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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SOCT and Dark Matter

SOCT Paper 91

SOCT and Dark Matter
A Science Of Christian Thought teaching on Dark Matter!
By Eric William King

Eric William King originally gave a public talk regarding this issue [Dark Matter] in July of 2014. 

First off, we really shouldn’t refer to Dark Matter as “matter”. Why? It doesn’t fit the standard model of matter. At SOCT we like to refer to Dark Matter as Dark Space. It takes up space so it seems to be made of space to one degree or another yet it is not matter as we understand basic matter, socters like to call it “dark space”. ~

We know what Dark Matter (dark space) is NOT made out of… but we still struggle for answers as to what it truly is. It seems to make up about 85 % of all matter in the universe. SOCT believes that Dark Matter is comprised of the slowest subatomic particles in our known universe. These particles are fairly large in cluster when it comes to sub-atomic material. In other words, “dark space” is the slowest moving island (s) of post-matter known to Humans and it is as close to the idea of motionless space that one could imagine [though it is in fact moving]. ~

SOCT believes that because the power of light has limited affect on Dark Matter, that makes Dark Matter a mystery and hard to look into and understand. Dark Matter does not absorb or emit…or even reflect light. Light and heat seem to affect many things but not Dark Matter. Herein lays the difficulty. SOCT believes that it is possible that Dark Matter is old-broken-down-matter that has reached its limit of recyclability; it becomes so broke down that it clogs up and slows way down forming new massive particles. Due to the SOCT law of constant particle appearance [CPA] we come to realize that Dark Matter grows right along side new and younger particles while something else strange which is being omitted called Dark Energy springs forth….thus expansion of the known Universe begins and in fact accelerates. ~ 

Dark Matter forms a web of Slow Particle Rivers & Ponds
Matter Appears as Bubbles within these rivers & ponds

We understand an accelerating triangle composed of Regular Matter, Dark Matter & Dark Energy. This is a law of triple conjunction which forms matter, shapes matter and accelerates the growth of the space/time in which it operates – which is our known universe. ~
So we could understand multiple bubbles, smaller ones which appear in the big and great bubble, which is our universe. Dark Matter ‘blobs’ [ponds] can be measured currently by what is known as the; weak lensing signature. ~

Dark Matter is spread throughout the universe in no particularly understood manner - it is however all connected like a giant web or an apparent system of “Space Rivers”. Another mystery about Dark Matter is the fact that its subatomic particles seem to contain no electrical charges. What? No energy? Is this because it’s reached its life of recyclability? Hhhhmm. ~

Matter as we [Humans] understand it appears in bubbles, or I should say it manifests itself as “bubbles” of existence within Dark Matter. I had a vision in my ‘minds eye’ one time that helped me further understand this phenomenon. If you blow a bubble of soap onto a smooth surface of water, that bubble will begin to collapse (by expanding) and eventually pop. We could understand all pockets of matter [as we understand matter] to be apparent bubbles floating on (in) the surface of Dark Matter. Eventually, they expand & pop. To pop they must first expand. Our universe is indeed expanding. ~

As the surface expands so does the soapy bubble 

 Our universe could be understood as a large bubble on the surface of a calm pond (Dark Matter). The bubble radius touching the surface of the water expands until the bubble pops. Hence, our universe will eventually “pop”! The more we expand the faster the acceleration due to the growing weakness of the bubble itself. ~

It seems that new Dark Matter fills the void after the “pop”. While this happens then new bubbles of regular matter appear forming new pockets of three dimensional space or ‘reality’ as we know it. ~

So what does this ultimately mean? It confirms scientific data given to me by the extraterrestrials known as the Anoh’ites. From Anoh him-self came most of this information in bits and pieces since 2012. This finding ultimately leads to Quantum Level Two Knowledge, which this planet is not ready for. SOCT is currently teaching Quantum Level One Knowledge. I still believe that there is much more to understand regarding this issue but I believe enough has been revealed to push us into a higher direction of greater understanding. Thank you for reading this SOCT paper. ~

~Eric William King [2014-2015]

“Thank you to my SOCT brother Matthew! When we are wrong we humble ourselves and change.” ~ E.W.King

“SOCT teaches this planet to speak the new language of science. True science stabilizes true Christianity and in fact, it does this to any healthy religion. True science assists in the elimination of error. Jesus stated: “The TRUTH shall make you free.” Thus the religion of SOCT is TRUTH itself. SOCT students are unafraid to investigate God’s laws of science and to then incorporate them into their lives for the betterment of the ALL.”  ~ Eric W. King, from SOCT Paper; “Helping Humanity Reach the Next Level” ~

“The attitude of complacency will not allow for progress. It is my hope that with SOCT’s help you will prepare yourself to succeed in this life. This will involve inner struggle. Preconceived ideas that are wrong must be left behind that room might become available for the New and Pure Doctrines of Divine Change. The inner fusion of Divine Mind with your personal Identity Seed must take place for you to be birthed into Evolutionary Level Above Human. “~

“Without true faith this task will be impossible. True faith is one of the great requirements. Many of your doubts will arise due to self-deception, from older and false belief systems which you have so long cherished. With the help of Divine Intelligence you can pass through the greater portal of reality. I am determined that many of you will succeed. I shall continue to do my part. Illumination, peace, hope and understanding will become your birth-right and renew your mind into greater achievements.” ~ Eric W. King, from SOCT Paper; “The Clear Light of the Seventh Message”

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  1. Added thoughts to ponder:

    The air bubble increases in size due to less pressure. It rises because it is less dense and not entirely soluble.

    If the bubble breaks, the vapor is released into the air (where it cools and condenses back to small droplets of liquid). - new matter bubbles

    It will expand and there will be an concentration increase of smaller molecules inside, due to diffusion.

    But, if there is diffusion, the pressure difference will be reduced and this will cause further expansion. Finally a state will be reached, when the pressure difference, due to charge repulsion, across the bubble wall is lower than that is required for diffusion.

    That will be the end of the bubble-world-expansion. Sob! Sob!...Sushruta Mishra

  2. The atmosphere works the same way. When traveling in a plane, sometimes a sealed container with air will cause the container to expand. If some of the air escapes,
    "If you go into the distant future, everything that we see in the universe right now will expand away from us so much that we won't be able to see it anymore," said David Schlegel of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
    If you were an ant crawling around the surface of a huge balloon, and the balloon was your whole universe, you would see the balloon as essentially flat under your feet.

    Imagine the balloon is inflating. In every direction you look, other ants are moving away from you. The further they are, the faster away they’re moving. Even though it feels like a flat surface, walk in any direction long enough and you’d return to your starting point.


  3. Dark matter surrounds galaxies across the universe, and is invisible because it does not reflect light.

    It cannot be seen directly with telescopes, but astronomers know it to be out there because of the gravitational effects it has on the matter we can see.

    The European Space Agency says: 'Shine a torch in a completely dark room, and you will see only what the torch illuminates.

    'That does not mean that the room around you does not exist.

    'Similarly we know dark matter exists but have never observed it directly.'

    Scientists are fairly sure it exists and is crucial to the universe, but they do not know what it looks like or where to find it.

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