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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Anohite contactee Doug Sheldon sends us this craft video outside of Utah

SOCT student and elder since 2011 - Doug Sheldon sends us this video of Anohite craft hovering over a popular Anohite site just outside of Utah. He informs us that military craft flew over after the craft took off. This video shot from looking outside the passenger window of his van. Shows craft very close to ground.
Doug has been contacted by Anohites since 2011. He has also produced SOCT papers for Utah students. Doug took this video the night of July 19th 2015


UFO Sighting in Covington, Washington on July 19th 2015

Date: July 19th 2015, Description: One Sunday afternoon on or about July 19,2015 around ... Have a question or comment about this sighting?

Still shot of the bottom of the Anoh'ite craft 
.On July 19th 2015 a SOCT student was able to get this short shot while the Anohite craft hovered above our SOCT Alpha Landing Site during late afternoon. This particular craft visits frequently. It has pulsating lights including a faint one on top of craft in this shot. ~ eric w. king

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