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Monday, June 22, 2015

Attitudes & Practices of SOCT Students

SOCT Paper 40

Attitudes & Practices of SOCT Students
Common Characteristics of socters!

Good attitude and practices of static morality are key to SOCT students. Let us look at some good character traits that all socters should try and develop. We teach a state of mind called Mind Of Christ Action which simply put means that you are driven by Divine Intelligence in all that you do. This means becoming conscious of Holy Spirit operative in all that you do. This is not a constant state for most…we struggle with our Human side so much. ~

SOCT students are messengers and light bearers. We are also all growing and learning new and better ways to think and act. Our planet is experiencing the Seventh Time Epoch since October 7th 2011. This means that we are currently in a “grace period” and have been given a chance to solve some of our greater problems. 

SOCT students are to remain authentic and honest with themselves and others. We have found the Divine Intelligence within ourselves through Holy Spirit. There is truly no mask we wear and no fa├žade. We try and live what we believe. ~

SOCT students maintain a state of compassion for themselves and others around them. We understand at a deeper level the Human condition and have been given the Seventh Message to progress, learn and grow. ~

SOCT students try and help others as much as they can. SOCT students learn to truly respect the boundaries of others. SOCT students should never intrude on the sacred thoughts of others. ~

SOCT students are learning to respect our planet Earth. We do this in many ways. We do this by becoming alert to Earth changes and helping in the areas we as individuals feel called or compelled to do so. SOCT students help bring health and healing where they can. ~

SOCT students find and know their purpose. This gives all of us strength on the individual level as well as the collective. We all experience a deep sense of purpose everyday. Most fallen Humans have no real strong sense of purpose and thus lack drive and healthy understandings. ~

SOCT students meditate, study, enjoy good music and pray always. We align ourselves with Divine Intelligence and the Cosmic Laws we have come to realize, know and experience. We work for the highest good of Humanity and the Universe. ~

Humans everywhere are waking up in this Seventh Time Epoch. More and more people are becoming convinced that we have the possibility of creating a better planet. Science Of Christian Thought offers a system of energetic healing and personal transformation. The pieces of the puzzle of life are coming together like never before through and in the experience of SOCT teachings. I invite you to join in our studies and become a true SOCT student today…even right now~! 

~Eric William King [2015]


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  5. SOCTER: a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition, especially a person whose religious opinions differ from established belief.