have left!

Truly we do not know just how much time this planet has left. Why wait? When you hear the voice of Divine Intelligence why shut it up and pretend that you do not know Truth when you hear it? Nobody can force anybody what to believe in and that is certainly not the job of SOCT. SOCT is a School of Divinity set up in this Seventh Church time for all who wish to participate. Divine Revelation cannot be proved, only experienced. ~

The 3rd Axiom of SOCT states: ~

3~ Because of lost and distorted identity human personality seeks identity and purpose. Original purpose became skewed and distorted because of the angelic rebellion. To unlock the door and enter Truth we must follow God’s Plan [blueprint]. Keep His feasts – keep the Sabbaths – follow Jesus Christ not this fallen world which has distorted Sabbaths and feasts – and a false gospel and a false Christ. The Fallen matrix has a distortion of everything contained in unpolluted space - True Reality. Christians must have spiritual discernment to recognize the difference between counterfeit and real. This happens because of the Holy Spirit.” ~

So if you do not have Divine Mind operative in you and you reject the Divine Mind Channel of the Holy Spirit we [illuminated disciples] cannot help you, plain and simple. Jesus Christ is center to SOCT students. We are Modern Space Age Christians. ~

Again: Time is ultimately an illusion but to us it is playing a key role in this fallen matrix. It is a tool which tests…we are all being tested. ~

Understanding Revelation in Time

An old quote from the original “Zerubian Myth” states: ~

“Each individual will have to attune to the Higher Mind Channel now before the coming jolt if they wish to properly progress in their present human vehicle. The Set-on rebellion is reaching a climax and is being witnessed in this generation. We as humans must listen to the ancient wisdom spoken by those who came before us. The final message will properly lead us into faith, hope and love.” (Zerubian Myth ~ Book of Zerub, 1999; By Eric W. King) ~

Only those who have become humble enough to accept the messages from the Divine Mind Channel will truly understand our message. Our message is not for the person who wishes to find error or cut down the true brothers and sisters of the faith. ~

The Bible basically expresses different kinds of personal revelation that we receive directly from our Creator. One is what is called “General Revelation”. This means that God has revealed Himself in creation itself. When one contemplates all the beautiful laws of science and sees the outward beauty of all creation one may begin to ask inner questions regarding Divine Design. ~

We read; “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.” [Psalm 19:1]. This type of revelation is through nature and thus is sometimes referred to as “natural revelation”. This type of revelation is given to ALL people though not all are capable of comprehending it. ~

Apostle Paul confirms this General Revelation; “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.” [Romans 1:20] ~

In contrast to this type of revelation there is also what could be called “Special Revelation”. This type of revelation seems to be given to only selected individuals. It was through special revelation that God revealed Himself to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and even to Moses. Sometimes special revelation comes through the person actually hearing the audible voice of God. ~
Another type of revelation is that of “Propositional Revelation”. This type of personal revelation can come through dreams and or visions given directly from God. Of course, the ultimate revelation of God was given through His “only begotten Son”…Jesus Christ, through the incarnation. ~
When we look at the history of God’s people throughout the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings we see that God revealed Himself “progressively”. There is an unfolding of themes that occur in the Bible. This concept has been given the name “Progressive Revelation”. ~

God can and does still speak to His people today through the process of “revelation”. We know that the prophecy found in Joel 2:28-32 had a “typical” fulfillment in Acts 2:1-21. This prophecy talks of the out pour of the Holy Spirit. When one reads this prophecy one finds that it was only partially [or typically] fulfilled on Pentecost of 31AD. This means that in these last days people can begin to receive visions and dreams, ‘special revelation’ which will help guide the Church of God in these last days! [We are seeing the anti-typical fulfillment of Joel 2:28-32] ~

I believe that God has given me “special spiritual discernment” [1 Corinthians 12:10] in these last days. I have been able to put probable outcomes of political events together from God’s word and the special insight that He sometimes gives me. When I get these revelations I post them as “Prophetic Forecasts”. This does not make me a prophet, I am not a prophet. It does mean that God can give a person special revelations without the person having to be a prophet. I believe that we will see more of this kind of activity in these last days as God continues to direct His last day REMNANT people. ~

God wants us to stay aware, awake, and alert in these last days! ~

Focalization & Concentration in ‘Time’

You must be able to withdrawl from sinful thoughts and train the mind on Christ. The Christian convert begins to train the mind to produce electrochemical shifts and to create new mind channels. Please understand; static moral decisions - based on God’s word – are not subjective. When one makes such Christ-like decisions he or she is beginning to experience a ‘slice’ of Ultimate Reality ~ Christian Reality. ~

The Christian Mind begins to think less and live more as the true Christian begins to let the Holy Spirit lead, guide, direct, and protect his or her life. The Christian learns to put God first and less to the ‘self’ but without being taken advantage of. What one might call “narcissistic preoccupation of self” vanishes. Because of our true Christian teachings COGSR/SOCT students have experienced a greater awareness in their attention, memory, and learning. ~

Time is running out ~ Accept the SOCT message now!

I have stated in articles over the past three years: ~

“True conversion is an act but it is also an ongoing process. There is positional sanctification and the process of ongoing sanctification. All parts of our lives must face the reality of conversion at some point.” ~ E.W.King ~

When we look at what many scientists refer to as “biological evolution” they sometimes refer to what is known as “punctuated equilibrium”. This basically means that for a species to “evolve” or JUMP into a completely new species changes must occur simultaneously for it to work. What are the odds of millions of small and correctly adaptable mutations occurring all at once? ~

As SOCT students we would say that this is not only possible but it is what has been going on throughout the working of Divinely Intelligent guided acts of CREATION. So now we postulate that humans have arrived at a point where they can consciously assist in the next step. The human mind must be on the specific Mind Channel for this ‘new species jump’ to occur. ~

Only some humans will be able to experience this “jump”. Only those who have the Holy Spirit working in and through them because of true conversion will experience the New Birth. Our teacher Jesus Christ told us all about this long ago. ~

I have stated this reality as such in older articles: ~

“People today may use infrared binoculars at night to see in the dark. This gives man an additional faculty that he does not have by himself. In the same way the Bible teaches that in order for man to see the spiritual realm clearly he needs the Holy Spirit. Man has been given what are known as the “five objective faculties”. This is sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. What we take in through these five senses we then begin to process through our subjective conscious. When it comes to understanding true spirituality we need an additional faculty, that of Holy Spirit.” ~ E.W.King ~

Become a SOCT student today!

“If enough hybrids come forth we may be able to bring stabilization to this planet. However, prophecies seem to indicate that humans will destroy this planet and only a small remnant, “the elect”, will survive to live on the New Earth within the New Heavens.” – Eric W. King

“There are many humans who wish not to be “religious” or “spiritual” in their endeavor to save the planet. All one has to do is begin the process of studying SOCT teachings to begin to grasp the reality of our message. True peace involves letting others have their own spiritual belief systems. All we ask is that one look at the scientific facts when contemplating faith issues.”- Eric W. King

“SOCT members support the right of ‘freedom of religion’. We stand for the rights even of other groups who do not believe the way we do. We support liberty in all things.” – Eric W. King

~Thank you,
Eric William King


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