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Friday, June 5, 2015

SOCT Hybrid Humans now a reality?

Basically, those who have the gift of the Holy Spirit are "spiritual hybrids". Those who have accepted the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon make up the "midwayers". ~


SOCT Hybrid Humans now a reality?

Humans will be hybrids by 2030

Basically, those who have the gift of the Holy Spirit are "spiritual hybrids". Those who have accepted the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon make up the "midwayers". ~


  1. "We're going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves," he said. "In my view, that's the nature of being human -- we transcend our limitations."
    Kurzweil, who is known as one the world's leading inventors, has predicted what the future will look like before. In the '90s, he made 147 predictions for 2009. In 2010, he reviewed his predictions, 86% of which were correct. He gave himself a "B" grade.
    His correct predictions included that people would primarily use portable computers in 2009, that cables would disappear and that computer displays would be built into eyeglasses.

  2. “Our thinking then will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking,” Kurzweil said, explaining that the brain will use DNA nanobots to make the connection.

    “We’re going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves,” he said. “In my view, that’s the nature of being human — we transcend our limitations.”

    Kurzweil also said he believes that as the cloud grows in size, the more non-biological human thinking will become, until by the early 2040s, people will be more like machines than they will be human, and would be able to fully ‘back up’ their brains like a hard drive.

    Addressing concerns over the nature of a non-biological human future, Kurzweil noted “As I wrote starting 20 years ago, technology is a double-edged sword.”

    “Fire kept us warm and cooked our food but also burnt down our houses. Every technology has had its promise and peril.” he said.


  3. SOCT scientists have known for quite some time now about proper ways to stimulate the frontal lobe of the human brain to increase human thinking capabilities. A simple 1.5 milliampere current can do wonders. I have written at length about SOCT technology when it comes to human thinking and advancing human brain capabilities. We have talked about what “chip” implants can do, both positive and negative.-

    SOCT research has been somewhat “ahead of the game” with this research. Vanderbilt University recently developed a “thinking cap” made out of nylon which housed electrodes that measure electrical brain activity. They were able to apply a mild current to the frontal cortex of a human which showed an increase in healthy brain activity. Their study proved that only after a 20 minute charge a person could speed up the thought process. They tested using memory games.-

    SOCT has shown that this type of research can lead to further understanding of Pathway Technology and perhaps even cure people from things such as schizophrenia and other neurological diseases. When I wrote about this coming knowledge back in 1999 I certainly did not fully understand it and years latter I still do not fully understand it. I now know that it has a lot to do with the way we currently understand electro magnetic fields. Two years ago I mentioned this technology again in regards to a specific type of brain technology. This knowledge I believe is coming from the Divine Mind Channel. It involves the breaking down of specific molecules based on frequency connections and atomic-tones. Can you imagine being able to destroy diseases by disrupting their atomic frequency with extreme accuracy? This is some knowledge in the understanding of Pathway Technology.-

    SOCT wishes to thank President Barack Obama for helping to fund the BRAIN Initiative which is the most visible science effort to better understand the human brain. This organization received an additional $100 million this year [2014]. The Europeans are also in the game to better understand the human brain with their Human Brain Project which is funded by the European Union. These organizations along with SOCT research will continue to help the human race through modern and high tech brain research.-

  4. A cellular automaton is a collection of "colored" cells on a grid of specified shape that evolves through a number of discrete time steps according to a set of rules based on the states of neighboring cells. The rules are then applied iteratively for as many time steps as desired. ~ read the coming SOCT papers about this information